Friday, August 31, 2007

Final BM Post

Hari ini menandakan Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke-50.



Kepada semua warga Malaysia yang sedang menetap di Malaysia, ataupun di luar negara =)

Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua rakan-rakan saya yang mengambil berat terhadap saya sepanjang minggu ini. Saya amat menghargai keprihatinan anda sekalian terhadap perasaan saya =)

Selepas Hari Kemerdekaan ini, tiada lagi blog melayu yang akan saya taip, kecuali apabila saya rasa macam teramat ingin ber-blog dalam bahasa melayu =p

Jadi, sekianlah daripada saya hari ini. Moga anda semua ada Hari Kemerdekaan ke-50 yang sangat meriah!


Sunday, August 26, 2007


My maternal grandma passed away today. She had brain tumour, and for the past few weeks, she hadn't been able to see clearly, as the tumour was pressing on her optic nerve. She had been having vivid flashbacks on her past, and the hardships she had gone through. Just the night before, she had been having high fever, was in pain, and having difficulty in breathing. So she was put on morphine and Oxygen.

I always knew this moment would come, as she had been sick for so long, but she had always seemed larger then life, I just never thought it would be so soon. The moment she took her last breath, I was at work, cutting up chocolate to little chunks for chocolate fudge. -_-"

When I went into the car, my sister was crying, and she was on the phone. My initial thought was that she had quarreled with her boyfriend. Then my younger sis dropped the bomb. My grandma was gone. I felt numb, devoid of any feeling..


*When I was five, I was playing ballerina on her couch. I fell and split open my chin. I was crying and crying, and she was there for me comforting me.

*When I was still in primary school, my parents would sometimes drop me off at her place in the afternoons, as they were working. I would spend the afternoon watching tv, and eating the many treats she always seem to have.

*When I was reaching my adolescent years and being more active in swimming, she would make milo and give me crackers as sustenance before my parents came to pick me up for swimming training.

*When my parents were away on business trips, she would be the one tucking me into bed at night, waking me up in the morning, dragging me off the bed and asking me to get ready for school. She would make me breakfast of milo and sandwiches, and sit with me while I wait for my uncle to send me to school.

*When I was a teenager, she would still make milo for me, and sit down with me just to chat, and catch up with what I have been doing.

*When I was just visiting at her place, she would always pour tea for me. The tea would always be cold, and a little bit too sweet, but it was always the best tea I had ever tasted.

I look back on these many fond memories with a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, I was glad her suffering had finally ended. On the other hand, she would never be there to make milo for me any longer. Her funeral would be on Tuesday morning..

I can only hope that she has finally found peace where she’s at, and that she will be one of the five people I’ll meet in heaven when it’s my time.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

third week

I have officially finished my third week of studies at Swinburne. And I have three assignments to do, one to hand up by September, one in October, and another one in November.


Life as a uni student is never easy. Tough tough tough..

On another note, I am a Swinburne news Bites! Kinda like a reporter, and my first assignment is coming up this Wednesday =) Gonna be the reporter/interviewer. But not sure if I can reveal my assignment =p So it's all hush hush for now, until I get the green light to spill all the beans. lol...

So wish me luck! Still have one more BM post to go, and Anna's tag...^_^


Sunday, August 19, 2007

2nd BM Post

Hari ini saya akan ber-blog dalam bahasa melayu. Sempena hari kemerdekaan negara saya yang ke 50, saya telah berjanji kepada diri sendiri untuk ber-blog dalam bahasa melayu satu kali sebulan dari bulan Jun sehingga bulan kemerdekaan negara saya, iaitu bulan Ogos.

Blog melayu pertama saya dapat dibaca di sini. *klik*

Pada Rabu yang lalu, saya, Ron, dan Shariman telah pergi berjoging! Yay! Ini adalah permulaan usaha kami sekalian untuk mengurangkan berat badan kami. Kami telah pergi ke tempat letak kereta Dewan Suarah, tempat kami selalu mengadakan latihan kawad (Marching) kami ketika di sekolah menengah dahulu.

Apabila sampai di sana, saya diam sejenak. Alangkah manisnya memori yang saya ada di dewan suarah ini. Selain pergi ke dewan suarah untuk latihan kawad, dewan suarah Kuching juga merupakan rumah kepada perpustakaan dewan suarah yang telah menjadi kunjungan banyak pelajar apabila belajar untuk peperiksaan PMR, SPM, atau STPM yang lalu...tetapi, sekarang perpustakaan itu telah lama berpindah. Kini tidak kelihatan lagi wajah pelajar yang tertekan berjalan tidak tentu arah demi menghafal definisi moral, ataupun formula matematik tambahan yang panjang lebar. Yang menggantikan tempat perpustakaan ialah satu gimnasium Majlis Sukan Negeri Sarawak. Bayaran masuk sekali ialah RM10, dan bayaran ahli bulanan ialah RM60 sebulan. MAHAL!!!!

