Wednesday, May 30, 2007

OM Presentation

Today, we had our Organization and Management presentation. ^_^ Happy to say, that all my presentations are over!!!! and if I may be so bold as to say, that Miss Karen really loved it!!! Se even said that we had more praises than negative remarks! So I guess, we actually DID do well. I only hope we did BETTER than some 'kepo' person's group. Hmpf! Tak tahu menilai diri..

But let's not talk about him for now. Now, is our time!!! hehe...

Seriously, I'm really glad Ron became our project manager. Without him, I daresay our 'yellow and black corsair' would not have sailed smoothly. Without him, I'm sure we would have encountered many glitches, and we might not even have presented that well today.

So, here's a big THANK YOU RON!!!!!

Now, for pictures!!! most of them, taken with my new toy!!! hehe...but I'll blog about that tomorrow yea.. =)

In accordance to our tutorial organization's name, 'Yellow and Black Corsair', we had to wear at least a semblance of yellow in our all black attire. So, I decided to go with a pastel yellow ribbon from my St Teresa days...

This is Ron, our Project Manager, with his little WTP pendrive!!

The three of us, so corporate like, till Calista and Shaman even said we look like 'The Apprentice' candidates!, who will be the next apprentice? I'm guessing Ron.. =p

Don't know what a corsair is?? This is it!

Our sound system. We used this for our grand entrance ^_^ We played the POTC3 song, while we all filed in from the back, and bowed before Ron started the presentation.

Last minute touch-ups and reminders..

Our tutorial group paying full attention. We are all committed to making this a success!

Our slides background for the presentation. All courtesy of Miss Chai Li Tiing =)

Final group photo to mark the end of our tutorial group! we have officially reached the adjourning stage.

Finally, all pointing towards the corsair! We have reached our destination, and many many thanks to Miss Karen!!

Yup, Calista came too! In her words; "The dress reminds me of Betty Boop" =p

After that, we all went for a celebratory snack at McD!!! Yes, SNACK. -_-"

Me with Lilian, our lovely bookmark presenter!!

This was taken in the car on the way to Calista's house to 'jenguk' her little pics of the little rodents in this post...I'll leave that for another day =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

new phone...

I am going to get my new phone tonight!!! Hehe....mostly due to the fact that my phone died on me last week....So after many many phone surveys, I have decided to get the Sony Ericsson w810i.


So???? nice right??? lol....Actually, I've already wanted to get it quite long ago, but Kyra and Li Tiing beat me to it T.T
So now, at the expense of being called a copycat, I shall nevertheless get it anyway. What attracted me was the walkman feature, the 2MP cam with flash, the bluetooth wireless technology, Infrared port, and not forgetting the memory card. But best of all, it's within my budget!!! and has no joystick or slide, or flips. Because from past experience, I have realised that canggih manggih phones with flip or slide of joystick, tend to wear out quite fast. So i have decided to get back to basics, with a bar phone instead! ^_^
By the way, since my Samsung phone up and died on me, I have lost all my contact numbers stored in my phone except for the ones in my sim card... =(

So I call on you guys to give me your phone number yea...whether by msg-ing me, or sending it to me through friendster okie??


Friday, May 25, 2007

American Idol Season 6

American Idol season 6 rolled to a close yesterday night, for viewers of Star World. The results weren't anything big, because it was pretty much expected already..I mean, comparing the vocals of Blake and Jordin, it was obvious that Jordin would win hands down. So.........Jordin won!!!!! And that makes her the youngest American Idol, at only age 17!

There I was, happily anticipating the outcome that night, when Ron suddenly messaged me in the afternoon and I quote: "Jordan won!!!!" (no, I didn't misspell the name)



cis....apalar Ronnie tok.... O_o"

She sang 'Fighter' by Christina Aguilera, 'A Broken Wing' by Martina McBride, and 'This Is My Now' written specially for American Idol Season 6.

Blake sang....'You Give Love A Bad Name' by Bon Jovi, 'She Will Be Loved' by Maroon 5, and specially written 'This Is My Now'.

When Jordin sang 'A Broken Wing', I was almost reduced to tears..Yes, I know it's sad....I'm an emotional person ler..but seriously, I was THAT moved by her performance. Mind you, I'm not the kind of person that cries at a that must mean...............that her singing's spectacular!!! Really...but I guess it's also partly because of the lyrics. because I was in that position before, and she delivered it with such conviction that I can't help but feel for her.

The meaning of the words put a great impact on me, and no offense, but I think she sang it better than Martina McBride.

Here are some pictures of that night..

Doesn't she look pretty?? What I would give to have her hair...

