Wednesday, January 17, 2007

McD celebration

Yesterday was Ron's birthday, and we celebrated at McD!!! hehe...wat a place...

who went? Ron, me, LKC, Lil, Ed, Bren Chin, Jason C, Sean T, Nadia (Jason's cousin), and Raymond. Not all of them moo moo members, but all of them sincere in welcoming Ron to the 20+ years =)

Even Ron said that his mother is starting to treat him a little differently..hehe..

what did we get him? I got him a BIG box of little things, Lil gave him 'kilik kalak' (in her own words) stuff, the 88ers (Bren, Jason, Sean) gave him a Body Glove pencil box (which, incidentally, I also adored =p), Ching Yiew gave him a Winnie The Pooh whiteboard (which Lilian helped to buy and I ALSO adored), and Wei Khee took him out guy shopping for Levi's.

All in all, in my opinion, Yesterday was a day to remember...

...and tomorrow, is Moral Studies quiz day


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Birthday wishes


hehe...officially 20 now...same age as me!!! for 22 days, at least


Btw, I was wondering about the friends thingy yesterday....what do they mean about the soulmate and truly love thingy? Does it mean that rite now I truly love LKC but it doesn't mean that I'll be spending the rest of my life with him? Instead it's Arlyne???

lol...but I guess it's only if you believe in it, right?


Monday, January 15, 2007

A to Z of me

[A is for age:]+ i'm turning 21 in one month! :) golden key, here I come!!!

[B is for beer of choice?]+ err...I don't drink beer...would Shandy count? it's beer with lemonade right?

[C is for career:]+ I would say journalist at first, but lets be realistic and say accountant. =) *working really hard towards my goal*

[D is for your dog's name:]+ no dogs yet, but if i get one, it will be a little Shih Tzu..I think I'll just call :p

[E is for essential item you useeveryday:]+ face lotion, day and night. One can never be too conscious of one's face

[F is for favorite song at the moment:]+ Avril - Keep Holdong On. Awesome message

[G is for favorite games:]+ right now? I don't usually play all those 'ke si' PC games, I play Yahoo games..hehe... Fish Tycoon =) and Teddy Factory

[H is for hometown:]+ miao miao City

[I is for instruments you play:]+ Piano and Primary 6 recorder

[J is for favorite juice?:]+ Watermelon Juice

[K is for kids?:]+ football team!! la, two would be ideal

[L is for last hug?:]+ LKC (yesterday)

[M is for malls:]+ they have malls in Kch? more like shopping complexes eh? But if I had to choose, I would say Sarawak Plaza

[N is for name of your love:]+ LKC =) if you knew me better, you would know ^^

[O is for overnight hospital stays:]+ None so far...

[P is for phobias:]+ Height

[Q is for quote:]+ "When you were born, you were crying and everyone else around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you are the one who is smiling and everyone else around you are crying"

[R is for your race:]+ chinese

[S is for status:]+ in a long term relationship

[T is for things you like:]+ Chocolate Ice cream, hanging out with my LKC, friends, Lavish Vacations!! (not something I can afford now, but a girl can dream right?) =p

[U is for underwear:]+ do i wear underwear? YES

[V is for vegetable you love:]+ Bittergourd, Spinach

[W is for worst habit:]+ Procrastinating

[X is for x-rays you've had:]+ quite a few...first one was for Commonwealth Games Medical Check up way back in 1998. Second was for some SUKMA thingy, and last one was last year

[Y is for yummy food you make:]+ I make yummy food?!?! you've got to be kidding me..I'll be lucky if my food survives even the most lenient critics :P

[Z is for zodiac sign:]+ Aquarius, the water bearer.

I wanna tag Ben Moh, Robin, and Arlyne for this meme =)

What Do I Think Of My Friends

What You Really Think Of Your Friends
Arlyne is your soulmate.
You truly love Nicholas.
You consider Choulyew your true friend.
You know that Ronnie is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Lilian for the rest of your life.
You secretly think Eleanor is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.
You secretly think that Andrea is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Samantha J is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Samantha J changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Wei Khee is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Wei Khee has a hidden internet romance.
Arlyne is my soulmate???? *falls off chair for laughing too hard*

Thursday, January 11, 2007

few hours to quiz

There are a few hours to our Malaysian Studies quiz, and I'm all saturated with Msian info...


Right now, Wei Khee's only two phrases are "ice them" and "wax them"


About me

Your Expression Number is 7

Very intelligent, you are usually thinking, introspecting, or analyzing.
You have a good mind, and you are especially good at finding out the truth.
Very little ever escapes your observation and deep understanding.

You tend to obsess over wisdom and hidden truths.
You are likely to become a authority on any subject you undertake.
Operating on a different wavelength, most people don't know you that well.

