Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rant post up ahead

Rant post up ahead. Skip this post of you don't want to read it.

Politics at work is a bitch. If you think you're free of politics at your workplace, think again. Most likely you've just decided to turn a blind eye to everything.

You think you've won? The hell with you. So what if I'm better at you? Gives you a chance to better yourself, and get the 'superstar' title away from me. But NO, you don't. You just use your time to crap about me behind my back. Spreading lies and what not. I've left there for a few months for my studies, only went back recently to work part time. What have you done in those few months?? Relax? You're what, 30 years old??? and what? you're still working at a job which pays RM 800 per month give and take. Let me tell you one thing. You can bet your ass that by the time I reach 30, I'll be twice as successful as you, maybe even three times.

You want to turn everyone against me? I'll give you credit for that. But I won't give you the satisfaction of knowing whether or not you've gotten to me. You want me to fight back? Guess again. I won't. You're not even worth my time. I'm just working there to get extra pocket money. I can get the pocket money the same, anywhere else. You don't make use of the time given to you, to learn new skills, and yet you're jealous because I can be barista? I've left there four months. Ample time for you to learn the tricks of being a barista. But do you do that? NO. You just sit on your arse the whole time, looking 'pretty'.

You think you look so good. With that phony accent of yours, and that disgusting walk. You think you're a girl? HA HA. You're not. You have been, and always will be, a guy. So don't kid yourself, you she-male. I don't have a vendetta against all she-males out there. Just you. I've known other she-males out there. And they are one hell of a lot better than you. You think that by dressing like a girl, you'll one day wake up and become a girl? Don't make me barf. You can just go and continue writing those little notes with that fugly handwriting of yours, scolding me for whatever crap it is you IMAGINED I did wrong.

I've left there for a few months. Of course there are things that have changed. Of course things do not remain the same. Time passes. I know that. That is why when I came back at the beginning of the month, I acknowledge that there are some things I need to learn all over again. You don't give me the chance and slam me down when I did even some minor thing wrong.

You have those jealousy attacks because you KNOW I'm better than you. I will always be better than you. That is why I will not do anything against you. Because I know that that's just petty. It's just wishful thinking on your part if you think that I'll stand down and let you humiliate me again and again. If you think I'm weaker than you, you don't know me enough. Heck, you don't even know me at all. I know when to keep quiet. And one day, you'll know when you've been beaten. Good things come to those who wait. And I'll wait. And I'll bide my time. And I'll pay you back for all the crap you've dished out to me. You'll get it tenfold.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Here's to wishing everyone a


and a


May God bless every single one of you, and may all good things come your way this blessed Year 2008 =)

HO HO HO!!! ^^

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mini updates..

hey all..been a while since I posted up something ^^

Was busy with work and work =p Only one off day this week, and most of my workdays are at night...which explains why I sleep the whole day away =p

But, also gearing up for FT (Formation Team) week, which will be held on the last weekend in January. It's a Lasallian affair, so lasallians in Kuching, if you would like to participate, do contact me yea..I'll be more than happy to have you participate in it =)

Finally met Ivan 'Gecko' Cheong a few days ago ^^ was working actually, when he came up to me and called me. hehehe...we had a great chat, and talked bout many many things =) then my car arrived, and I had to go =( But am hoping we can meet up again soon ^^

Ivan, something for ya:

Found it somewhere around town =)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Xmas Shopping Pics

Some pictures from my Xmas shopping with my buddies, over a course of many days =)

Christmas tree at Star Cineplex

Which one is bigger? the tree, or the tickets?


What you all looking at??

These of course! =p

Our breakfast of 'Nan', a special type of Pakistani bread that is baked, not fried. Hence, oil free! =) and it's really delicious.

