Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I have finally finished my ass...erm.......assignment. =D and I am a happier and less stressful person. For now. Today, I am going to play badminton, and tonight, I will go watch a movie with my friends!!! ah..what pleasure..

I have just realised that the glorious rain for the past few days are not God's will...they are the act of cloud seeding for the national level Hari Kebangsaan which is gonna be held here at Kuching on thursday. cis...and I thought God finally took pity on us merciless souls and decided to shower us with wave upon wave of pleasurable refreshing rain...=/

How ironic is it that the Sarawak government just took it upon themselves to have cloud seeding ONLY when the Agong is coming, and not a moment before, when us Kuchingites are here suffocating and most probably getting hazy deposits in our lungs this whole month. I tell you, that is the act of selfishness. Only treat us good when you wana appear favourable in the eyes of the higher ranking officials. >/ Where is our wakil rakyat when you need him?????

Recently, in Kedah, or Kelantan, or Perlis, or whatever semenanjung state, there was another video recording...of the police in that area canning and beating 3 indonesian workers. Apparently these Indon boys were robbing some person, and they got caught(yea, very stupid..) Subsequently, they were brought to the police station, where they were accordingly 'punished' with canes and fists. without 'trial'. And someone caught it on video, and as a result, it ended up in the net, and into the hands of the press, and here we are with another controversy of recorded happenings in the police depasrtment. Will this never stop?

Now the government is considering banning the use of mobile devices that can record video in 'certain areaas'. NTV7 did a poll last night on whether the use of these devices should be banned at 'certain areas' and the results are in!! 20% agreed that these devices be banned in 'certain areas', and 80% do not agree. I am part of the 80% group. Of course, I didn't vote lar, but if I did, I would not agree.

Why should the use of these devices be banned? give me one good reason. If its the cinema, I understand. You don't want to have any piracy going on. If it's the toilet, i can relate. You don't want any sexual harrassment cases. But the police station? if you ban mobile devices in this are, clearly you have something to hide. Like torture of prisoners perhaps? prisoners are humans too you know..they have feelings. You think if they commit crimes they are animals? the only animals are the ones torturing them to death.

I heard from my QA tutorial teacher yesterday that Malaysians are the third rudest people on the planet. So I went online and searched...

  1. French
  2. German
  3. Malaysian

What a disgrace. And this poll waas done on KL people, not people in the whole Malaysia. Imagine, KL people are rude enough to make the top three in the rudest people in the world poll.

ok..I want to go home now!! hehe.. was typing this from Swinburne..

Monday, August 28, 2006

I lost my cool..

Today marks the first of many (foreseeable) loss of tempers for me during my study in uni. I have been working hard for my accounting test, revising and revising and doing many exercises, cos I want to get a HD and I know I can do it.
I am also stressed because my marketing concept assignmeent is due on Wed, and I am still far from completing it..

So today was my acc test (during tutorials) and out of ten questions, I already know I got 2 mistakes..and that's alot, cos it accounts for 1 1/2 of the final exam naturally, I wasn't in a very accomodating mood. Then, the class beside ours just happen to fill will Ah Bengs and Ah Lians, and needless to say, they were NOISY!!! so much so that it disrupted our class. I tried to bear with them..really, I did...i have can ask Lilian..they were so noisy that everyone in our class couldn't concentrate!!

It got to the extent that I couldn't take it anymore. Dah la, my mood not good. Added on to my foul mood was this group of good-for-nothing people who are so inconsiderate. So I exploded.

I asked the teachers' permission to leave the class, and promptly walked over to the other class and knocked..
And this is what I said to the group of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians:
"Excuse me, can you please quiet down? we have a class going on in the other room, and you guys are very NOISY"

And no, I didn't shout. Even though I really wanted to...I thought that if I shouted, I would waste my breath since they're all so dense and thick headed that the significance of it most probably wouldn't penetrate their minds.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

my ID

After waiting for 3 weeks, i have finally got my student ID...

and I am NOT happy. Let me tell you what's wrong..*can i help it if im a perfectionist?*

  1. the words are too close together. you can't even read it properly without straining your eyes.
  2. the picture is cut sengeted.
  3. the card is laminated too close to the bottom.
  4. there are air bubbles (which you cant see, cos its too fine. but if you see the up close and personal version, it is VERY CLEAR)
  5. the barcode at the back of the ID is cacated

look at the words(third line)...does it look like ACC 0506 to you?