Very logical and rational, at times you tend to lack emotion.
So much so, that you often have times coping with emotional situations.
You are not very adaptable - you may tend to be overly critical at times.

At Ron's 'desakan', i tried out this thing, and to my surprise was highly accurate!!! Even Ron say's: "it's like an oracle or something!!!"

Incidentally, 7 is also my lucky number!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007


As of last night I am no longer working at Grill...

O_o work skills are lar...actually, suffice to say that the working environment there is terrible, and that I was accused of doing something I didn't do. It's like putting a goat into a cage full of wolves. They'll eat you alive. So I decided to leave than stay there, eventhough the pay is quite good. Seriously, I would rather work for a lower pay in a more conducive work environment than slave it off for people who overwork you and treat you like s***.

I resigned on the spot, and went out with ehon (my little bro) instead...we went to bing! for a drink and chat, and there were so many kenalans there!! Met Robin, Ben, Sharon Ng and her sister. Also met Sharon's friend, Melvin, who incidentally, also studies at Swinburne! small world..turns out that ehon knows Robin too!! So it's either Robin knows alot of people, or ehon knows alot of people..but I'm guessing they BOTH know alot of people!! =)

When I was at bing!, ehon and I caught up on the past, and the present. We reminisced about old days, and how it was back then when we were still in RC (Red Crescent ya, not Roman Catholic). It IS sad how deplorable the situation has become, with the leaders not being treated like leaders, i.e. without respect. When we were still in school, we wouldn't dare call our leaders by their names, we would call him/her, sir/madam during camps. Not because we're afraid of them but because we respect them. Ehon says that there will be a leadership course for the RC members next Friday and Saturday..organized by, yours truly =)

When I was talking to him, I realized how much he has changed. If he was a great guy then, he's an even better person now. It's really true how when you finally study abroad (or go uni), your eyes are opened a little wider and you mature a little more.

If there's one thing I have learnt from growing up, it's this.

Always make the most of your life. Never tolerate things. If you feel that you're being used, then stand up for yourself, and fight for what you believe is right. If all else fails, remember that you have your family and band of loyal friends to fall back upon.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Scoops and friendship park pictures

As promised, here are the pictures of the scoops girls night out on Boxing Day...I have also inserted some of the pics from the friendship park on Jud and Edith's birthday...
*many sincerest apologies to all of you for having to wait so long for this*
*kow tow*

The great Admiral Zheng He (Laksamana Cheng Ho)

The field and relfexology path leading to the oriental hut

Me, Lyne, Edith and Judith. As usual, Adengs would rather take the pic

With our Sarawak plaque, the 'land of the hornbills' (Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang)

This one was with Adengs

When the sun shone brightly in the sky

Magnificent view of the lake. hope they will continue to maintain it that way *fingers crossed*

Arlyne =)

Look at those pretty flowers..

The grand archway

Group photo

The following pictures are from Scoops

Me and Lyne

Judith (when she wasn't looking)

Managed to get the cam from Adengs, and took this! Lyne, Jud, and Adengs

Me, Lyne, and Judith...Adengs die die want to take picture.. -_-"

Me and Judith beside the Xmas tree

Mouthwatering pictures designed to lure you to eat in Scoops, but don't really look that way when you order them..

The sofa set with silver and glossy brown seat cushions

Three mudslides and a tiramisu parfait..btw, what does parfait mean? I'm guessing it's French, right?
Pink Xmas tree, one of a kind
Try to make out the words

Group photo at the end of the day...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Xmas pictures!!!

Finally, I managed to upload the pics to blogger....the net connection at swin is better, so I took advantage of that *grin*
Anyways, enjoy!!
Lil, Calista, and me with our presents from Ron

Our cache of presents arranged at tao

Ron's pressie from Calista

oink oink cheep cheep baa baa

me, Viveon, and Lil when we just arrived

Milton, Dean and shy Eddie =)

Me and Lil with our plushies!!

Oink and Mr. Oinkers

with our little (ahem) soft toys

Ron, Bren and Cals, with the shirt we gave Jason

Our little 'babies'

the miniature dolphin given to me by my moo moo members

Prize giving ceremony: the best baa baa of the year

me and Lil

Cal and Ron with the little hamtaro's

Form5 group pic

Viveon, Bren, Cal, Me, Ed, and Ron

Jason's cousins: Nadia, Stephanie, and Marcus

Bren and Jason with their T-shirts

baa baa white sheep

Cal and Bren

three ladies of the moo moo gang!!

Before we gave her the little hamsters

Jason's cool Converse Limited Edition shoes

Happy New Year 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!!!!!!