Chris Daughtry performed as well!!!!! Personally, I think Chris deserved the AI title more than Taylor Hicks... =/

*sigh* He's so hot.... *dreams*

Below are the lyrics for 'A Broken Wing'

She loved him like he was the last man on earth
Gave him everything she ever had
He'd break her spirit down
Then come lovin' up on her
Give a little
Then take it back

She'd tell him 'bout her dreams
He'd just shoot 'em down
Lord he loved to make her cry
You're crazy for believing you'll ever leave the ground
He said only angels know how to fly

And with a broken wing
She still sings
She keeps an eye on the sky
With a broken wing
She carries her dreams
Man you oughta see her fly

One Sunday morning
She didn't go to church
He wondered why she didn't leave
He went up to the bedroom
Found a note by the window
With the curtains blowing in the breeze

And with a broken wing
She still sings
She keeps an eye on the sky
With a broken wing
She carries her dreams
Man you oughta see her fly

With a broken wing
She carries her dreams
Man you oughta see her fly

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Review for Advertlets

Saw this site from Sam's blog. She just got RM 50 from Advertlets just by writing a review for them, and I thought, what the heck, it's good money! All I need to do is write a review about them.

So when I got to their page, I was amazed. They had pictures of many bloggers registered with them, and they even got Joyce Wong to be their featured blogger. It was then that I decided that I should give this a try too. After all, what have I got to lose, right?

So I signed up for it, and it's great, because from what I've seen of it, it's a very laid-back site, where you actually feel fun just reading it. Most blog advertorial sites are very money orientated, but I can see that Advertlets gives us bloggers the freedom of choice and speech, where we can blog about what we want, and get paid for it.


I know I'm not very good with these kind of stuff, but it doesn't hurt to give it a try, yes?

Here is a list of why all bloggers should join the Advertlets community:
  • make more money through targeted advertising, relevant to their blog readers
  • get to find out more about their own blog readers
  • get access to free website tools to upgrade their blog further
  • monetize what they love doing
Now, who wouldn't want any of that?? So now, I'm working towards my RM 50 goal =) The good thing is, any blogger can do it. Just sign up at and register. However, there is a closing date for this, so you've gotta get your butts up and moving before 31st May 2007.

A word of advice: you won't regret it!


Went swimming with friends again today!!!! Me, Ron, Sha, Cali, Feli, and Pn Jo Lee....yup, that's right, I didn't type wrongly.. hehe....

Pn Jo was supposed to swim 22 laps, bt today because she came with us, she only swam 12 laps...another 10 more to go. So she said that when she comes back next week, she's gonna need to swim 32 make up for the extra 10 she couldn't get done today.. =p

We actually had quite alot of fun today. What with teaching Pn Jo the proper way to swim and what nots..she said I swim very gracefully *hidung kembang*

hehe...but, I guess...what swimmer doesn't swim gracefully??? I guess it's just a kind of trait swimmers acquire after a while, yea? Must not be too cocky, cos I KNOW there are other swimmers who are more graceful than me ^.~ But seriously, Pn Jo didn't swim too bad herself. and she's self taught! wow..

Wei Khee
and Lil couldn't come in the end =( but it's ok, there's still next week yea? what a good way to de-stress after our law tutorial with our lousy no-good tutor. i tell you, she's just sitting there not doing anything, no breaks given, and making snide remarks at us, just because we don't know some of the answers..cis.. *long piak pengsan*

Well, so now, it's kinda like a ritual for us to go swimming every wednesday ^_^ and after that, we shall go to McD to pile on the calories!! lar, I actually only had one Apple Pie and some sticks of fries....and a medium


So what's all this talk about slimming down??? Seems like it's all in vain nia...haha...

On another note, Ron, Lil and I got ourselves a friendship ring!!!! spent RM 28 for it..When I told Khiu, she told me that Lazo Diamond sells white gold rings for as low as RM 40+ only...


Kek some more, and get one

Monday, May 21, 2007


Miracle of miracles, I managed to get the pics from the memory card!!!!! so, here are a few pictures of Lilian's birthday party, her actual bday at McD, and our Business Information Systems presentation!!! Enjoy..
As usual, the three musketeers!!! =)

Me, Ge, and Lil

Introducing, our tukang sampah for the night... =p

mmmm....yummy steamboat....I love the seaweed and sotong. The soup wasn't too bad either

Shaman, waiting for the charcoal to burn for the bbq!! had pics of ron and wei khee as well, but not too flattering...=D

Brendan and Gerard, my La salle convention buddies!!!

Group photo!!!



Lil with her present...looks so happy!


Operasi mencari kutu

Both of us with baa baa the 2nd!

Ron me and lil and Baa Baa II

I love this shot! like david and goliath. only in this case, goliath is as gentle as a lamb...

The birthday card we gave to her

Ron playing hide and seek

haha...sha owes makes that face..


Lil, Me, Ron, and Kyra looking sleek in our working attire

as usual, we had to take a picture together.. ^_^

The ladies of the group

Me with Kyra and Khiu

The diferent footwear of our group

You know how when boy bands make the cover of their album or what not? they usually pose in different poses and each will try their best to look cool and aloof........notice the resemblance? ^.~

We went to Saberkas after that, and Wei Khee was seen with a backpack. A self professed non backpacker, we have caught him in the act

Then we went to stone Ice for Fruit rojak! RM 20 worth.. *cuts throat*

And also Ron and Wei Khee's Stone Ice special! I want the cup.. =(