Dengar khabar, perpustakaan dewan suarah telah berpindah ke tempat lain, iaitu ke 'Central Park', tempat berdekatan rumah Ronnie. Akan tetapi, kami telah pergi mencari sehari suntuk untuk perpustakaan itu tanpa membuahkan sebarang hasil.

Balik ke topik tadi, bermula dari minggu ini, saya dan geng saya telah bertekad untuk pergi bersenam setiap hari Rabu, tidak kira untuk berjoging, ataupun berenang, ataupun kedua-duanya sekali. ^_^

Moga moga janji saya terhadap diri sendiri dapat ditunaikan, iaitu untuk mengurangkan berat badan saya ke tahap yang memuaskan.

Oleh sebab bulan lalu (bulan Julai) saya *lupa* untuk ber-blog dalam bahasa melayu, saya akan ber-blog dua kali bulan ini ^_^

Semoga anda semua sokong saya!

Malaysia Boleh!


I went for a pitcher plant exhibition yesterday!!!!!

But no pictures yet for now, because according to Ron, I need to watermark my pictures or else someone else can just take it from my site and claim it as their own. And I took close to a hundred pictures!

The exhibition was held at the old courthouse near the waterfront, and it lasts until today, so if you're wanting to look at various pitchers of all shapes and sizes, or if you're wanting to broaden your mind to the wonders of nature, do get your butts over there ^_^

Entrance fee is RM 2 for adults, and RM 1 for children below 12 years of age. So in other words, in this case if you're over 13 years old and above, you're considered an adult -_-"

But it's all worth it! If you have absolutely nothing to do today, just go over and have a look see. I guarantee you, it's worth it ^_^

*Pictures will be up as soon as I can watermark them all =)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Angelic sun

A few weeks ago, I missed the most talked about event, all because I was sleeping -_-" Remember the halo around the sun that lasted for hours? The feng shui master said that this whole halo around the sun thing was a bad omen, and that bad things are gonna happen in the future. But the meteorological side says that it isn't impossible, just that it needs the exact amount of humidity, mist, and heat to produce a ring like this.

So, what are the odds of it happening AGAIN? and in such a short time frame? And later when I took a few more pics, I noticed that there was a second halo around the first one! And I was can such a pretty and magnificent sight signify a bad omen? But Ron says two rainbows are a good thing *ponders* I thought I was the first person of our group to see it, so I was excitedly telling my friends when I went to school, and Izat said "Oh, it was much clearer during dawn."


*potong stim* only...

Well, I managed to get a few pictures of the previous occurrence from my friends, but it wasn't very clear, so I didn't really wanted to post it up =D But...what the heck. These were the pictures taken previously the first time it happened.

The halo was too big, so had to take it in two segments..

These are the pictures taken today...

At first I thought it was just a pretty rainbow, then I realised it's part of a bigger picture..

Then I took another one, and realised that it's even bigger than I I zoomed out...

And managed to get this! Imagine my surprise! I had to tell someone, so I SMS'd Ron, who was already at uni...

I was so excited to have discovered it a second time, and there I was, clicking away...

This was taken at the entrance leading to our Swinburne lobby...such a nice silhouette provided by the building =)

Taken in the early morning, around 8plus..did you notice the extra halo around the first one? So beautiful!

This was taken at around 10:30 plus am..notice how much clearer it was?

Lets face it, the whole halo around the sun thing has made some people 'cuckoo' in the head ^_^

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thick faced people

Sometimes, I am still amazed at how ‘thick faced’ some people are.

Take for example, one scenario (lets call the person A, and it’s a girl). A asks to borrow your phone, because her phone has no credit. You , being the nice person you are, agrees to lend her your phone for one SMS. She takes the phone, and messages her friend, and continually hogs the phone for a few hours, receiving and returning messages with her friend, as if the phone credit is actually hers! When she DOES return it to you, you check your credit, and find that she has used up almost RM 5 worth of SMS! And she doesn’t even apologize for using up so much, and never even offers to pay up the RM 5 that she used.

Or another scenario, lets say you buy some chips. And (lets use A again) A wants some, so she asks for your permission. You say ok. She then takes a handful of chips, and happily munches away. You have work to do, so you leave the bag of chips with her, when you have only eaten a few. After you’ve finished your designated task, you come back, anticipating the bag of chips you’ve left behind. Then you find out, that A has finished the whole bag! As usual, she doesn’t apologize, and doesn’t show remorse even when you have told her off. She never even offers to buy you another bag!

Another scenario. You’re both at work, and there are a lot of customers. You have your dinner first, and agree to have your meal faster, in order to be able to cover her later. So you eat quickly, and then it’s A’s turn. She then has her dinner, and takes up to one hour! There are so many customers and you have to call out to her repeatedly to hurry up, and she STILL takes her sweet time. In the end you explode, and gives her a piece of your mind. She looks at you blankly, and then walks away, leaving you fuming in her wake.