Incidentally, today is Jo-jee's Birthday, so...


one of the first few to get their golden key this year, eh? hehe...still waiting waiting to get mine as well...although have to wait a few more months...hrm....
LKC's birthday is tomorrow, and I'm meeting him for breakfast!!! Yay!!

okie.........over hyperactive-ness...*takes a deep breath*

so what else is new? my new year resolutions...
  1. Study smart
  2. lose weight
  3. work RAJIN-ly
  4. save money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's it. Don't want to set too many, or else I'll lose track of them and end up not achieving any of it....and at the end of 2007, I'll have to long piak for being to negligent in keeping my resolutions.. *hee*


oh, right...did I tell you all that I have a job?!? hehe...yeap, a job at De' Grill...the one at Sarawak Plaza...but not a full time job, cos I need to devote time for studies as well...I'm doing part time, and only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays....doing the afternoon shift, from 4 till closing at 12 am...
so, come look for me if you guys have time yea? hehe...but sad to say, I'm not so senior as to give you guys a discount... *paiseh face*

Well, that's all I guess...cheerios mate!

Girls night out

On Tuesday night, one day after Xmas, I went out with my U6C buddies, Arlyne, Adengs, and Judith to Scoops, the gelato bar…we tried almost every flavour of ice cream there was, before we finally decided on getting a triple scoop cup, with blueberry ice cream, pink guava sorbet, and rum raisin ice cream, and Jud ordered an expresso ice cream..Lyne and Adengs tasted the rum raisin, and promptly oohed and aahed over it…they were practically fighting over whose turn it was to scoop it up!! Personally, I didn’t think it was that nice…maybe because I don’t really like the taste of liquor…hrm…or, I haven’t developed a penchant for it yet…YET…hehe

Anyways, the d├ęcor there was very nice, complete with plush pillows,

A cool mirror,

And even a pink Xmas tree!!

After our initial ice cream treat, the three of them decided to get a mudslide (something with baileys), and I got a tiramisu parfait…

But when the tiramisu came, it was in a cup, and wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be

@[email protected]

but all the drinks came in very nice packaging, and we couldn’t resist taking pics of them..

What else??? Hrm…nothing else I guess…oh ya, and we took the opportunity to pose for the camera…hehe…we even asked the worker there to help us take a group pic =)

As usual, photos on my multiply ya...stupid photobucket cannot open...

Multiply Scoops photos here --> Scoops night out

X-mas 2006


Didn’t get the chance to go online until now...sorry for the VERY LONG delay...


anyways, last Saturday (23 Dec), the moo moo gang (and then some) members went to tao to have a xmas much fun!!!! Hrm….who went? Me, Lil, Ron, BrenChin, Dean, Milton, Viveon, Jason, Calista, Eddie, Edward, Wee Lee, Jason’s cousins.. etc…there were so many people there, it was hard to keep count (or track).. =D

So, it started off quite dull, with everyone in their own cliques, but later in the night, it was a blast! Had so much fun opening presents, and taking pictures!!!

I got a stuffed dolphin from the gang, and a piglet pillow from Ron…

We gave Calista baby hamsters!!! My sis calls them Hamtaro..hehe..and we found out that night that actually, Edward knew A LOT about hamsters!!! Wow…

Lil got a stuffed sheep, in accordance to her gelaran as ‘baa baa’. She was so ecstatic, she jumped up and down, and was quite loud, that I think most of the patrons at tao were looking at her one kind… *tee hee*

And we gave both Bren and Jason shirts!!! Which we picked out with so much care at Parkson, where we bumped into Vivian, and Anna Yeo…and Jason as well, but he was too busy showing two pretty girls (his cousins) around that he didn’t notice us. -_-“

Jason brought his cousins as well that night, and they’re on holiday from Brisbane..i think...

There’s Stephanie, Nadia, and Marcus. They all look so mat salleh like, that it’s hard to believe that they’re related to him…but upon closer inspection, there are some distinct local features…hehe…

Anyways, then…..we saw the soles of Jason’s shoes, limited edition Converse’s…with a pic of a lady…so cool!!!! I wonder if they have one with a macho looking man??

Let’s see…what else went on that night? Nothing much, just some talking and A LOT of picture taking…hehe…

unfortunately, I couldn't log into my photobucket, and I don't want to upload using blogger, cos they always 'lose' my I have uploaded it to my multiply instead...until the time comes when I can sign in to my photobucket without difficulty, I shall continue to upload to my multiply..don't forget to click on the pic to get the real resolution ya...or else if you just download the small pixs, it will be very teeny tiny..

my Multiply Xmas 2006 photos site --> Xmas 2006 at Tao

okies, Cheerios!