It looks more like A000000000Gah.

and they made me wait three weeks for this miserable piece of laminated cardboard?!?

if it is a card, like the mykad or sth, maybe still acceptable. if its a piece of laminated cardboard, i hope its arranged properly and laminated by someone with more skill. BUT THIS?!? not to mention the verbal abuse i have to endure from a certain vanessa at the counter

Memalukan only. can you imagine the negative publicity it will generate from the public if they see this?

"eee...why swinburne student ID like this one? I thought so high tech, cos the name is Swinburne University of Technology, but the ID so no technology at all one.."

Say only wana compete with other more established uni's..renovate here and there..but if don't 'renovate' the admin, can survive ka?

the longer i study there, the lower my view of swinburne goes..if it continues on like this, i don't even know if i can look back and say "I graduated from Swinburne" proudly.

I're probably wondering, 'if i don't like it so much, why still study there?'

well, i didn't say i didn't like the lecturers, i said i didn't like the certain ADMIN staff who gives swinburne a bad name. and knowing me, i extrapolate. =D

did i mention that she is a sexist? she treats girls with disrespect, but coos and bats her eyelashes at any guy who would give her the time of day. even those studying foundation!!! sexist or not? you decide.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Admin snails!!!

I absolutely despise the Admin people at Swinburne!!!! so damn bitchy!!!!!!! I went to 1st floor today to see if my ID has been done yet or not, and that idiot asked me "did you come yesterday?"

so i said "ya...."

she said, "what did i tell you?"

*blank* " din tel me anything..."

Idiot : "i DID!!!! i told you to come back on wednesday, after 3pm" and she jelings me with that heavily painted, with three inches make-up face which doesn't do much for her complexion as she still looks as ugly as a **********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think she has menopause...

Hate Choulyin week..

This was supposed to be posted up yesterday....

I officially declare open “hate Choulyin week”. Today is only Monday, and I have already encountered so many obstacles, or dilemma, whichever one you prefer…

1. I was late for my QA lecture this morning. I will not go into details as that would entail me to get all riled up again…

2. I got into a quarrel with my mom about today’s transportation. I have tutorial this afternoon, and I shall not continue anymore…suffice to say that my mom ‘jeling-ed’ me…MANY TIMES..

3. I found out that my China-man smokes!!!!! From the scale of 1-10, it plummeted from 8 or 7.5 to a mere 3.2-2.0….

4. Swinburne’s admin department workers are all snails!! Until now, I have yet to get my student ID…at first, we were told to get it on Friday, week 1 at 2pm…when we went there, it was 3pm…then it was collect on Monday, week 2…then it was Tuesday week 2…then Wednesday, week 2…then its Monday week 3…now its STILL NOT READY!!!! Are they snails or what??? Ok, fine…if they’re snails, it’s too bad…I don’t mind a few delays..but do you have to act all high and mighty? I don’t mind not being able to get my ID, but to talk to me so RUDELY, I am so dissatisfied!!!!! I am annoyed frustrated, incensed, infuriated, exasperated, upset, provoked, displeased, and aggravated!!!!!

What else is in store for me the rest of the week? I have yet to encounter Edith Lim’s lecture and tutorial, and the upcoming drama for ‘transportation’, scene two…

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I am a mermaid

You scored as Mermaid.

Mermaid: Mermaids are also known as Sirens. These creatures were beautiful women who tricked sailors into becoming completely entranced by their haunting voices and found death soon after. Not all stories of Mermaids are about gentle loving sea people. They are mystical, magical, and extremely dangerous. They have a way about them that brings anyone they are around to seem enchanted. They are very mysterious creatures and to meet one... Would mean certain Death. Let the song of the Sea fill your soul, for you are a Mermaid.













What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)
created with


My hubby got food poisoning last friday..he was vomiting, and he was admitted to the hospital twice! so kesian my hubby over there...i am hating ah ma more and more..force my hubby to stay at KK for three months!!! cis..tak berguna...