Hanging Ornaments

Our lunch at Gamelan, an Indonesian restaurant at Jalan Simpang Tiga, near our uni. Apprently the 'Jalan Jalan Cari Makan' programme went there to cover their restaurant. But I had an unpleasant experience there. There was a dead fly in my fried rice -_-"

Group photo! From left, back: Ron, Sha, Kevin, Salim
Front: Calista, Me, Lil, Aaron

Smile, girls! Me, Ge, Lil, Cal, Jasmine

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yew's pictures

Pictures of Yew's bday dinner..went to eat at Bukit Mata No.25. Our frequent eatery whenever we eat at Topspot. Cos the tauke is a family friend ^^

Fried Rice

Butter prawns!

Deer meat

Some kind of vege ( I dunno what it's called in English) with bean curd paste. NICE!

Teck Kang with curry sauce

Her and her best friend, CCC

Birthday cake! It's American Chocolate Cake, and very rich

Cutting of the cake =)

With the presents Yee and I gave to her off to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks with my family!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tagged by Nick

Got tagged by Nick. So here goes. =)

(a) The watch at Electra House. Those with the pink flowers and little dolphins ^^
(b) A car of my own. A little Kancil oso I don mind =)
(c) A digi number.
(d) A new phone
(e) Yee to come back for xmas

(a) The watch is nice, and it's analog interface makes it more professional
(b) I need something to get around in. I don't want to always ask the car from my parents
(c) The rate with which I'm always reloading my celcom number is starting to scare me -_-"
(d) To go with my digi number ^^ Just a basic one would do
(e) I miss her! ='(


(a) Smart (although he doesn't think so)
(b) Has a good frame
(c) skinny enough
(d) Good debater
(e) Has an ambition of going to Japan one day (strictly pleasure, no business =p)

Things?? I can't even think of one. Except help me in debate sometimes...does that count?

MOST LOVED INVENTION(does not need to be technologically advance):


6 ppl
(a) Lilian
(b) Li Tiing
(c) Ehon
(d) Annna
(e) Andrea

Thursday, December 13, 2007



Yesterday was my sister's birthday, and we went to topspot for dinner ^^ For her present, I got her an orange shell glass pencil holder, bracelet, and a bookmark made specially for her :)

Then after that, went for debate practice, which ended at 10:30pm, hence I was left out from watching 'The Golden Compass' (which, according to Nick and just about everyone else, was kick ass) with her :(

But nevermind about that, will find the time to watch it soon ^^ The movie I most want to watch right now is National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets. Loved the first National Treasure, and can tell that I'm gonna like this one ^.~

But no pictures yet of last night, will be uploading them pretty soon =) Will be going over to St Jo to have a look at their AGC (Annual Gathering Camp), then off to work for me :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

CPAASC Leadership camp

The leadership camp has come and gone, but only now then I have the time to upload these pics. Enjoy!


The evening sky

Ron couldn't resist..I know I look weird -_-"

But I have a partner!

Shell Crabs?

Trigwell the wandering sheep searching for turtle eggs

Is it here?

Found it!

Next, she has to go past the five legged race

Wei Khee having the time of his life, clinging on to three girls!

Committee shoot after the games

Jacob, the game master defeated by Ang

Annie Lee, Lydia Lee, Audrey Liew, Me

Jacob, Hui Yu, Me, Jacq

Shaman and I

Wei Khee's camera shy *_*

Lil and I at the beach =)

BSB cover shoot = Wei Khee, Ron, Jacob, Barnabas, Shaman

Sea animals

Wei Khee berjiwang-ing

Shaman mencabar wk

Wei Khee menyahut cabaran (accepts)

And the fight commences

It is a tough battle to determine the winner

As the fight goes on, weariness can be seen in their faces

The final battle

Old men

Chimuis =)

Five of us at the beach =)

Lil and I with our 'balls' ^^

My little moo moo wans to play ball

With my roommates

Our beautiful feet

Wei Khee wanting to show off his muscles ler... -_-"

Group photo of the participants of the camp

Committee pic =)

Photo with my assistant secretary for the camp, Miss Audrey Liew =)

Vice OC's, Hui Yu and Jacqueline

Haha...Sha wants to steal the whole hamper -_-"

The view of the Sarawak River from the Santubong Bridge