Saturday, June 30, 2007


I had lunch with my sis two weeks ago at the Jade Pot at Ban Hock road, and I saw this! ring any bells?


ehon @ Chan Yee Hon @ cha bee hoon @ belacan cha bee hoon


Friday, June 29, 2007



Haha…so after our exams, that very afternoon, we went out! Me, Ron, Lil, Aaron, Cal, Bren Chin, and Ivor.

We all met at Song Kheng Hai first, before deciding on where to go for the remainder of the afternoon. After making small talk and schtuff, we decided to go to Asiana Gallery, which is opened by Irene Manyin, the manager of Tao (I think)

Dolphins! so pretty..

Antique cupboards

A carved, wooden rocking horse

This is supposed to be a fountain..

Then, while we were there, we saw this cute little adorable dog!!!

Actually, there are two dogs. One is called Baby (female), and the other one’s Junior (male). They’re imported and because they are pure breeds, when the owner brought them back from Germany (so far away), they had to be quarantined for six months!

But they are potty trained lar, they were sent to puppy kindergarten (so ke si! Also have puppy kindergarten!) whilst they were still at Germany ^_^

So being the puppy-loving people we girls are, we took pictures with them!

Bren's hands shook, so not really very clear..

This is the owner (forgot to ask his name)

So cute! look at those puppy dog eyes (no pun intended) =)

After that, we decided to go to Hock Lee Centre to get….something..forgot what it was.. -_-“

Hehe…but while there, we indulged in some photo taking!!! Remember last time at Tun Jugah on the highest floor in the middle shop, there was this photo taking booth, you put one ten ringgit note in, and they take some pictures of you (and whoever’s in the booth with you that you want to take pictures with), and after some editing, they print and cough out this 3R sized sticker paper with your face plastered printed on it. You then proceed to stick them on your belongings and show them off to anyone else who wants to see it.


That’s what we did.. =) we went to the arcade and took pictures with that silly little machine (the price is RM12 now -_-“), and this is the result!


And now, we are going to stick them in our wallets/purses and show them off to anyone who wants to see it! hehe.. =)

Monday, June 25, 2007


A friend of mine lost his mother to lung cancer a few days ago, and her funeral was yesterday. But due to work constraints, I wasn't able to go. =(

It seems that there are alot of people getting cancer these days..and one should probably wonder why. Was it because of our way of life? or just genetic? Either way, I urge everyone to adopt a healthy way of life, eat well, and stay fit.

Very very sorry to Leonard for your loss, and I hope that you will be able to cope with what lies ahead. Be strong in the knowledge that your mother will always be there, and that she will always watch over you.

Take care..

Sunday, June 24, 2007

my FIS resolution

I will sleep early tonight.

I will go for breakfast early in the morning with my parents.

I will come back after breakfast, and study my ass off for FIS.







*Pray* that I will be able to keep to this resolution. =p

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!!

Today is Father's Day!!!!! so I want to take this opportunity, to say,


hehe....yea, I know my dad reads my blog =p

So, we had a big dinner (family only) to celebrate this day (and also the zongzi festival)! hehe...there was long beans with prawns, pumpkin pork ribs, feet soup (pork leg and chicken feet), and also not forgetting, many many rounds of carbonated drinks! hehe...yea, this is the only time we can drink carbonated drinks and not feel guilty about the calories piling up in our bodies. Or, at least....MY body =p

Incidentally, this Tuesday will be the chinese Zongzi festival, otherwise known as the rice dumpling festival.

So how did this festival come about??

Zongzi originated from the kingdom of Chu during the Warring States period, to commerorate the death of Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet of that time, who was also a minister in the emperor's court. Qu Yuan was a very patriotic person, and therefore tried repeatedly to warn his emperor and fellow countrymen about the expanding Qin army. When the Qin General Bai Qi took Yingdu (the Chu Capital) in 278 BC, Qu Yuan felt very deep grief and drowned himself in the Miluo River. The local folks felt greatly saddened, that they rushed out in long boats, and beating drums to scare the fish away. They also threw rice dumplings into the river to prevent the fish from eating Qu Yuan's body.

Since that time, it has been a customary on this day to enjoy zongzi as a memorial to the patriotic poet. In commemoration of the initial attempts to find Qu Yuan's body, boat races are also held, and the day is also known as the Dragon Boat Festival.

Now you know....why Chinese folk worldwide celebrate this Unique festival ^_^

Time for pictures! All courtesy of Astro Channel 19's "Taste With Jason"

Delectable rice dumplings!

All the ingredients to make the delicious zongzi =)

Just out of the steamer! (pengukus)

Washing of the Bamboo leaf used to wrap the rice dumplings. These leaves are all imported from China!

There are many kinds of zongzi available for sale, with the most popular being the Hokkien Zongzi, aka 'Bak Chang' in hokkien =) These are filled with meat, and chestnuts, and sometimes even egg yolk. Another local favourite is Jianshui Zong, which is glutinous rice treated with lye water, which gives them their distinctive yellow colour. They are typically smaller than the normal zongzi. These dumplings are usually unfilled, and are usually eaten with sugar syrup, or sweets. For me, I prefer eating them with Kaya!(Coconut Jam)

ok now -_-"

How to save papayas from falling from the tree

I'm half crazed with studying already, just need some time to relax...