Good news : He's coming back on sept 16th, (hari malaysia!) when sarawak got their independence in 1961...i think...anyways, the bad news is, he's only gonna be back for two days..on 18 sept, he'll be flying to miri and labuan...stay there for two weeks or so, and either come back to kch for good, or go straight to kk i'm praying...STAY IN KCH FOR GOOD!!!

im glad school has started, so that i can at least use my time for studying and have less time on my hands...imagine if i were to stay at home.......oh! the horror!!!!! i would be so BORED!!! not to mention, i would miss him so much...

assignments are due in week four...and i have only half's like, so many things to look for, you don't know where to start...oh no!!! maybe i'm not cut out for uni life after amazes me how so many people can graduate and start working...

last thursday was pris's bday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRIS!!!!! so me, jo-jee, and pris, the remaining members of our group in U6C, went out to celebrate! wanted to go to Oriental Passion, but it wasn't open, so we had to settle for Bing! instead. i had a caramel ice blended and tiramisu cake, and jo-jee and priss both had strawberry smoothies and spaghetti. i know, i shouldn't have eaten the tiramisu cake...*imagine the calories* O_o

Jo-jee's leaving on 26th august for what state it is..but i know it starts with a C! connecticut??? not sure...and she's travelling ALONE! she'll be flying to singapore, then Japan, then New York, where she'll get a bus or train to C. and pris and i are semding her off! another member of our gang leaving us..the two miserable people in kch...*sob* going there to study neurology!! hehe...

then.....pris is leaving sept...leaving me here all alone....*big cries* she's going to KUTPM, doing biomedic!
so now in our U6C group, we have an artist(sam), social scientist??(arlyne), neurologist (jo-jee), doctor(pris), and accountant!(me). for the girls anyways...the guys...i'm not too sure.. -_-"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

You cannot tamper with fate

I am living proof of this statement! hehe...
Let me tell you a story....
Once upon a time (this morning), I went to the uni first floor library to photostate my marketing concept lecture notes..and who should i meet there, but my china-man!!!! hehe...he was using the photostate machine as well, apparently for the same reason as i had to wait for him to finish, and when he was done, he looked at me with the paiseh look on his face...*adorable* needless to say, i flashed back to my hubby's paiseh look...missing him......

After i photostated my notes, i went out to get my bag, and he was taking his bag!which was right beside the cubicle of my, no wrong anggapan ar...i don't know how his bag look like..just that the cubicle was empty when i came..HONEST!!!! *wide eyed innocent look*

Then i went to the cafeteria to meet Lil and Ron and Sha and Wei Khee, and he walked in right behind me....^_^

When we wanted to leave the cafeteria, I was talking to Shariman, and didn't take any notice of my surroundings..when I wanted to walk to the other side, i accidentally bumped into him...hehe...REALLY!!!! it was a REAL accident lar...don't give me that look...O_o

anyways, during the lecture, he sat beside Edith (Lilian consoled me..) and made frens with her...summor he lunched with her...cis...if i only had the guts to walk up to him and talk to him...but actually, really don't know much about him rite...just that he look like my hubby only mar...

So when I could, I tried to dig up a few stuff about him...his name is Shawn @ Sean @ Shaun Liew..I dono which spelling it is lar...and he is 22 years old. He is from China (DUH....), and he is currently taking his second degree!!! WOW! smart or wat? apparently his first degree is in computer sciences..i never knew...he always looked so blur -_-"
bad news is, he is only gonna be here for two weeks...cos his parents only here to set up a chinese embassy in china or sth litat..but if his parents are here to set up an embassy, means that he's rich rite? hehe....

argh!!!!!!! cis...I miss my hubby.....='(

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

winds of change

I met Angel Song today, and we talked..hehe...about so many things!!! basically about what have been going on with our lives these past few years....

When she was talking, it suddenly struck me how much she has changed. Then it struck me how much I have changed..

How when last time I would just go on doggedly on my daily routine, now I stop a while to take a breather. Time is too short..

How when last time I've been too concerned about what people think of me, now I couldn't even care less. My time is too precious to waste on these worthless people..

How when last time I wouldn't even think about talking to the ones I would least expect to hang around with, now I can't even imagine life without them..

How when last time I would only think about my feelings and not my parents', now I find myself stopping to consider their feelings..

When I stop and look back, I am only surprised at how far I have come...


I met my 'hubby' yesterday. He is a china-man, and his name is 'Liew Shuo'. He looks like my hubby!!!!! Unfortunately, being the 'shy' person I am, I didn't dare to go up to him and meet his aquaintance. Looks like i just have to see from afar.....*sigh* Make me so lovesick for my own hubby only...(who, by the way, is still at KK, Thanks to AH MA from umbrella corp...cis...)

Lilian says he has the same blur look as nic, but Ron, Wei Khee and Shariman said he doesn't look like nic at all...what can i say...girls are better at remembering features, so I'll have to agree with Lilian..hehe...

Lil asked me to just go up to him and talk to him...begin the conversation like this:
"Hello, you look just like my big brother!!" (which he obviously doesn't, cos i don't even HAVE a brother..)

I tried to take a pic of him, but it came out too small...but I will not stop trying..hehe...when i can get a big enough pic of him, I'll upload it and you can see for yourself...I kid you not. He DOES look like nic! He's tall, skinny, and with just the right touch of blurness to make him look endearing..too bad he kinda shy...hehe...but nic was like that as well when he first got to know me.. =)

I shall now refer to him as my china-man...hehe...

I miss my hubby...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

First week of school

And now, I have officially been to Swinburne for one whole week. Hehe…I’ve been to the requisite four lectures. Taking accounting degree course, for the first sem we have to take 4 courses, which are Quantitative analysis, Microeconomy, Marketing Concept, and Accounting for success. I love the lecturers for QA, and Acc. But I don’t like the leaturers for the remaining two..heh..especially marketing cpt. The lecturer’s name is…..*drumroll*………..Edith Lim. Perhaps other Swinburne students reading this will know who I’m talking about…for the other people who don’t know who she is, I can summarize it in three words. Cruel, cynical, and funny in a sadistic way. Ok…not actually cruel, but she IS cynical and sadistic. My mid year resolution? Study VERY VERY hard for marketing concept.

Our lecturer for accounting, gave us the scoresheet and how much we have to get to achieve HD, D, C, P, and N. HD is high distinction, and the marks are 100-85%. D is distinction, with marks between 84-75%, C is credit, with 74-65%, P is pass, with the marks 63-50%, and N is Not pass (Fail) with marks 49-1%. Another of my mid year resolutions, get all HD’s..hehe…if not, at least HD’s and D’s..*cross my fingers*

So lets just get an overview of the lectures. There are two ‘Christine’s’ in my class, and ironically, even though they’re not named Christine, they both have the same name! I shall not disclose their names, but I can tell you that it starts with the first letter of the alphabet. Much to my annoyance, there are three other students (Female students) in my class who would just not stop talking. Obviously, they’ve been at Swinburne for a while, maybe foundation or something. Anyway, when we received the notes for accounting, they made so many exclamations, like “oh! Study already”, “easy lah!”, “sure pass one lah!”, and the list goes on and on. Knowing me, I dislike people like this, and I can’t stand their superior attitude. It bordered on me almost shouting at them to keep quiet when Lilian suddenly burst out “Sssshhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” and they kept quiet. Hehe…*evil grin* I mean, I don’t feel sorry for them..hahahaha!!!!! I’m such a mean person. When the lecturer was talking, they were talking. I’m not saying that I’m not talking when the lecturer was talking, but when they talked, it was LOUD..even Ron, and Wei Khee, who were sitting two rows away, could hear them. What more can I say? Evidence enough? It’s like, they don’t even have any respect for the lecturer teaching in front!

So anyways, my assignments for the weekend.