So, how to save papayas from falling from the tree???















Oh my, just couldn't resist putting this up!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So I was studying, and I ended up blogging... -_-"

But just some random pictures lar...

My so-called study table for my finals.. have to berebut with Yew though, cos it's originally hers...I can only use when she's not using it.

The departure hall in the early morning

Our little Kembara amidst the yellow lights

Side view

My sis and Alex

Jon and I

Varun and I

The three of us before they left for KL

The night lights of the city centre

Brendan Lo becoming Superman

Him achieving Nirvana

"You so pandai!" =)

*at a loss for words*

Me writing my affirmations

Varun, Jon, my sis, and I at Semenggoh

Speak no evil, hear no evil, DO no evil =p


This is Varun, being his usual self -_-"

Can you spot the little green snail??

I'm Baaaaack!!!!

Hehe....sorry for the long absence ya, I was busy busy busy with the 4th Sarawak Regional Lasallian Convention held at St. Joseph Secondary school last 6-9th June 2007. ^_^ it was a blast!

Anyways, will be busy these past few weeks cos of my finals coming up, so won't be blogging that much these days.....

Just a few updates on my activities lately...

  • Alex went to KL today to work, my sis and I sent him off in the wee hours of this morning. Took some pretty nice early morning shots with my new toy..but won't be posting them up just yet...soon...
  • Did I tell you I've got a new toy?? =D Got it for RM800+, it's my new w810i! hehe....I was kinda pleased with myself, until I went for the 4th regionals, and saw that Jon Goh from Ipoh had the k800... -_-" You know, that cyber shot phone....cis...and the thing is, he only got it for S$50!!! that's...............................RM 115 approximately... O_o" Apparently, singapore has this Price Plan sorta thing, where you can trade in your current phone, and get another new one for a cheaper price...I don't know much about the details, and some of the things mentioned here might be wrong, but as far as I know, it's correct lar...Jon, if you're reading this, kindly correct me if I said anything wrong ya... ^_^
  • The 4th sarawak Regional Lasalian Convention was held succesfully last 6-9th June 2007!!! Despite some drawbacks, I thought the convention was pretty good. except for a few bad apple who just couldn't be bothered and just went there to have fun, I'd say majority of the delegates actually learnt alot from it. Especially Zulkifli, who really took the time to listen and try to change himself for the better.
  • Joyce Tagal came back for her holidays!!! and we took some pics together when we went out for a drink at Bing! She promised to send me her pictures, but I have checked, and she STILL hasn't sent them to me yet... *hint hint* Right now, she's most probably in KL doing her internship with malaysiakini...
  • I've just found out last week that my boss, Mr Justin's girlfriend is my ex schoolmate!!! Four years older than me, currently working as a teacher in Singapore. And she majors in Philosophy!!! How many people you know majors in philosophy??? As far as I know, only one. and that one, is her. =p
okie!!!! that's all for today.. ^_^

Will update when I can, which would not be very often these days cos of my upcoming finals...


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Real Student's Answer to Exams

Jing Yan sent me some funny photos of some answers from real students who sat for their exams..

I read it, and I laughed my head off. You'll see why in a you'll soon see, no comments are needed for these pictures ^_^

Hope you have a great day!!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just A Thought

(I'm gonna blog in malay for this post, cos I feel it would be easier, and also in accordance with Li Tiing's one malay blog a month for our 50th Merdeka!!)

Adakah patut seseorang dihukum kerana hasutan orang lain???
Adakah seseorang dipecat hanya kerana mendengar dan bercakap bagi pihak seseorang yang lain? Walhal orang yang menghasut hanya terlepas begitu sahaja???

Pada mulanya, saya fikir penghasut itu seseorang yang baik, dan sangat baik hati. Rupa-rupanya, dia hanya mementingkan diri sendiri sahaja. Dia biarkan sahaja orang yang menganggapnya kawan untuk masuk kandang harimau (lion's cage) tanpa sebarang persiapan, sedangkan dia tahu bahawa buruk padahnya kawannya mengambil langkah sebegitu...orang macam tu, anggaplah sebagai 'kawan' yang mementingkan diri sahaja lah!!! Jikalau tak ada dia pun, kita tak akan mati. Kenapalah kawan saya yang dihasut itu perlu dihukum kerana perlakuan penghasut itu???

Saya tahu apa yang sedang berlintas pada fikiran anda sekalian. Kenapa saya tak pergi sahaja kepada bos dan beritahu hal yang sebenar? Kerana, bos saya tahu juga bahawa semua yang dilakukan kawan saya adalah kerana penghasut demikian, tetapi halnya, semasa mesyuarat, penghasut itu diam diam sahaja. Jadi bos pun tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa, kerana dia tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan!!! Hanya kerana dia tidak bersuara...

Baru sekarang saya faham bahawa dia akan melakukan apa sahaja untuk dirinya, termasuk membiarkan kawan-nya dimakan.



Sebenarnya, agak sukar ber-blog dalam bahasa melayu hor??? perlu diam seketika untuk mencari perkataan yang betul...kalau tidak, tak masuk akal ayat saya...


ok lar, saya berhenti setakat ini... moga moga kalian semua ada hari yang gembira!!!