  1. read marketing concept
  2. find acc textbooks
  3. read next part of QA
  4. go through my microeconomy slides

And for tomorrow, I shall go for the acc club meeting, then collect my student ID, and borrow the relevant books asap! Hehe…

I miss my hubby…

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Vent mode

I need to vent. This is going to be one entry filled with hate, malice, spite, nastiness, animosity, and viciousness. I HATE CITIBANK TELEMARKETERS!!!!!!!!! Especially those whose names start with ‘M’. As far as I know, there have only been three female telemarketers whose names start with M. They are Maggie, Mag, and Meliza. And so far, I have no ill will towards Maggie, so the only other two people left would be the ones I absolutely despise. Mind you, I don’t usually HATE people, I dislike them. So that shows how I feel about them deep in my heart. I can’t stand the sight of them; I can’t even stand hearing their names. You can be certain I will never name my daughter any of those two names. I know its prejudice, but I DON’T CARE!!

These two people only know how to flirt with other people’s husband, but don’t even know how to do their job. I hate people like this. They spend the day doing nothing at the office, and go crying to other people when the boss scolds them. They even have their own boyfriends, and yet they still want to go after what’s not theirs. I have always wondered how this kind of people can live with themselves, with nothing to do but snatch what belongs to other people. I don’t even think they have a conscience at all. And if, surprisingly, they do, it’s non-existent. Negligible.

Mag’s not working at ctb anymore, and I thank God everyday for that fact. But let’s hear a story, shall we? The moment she left ctb to join hsbc, she broke up with her bf of three years and got together with a guy working there. Now what does that tell you??? In my opinion, it tells me that she is bored with her bf of three years, and is looking for a change of scenery. The moment she found one willing enough to have her, she dumps her bf of three years, and starts a new relationship. With no qualms whatsoever about how it will reflect on her as a person, and how it will affect her loyal bf of three years. When she was at ctb, she set her sights on my hubby, and I thank God that he didn’t fall for her tricks.

Now let’s move on to Meliza. Like Mag, she also has a bf. So why can’t she keep her damn hands to herself?!?!!!! She keeps on hanging around my hubby, acting like a damned damsel in distress when everyone knows darn well that she’s not. Trying to act all pitiful, like a wounded puppy. Sheesh…what a bunch of ********* (^Note: number of asterisks’ does not denote the number of letters in that word.). If you can’t stand the pressure of working in ctb, then quit one is asking you to hang around. If you can’t take the heat, then beat it. And she smokes!!! Who can stand a girl who smokes? It makes you look cheap and slutty. And I mean it!!!

I realize that my opinions may not agree with others’, but what I’m writing is true, and the events did, in fact, take place. I’m writing these based on my point of view and if you don’t agree with me, keep it to yourself. I am through being considerate and nice in this matter. I am sick and tired of other people trying to take advantage of my sweet and kind and usually blur hubby, and I absolutely abhor bloodsuckers!!!!! If you think I’m being over the line here, wait till it happens to you. I am not cursing you, but you can’t really understand what one person is going through until you experience the same thing for yourselves.

Top 10 Reasons why I HATE umbrella corp

  1. They have a slave driver for a boss. A boss that doesn't care whether or not you're sick, and forces you to work.
  2. You must have at least THREE apps everyday.It doesn't matter whether or not you can get it. If you don't, you will be targeted by the slave driver boss. Once you're targeted, it's for life (which is why so many employees resign).
  3. You have to work during weekends (WITHOUT OVERTIME). Basically, workdays are only from Monday to Friday. At umbrella corp, you work SEVEN days a week.
  4. Your work hours are from 9am to 6pm daily, but when the slave driver boss calls for meetings, you'll be lucky if you can clock out at 11PM.
  5. Outstation trips are organized every month, with the same person going every other month.
  6. When you're outstation, you're on your feet from 9am to 9pm, because you have to get as many apps as you can to avoid from being targeted. Then, you have to have daily meetings for the next day, and you must do your submissions, because if not, slave driver boss will target you.
  7. Slave driver boss is VERY, EXTREMELY fickle minded. First,she will decide that you have to go to KK for one and a half months, without leave to come back to Kch. The next day, it's THREE months. Next week, it's SIX months!!!
  8. If, unluckily, you get picked for outstation, all expenses are borned yourself, not by the corporation. You cannot claim a single cent. The corporation WILL NOT pay. You can try, but you will not succeed.
  9. The corporation hires useless people to work there. The girls hired there do not know a single thing. They are such BIMBOS til they need the men there to fight for their rights. They do not even know how to stand up for themselves. The only thing they're good at is flirting with other peoples' husbands. But, of course I only speak of a SELECT few..
  10. Slave driver boss deprives the employees of their own personal life. In her opinion, the only thing the employees must tink about ir work work work.

If you do not know what company umbrella corp is, please look around for the only bank that has an UMBRELLA as its logo.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tutorial registration

Today is our tutorial registration. So packed!!! We had to berebut with all the other Swinburne students, those from the business side, engineering side, and language side etc.. I was squeezed in on all sides, with Lilian to my left, Ron to my south-west, and other people I don’t know all around me. If you were to push me, I don’t think I would even have moved, much less fall down. It’s a jungle out there!!!! @[email protected] when the doors finally opened for us to start to register, I rushed in, but stopped at the centre of the room..There were so many tables, and I didn’t know where to go to register for my tutorials…and so, like the blind leading the blind, I led Lil to one table and looked at the class name..Global law or sth like tat…wrong table…-_-“

I finally found the accounting for success table, and it was FULL. I can’t even get in…I had to squeeze and push and glare at people. I got to the table, and found the tute I was looking for and hurriedly wrote down my name…Same thing happened to the other 3 tutes…until in the end, I was satisfied with myself, and happy because I got all the times in my master plan, and also because all my frens are in the same tute! Except Encik Shariman and Edith, they couldn’t get to the acc table in time, by the time they reached, the tute A class is full already so they had to register for tute B.

When we finished, Ron and I rushed to school to attend the LaSalle Society AGM. In time! Hehe…we arrived at 930 am, just in time for the elections. The new office bearers for 2006/2007 are as follows:

Advisors : Brendan Lo
Julian Tang
Laura Su
President : Vanessa Michelle
V. President : Jason Chang
Secretary : Adin Jen
Treasurer : Dylan Poh
PRO : Janet Ho
Sean Chang
C.M. : Lovena Tay
Anastasia Tan
Stefan Lim
Abdul Rahim
Ahmad Junaidi

After the meeting, my sis, Bren Chin & Lo, Julian, Ron, Edward, and I went to Jade Pot for lunch!!! Hehe…ate ma lak noodles and blueberry milk tea.

When I got home, my sis and I washed and polished my mom’s was very hard work. I was so exhausted, I fell asleep on the living room floor..and for me to fall asleep there, I need to be VERY tired. I never knew polishing a car can take up so much of your energy. I have new respect for my neighbour who polishes his car every Sunday without fail. *salute*

I went top Kch Fest tonight!!! Had to wait for almost 30 minutes to get a table..when the family of the table we were waiting for finally got up, we had to fight with some ah bengs for it. I glowered and they guy let go of the chair. Suffice to say that I wasn’t in a very accommodating mood just now. When I sat down, I heard his fren reprimand him, and he tried to defend his actions. And his fren promptly cursed and did whatever it is ah bengs do to show their displeasure. I was so tempted to face him and give him a piece of my mind. But I didn’t, since when they’re acting so childish, I doubt they would understand a word I’m saying, what with them having an IQ of probably less than 50…

All in all, today was ok...except for the registration though. I have a suggestion, instead of putting all the registration for the courses in one place, why don't we divide it up, course by course, and separate the year 1, 2, and 3 students. Then it wouldn't be so packed and hot and crowded and asphyxiating.

I miss my hubby....he called me today, and he said that he most probably will be back my 16 September!!! that's one month away!!! hope the slave driver of a boss keeps her promise.

I miss my hubby...

Friday, August 04, 2006

Swinburne Community

I have counted the number of st jo students in swinburne, and there are more than 10 st jo students in swimburne! wow..i can't imagine so many josephians going to swinburne..

Today was our orientation. Ron picked me up at 8 am, when he told me he would pick me at 750..i thought he forgot me le...but we managed to reach swinburne in usual, there were so many people there..we played so many fun games..but there was a game that i thought was not appropriate. We had to make hats out of newspaper, and roll some up to make as a weapon. We were divided into groups and the rule of the game was to knock off the hats of our opponents. The Swinburne Sarawak Student Council (SSSC) added this rule, saying that guys cannot hit girls. But when the game started, there was chaos everywhere and even the SSSC couldn't make out who was hiting who. I have to admit, i was hit pretty hard on the head by this boy. I hate this game. SO VIOLENT!! In my group, they wanted me to be the group leader, but i in the end they picked Elder instead. cis..should have agreed to be GL. He don't even know how to lead!!! It's still a wonder how he can get elected to be head boy..

There was also some presentations done by some clubs in swinburne, in the hope to recruit new members...I have signed up for Rotaract, Dancesport, Accounting and Finance, and Japanese club. Darren Sim says that in one more month, there will be a membership recruitment for the SSSC and i have high hopes of joining it. You think maybe that's too much? Hmmm....i joined Dancesport mainly because i love to dance, and will also give me a form of exercise (only God knows i have been VERY laid back on that certain area of my life..). hehe...

The swinburne hunt was the funnest (is there such a word?). we had to answer so many questions, and get signatures from some SSSC people, but all that added to the funnest of it. Stupid good-for-nothing GL bailed on us at the last minute..don't even know where he went. So, i stepped up to be the GL. We worked our butts off to get all the answers correct, and eventually, we won!!! but HE went up to take the prize..ish..tak tahu malu. dahlah, bail on us in the last minute, now want to get the credit, AFTER I DID ALL THE HARD WORK!!!! I paling benci this kind of people. BLOODY PARASITE!!! they think they can ask all the other people to do the work for them, and they can get the name. they think they're so smart. but in the end, they are the ones who will rugi, because they will never get the maturity that comes with the experience. They will be stuck. They will not advance, they will not grow, they will always act like fools. And no one will appreciate them. ok, i shall get rid of all this angst. breathe in.....breathe out...i'm calm..heh...and pigs will fly..

Tomorrow there will be three important events.
  1. Registration of tutorials. We shall go at 8am, eventhough the reg will only start at 9am. barely three days, and the kiasu-ness is kicking in. we have to get the same we can group study as well!!! =p
  2. Lasallian Society St Jo AGM!!!!!! unfortunately, also starts at 9am, but i have informed pn stella oredi, so we shall try our very best to go as early as we can..
  3. At night, i shall go to the Kch fest with my family...

I miss my hubby....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Swinburne student =)

As of 9 am today, i am officially a Swinburne student. After eating breakfast, i went to swinburne, where Ron was waiting and talked to fellow josephians..hehe...i met adengs' neighbour too! he's studying engineering.

Even before 9, there was already a line all the way out to the foyer..we had to line up fast in order to register..for bachelor of business, there was me, ron, lil, encik shariman, and ching yew. Saw Indah Dayana there too..she's in the student council.

after registering, we had to go into the auditorium, and fill out more forms...while waiting to hand in our forms, i got hiccups...darn hiccups...i was hiccuping so long, til in the end Encik Shariman went to the cafeteria to buy a bottle of water for sweet!! the water is rm1, and is manufactured by water genesis, especially for swinburne sarawak. talk about making profit everywhere..

when we handed in our forms, we saw other josephians registering..there was danny tan, adrian poh, and elder cullen.. =) we have one big st jo family right at swinburne! :-D

We went to the cafeteria, partly to relax and partly to check out the price. Surprisingly, the food and drinks were quite cheap. I had black pepper chicken rice which cost RM3. Lil had black pepper fish fillet rice, same price, and Ron and encik both had chix mushroom noodles and black pepper noodles reapectively. Both noodles cost RM 2.50. There were so many choices of food, it's hard to pick on. and the good thing is, it's cheap! so that would be less strain on my food budget.

Speaking of budget, i found out about the leadership scholarship, so i'm trying to apply for it, and if i do get it, i can have a rebate of RM 4000! so i can help my parents save the extra 4000..all i have to do is hand in proof of my leadership, complete with certified certs, and a letter of recommendation from the principal. then it will go thru a committee, and if they deem me good enough, they will award me the 4000..keep my fingers crossed...

I miss my hubby...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

KK bound

My hubby left for KK oredi.. I feel…bereft, empty, hollow.. He’ll be gone for three whole months!!! =( he’s not gonna be here for my first day at Swinburne…It’s so annoying!!!! I hate citibank!!!

I sent him to the airport this afternoon…met him at his house at 2pm, and left at 230 after he finished packing…when we arrived at the airport, we parked the car and walked hand in hand to the departure hall…he checked in, and we just hung out until the time came for him to go to his gate…hehe…but even then, when he went in, we continued to talk on the phone, until he had to board the plane… =(

I miss him so much!!!! But I shall be optimistic. I will not be saddened just because I can’t see him. I shall look to the future until three months later, when I can see him again! I know that at times I will be very sad and melancholic because I can’t see him, but I know that if I persevere, the day will come when I can see him again!!!

Please give me the strength to overcome this obstacle and hopefully when he comes back, our relationship will be stronger.

This was taken at my house a few weeks ago...

And this was taken at Ivor's farewell cum birthday party.

I love this pic..taken before he went to Sibu last month..there's dino in his bag..which I confiscated..hehe..=D


This Thursday will mark the beginning of my uni years. i am going to Swinburne, and doing accounting. CONFIRM. usual, i will not have the car, since my parents each need one, and so i shall car pool with either Ron or Lilian...but most prob Ron, since the chances of lilian getting the car wil also be very slim..more to infinitesimal...

Im getting more and more excited by the day!!! i cant help it..i feel like messaging everyone to let them know that i'm finally going off to study, but i cant..cos my maxis is barred, and i need to conserve my 019 spending...oh, the woes of life...where money doesn't come from trees and we don't swim in gold...

Amid all the chaos of finally going back to school, i am struck by the reality that my hubby will be leaving tomoro for KK (notice that im typing this very early in the morning, so i actually mean today, 2/8/06)...and he will not be back for three months...its amazing how life can just douse ur happiness with one giant glass of cold water...*splash*

I miss everyone!!! many times have i lamented that in my blog???too many times..why do u think this is so??? **ponder** ITS BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS!!!!! hopefullly by the time i actually have a purpose in life, i.e. swinburne, i wun miss my mates too much...i might even be too busy hating my course.heh.

Met Kelvin the other day..invited him out for a glass of teh si peng, and aloe vera, which he tried to eat and one promptly landed on the table. =) anyways, we talked about how life has changed, and being the humble person that he is, he keeps on saying that he's not smart, and that i'm smarter than him. reality check..who's the one doing medic in Russia now???? He says he's top 8 in his class. Guess how many students there are in his class...EIGHT. humble or sarcastic? u decide..

Did you know that in Russia, the exams are conducted differently than in m'sia? over there, your tests are conducted orally, as in you speak, and the examiner listens. and all the questions are different, which means you don't get the same question as your coursemate. And it just so happens that he got the harder ones..something along the lines of "describe the structure of vitamins.." or something..i cant even remember the structure of glucose! -_-"

Andrew is back and that he brought his gf with him!!! hehe...but by the time you read this, he is back in kl again. apala this kawan. come back but never contact any of us..cis..

The swak club is sad, and very sister made me drive past it so many times just because she wanted to see the wreck again and again. my mom says the gym equipment were not destroyed, and therefore,swak club members, if you want to go to the gym, please kindly proceed to the carpark..heh.

went to one tree hill for dinner wit Bren, Jason, Sean, Dean, Milton and Amanda last friday. the food there...darn expensive! i think that restaurant caters more to businessmen. they have a wine menu, and the helping is too small. unless ur eating the club sandwich. guess you can say tht the sandwich is worth it, but one glass of ribena costs RM 7.50!! with that much money, you can get one whole bottle of ribena from everrise..the ice chocolate is actually milo..Jason and i got fooled..cis...we took so long to peruse the menu because of 2 reasons. 1, too many choices. 2, VERY expensive.

when we were there, this lodge girl was having a party, and she reserved one third of the place. Ed went for a while and told us that the total price for the party is 5k++. @[email protected] met my ex student there, along with my cousin thru marriage, wilson liew.

ok...i need sleep.. i need to be awake enough to send my hubby to the airport tomoro...pray for me while i try to hold back my flood of tears when he walks thru the gates...