So there you have it. Three different scenarios, all with the same characteristic. ‘Thick faced’ people. *shakes head* there are still people like this? Even when we pride ourselves on being courteous, and tolerant.

What is the world coming to??

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My list of 20 people

Okie, so here goes my list of 20 people, courtesy of a tag from Ron

1. Lilian
2. Ronnie
3. Ehon
Wei Khee
5. Shariman

6. Calista
7. Brendan Chin
8. Arlyne
9. Samantha Joseph
11. Jo-jee
12. Edward Tang
13. Ivor
14. Andrea
15. Anna
16. Angel
17. Eleanor
18. Ping Ping
19. Vivian
20. Chen KY

How did you meet 14? (Andrea)
Well, we met when we’re still in St Tre…I think the love for dancing brought us together =)

What would you do if you had never met 1? (Lilian)
I think I would die and fall off the face of earth. =p Haha….no lar, but if I had never met her, I guess I wouldn’t be as crazy as I am now =p

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated you? (Chen & Sam)
Well, Chen almost did, so I wouldn’t comment on that…as for Sam, didn’t we date all the time when we were in class?? Lol..all those talks…*sigh* still miss them =(

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? (Angel & Eleanor)

Describe no 3 .. (Ehon)
Well, my little famous smart brother, who’s a Reach Out ambassador, and who loves to help people in need. He has a soft spot for all his friends, and you can always count on him to cheer your day up with a smile

Do you think 8 is attractive? (Arlyne)
Do I think the sky is blue? Of course she’s attractive! She looks even better up close and personal ^.~

Do you know anything about no. 12's family? (Ed Tang)
Erm, not much…

Tell me something about 7.. (Bren C)
Super friendly dude. You leave him in a room full of strangers for two minutes, and he will have already found five (or more) friends =)

What is no 18's favourite? (Ping Ping)
Hanging out with Sam, I guess… ^_^

What languange does 15 speak? (Anna)
English, Hokkien, Bahasa Melayu, Hakka??? Wait….DEFINITELY Foochow

Who is 19 going out with? (Vivian)

How old is 16 now? (Angel)
My age! Although she doesn’t actually turn 21 til November (I think) this year..

When was the last time you talked to 13? (Ivor)
Erm…few months ago, when we went out to celebrate his birthday

Who is 2's favourite singer? (Ron)
AVRIL LAVIGNE!!! And Enya as well ^_^

Would you date 4? (Wei Khee)
I guess I would…





Would you date no. 17? (Eleanor)
Have you seen her??? She’s H-O-T!!! of course I would date her…

Is 15 single? (Anna)
Yup, and loving it

What is no 10's last name? (Pris)
Jelining Robert

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11? (Jo-jee)
Haha, my ‘Maria’ in crime. I think better not…cos I wouldn’t want to be rushed around with a broom in her hand forcing me to clean the house XD

Which school does 3 goes to? (Ehon)
Flinders Uni, Adelaide

Where does 6 live? (Calista)

Erm….somewhere near green road…but I think she doesn’t want her add disclosed

What is your favourite thing about no. 5? (Shariman)
His aloof attitude

Okie, so now….who to tag???

Seems like everyone has been tagged by this I'll just tag, and if you've already done the tag, then it's ok ^_^

I want to tag.....

One tag down, one more to go =)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How Big Are You????

My sis sent this to me via email, and I thought it was really interesting, so I shall share it with you guys =)

I certainly thought this was enlightening. Beyond our sun ...
It's a big universe.

Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky.
It is more than 1000 light years away.
Now how big are you?


This is a Hubble Telescope Ultra Deep Field Infrared View of countless
"ENTIRE" Galaxies Billions of Light-Years Away. (Below)

Below is a close up of one of the darkest regions of the photo above.

Humbling, isn't it?

NOW How Big Are You?
(And how big are the things that upset you today?)

Keep life in perspective.

and don't sweat the small stuff!

Monday, August 06, 2007

City Day Parade

When you're living in Kuching, I guess probably one of the highlights of the year would be the city day parade held annually to mark the beginning of merdeka month. Usually, I won't be able to see the parade, cos I would be either too busy with training, or not in Kuching.

But this year, since I was working, and Jalan Padungan just happens to be the street every parade HAS to pass through, I manage to catch it! So here are some pictures for you to enjoy! All in chronological order yea ^_^


Big bike!

Smoking kills. =p The guy was sporting enough to pose for my camera =) Jabatan Kesihatan.

This is the Kuching Scouts Band. I saw Wee Khee! The st Jo one...not Wei Khee ya =p

Lim Kok Wing Students, all dressed up as cats! Sadly, couldn't find Ah Ge...she would be the naughtiest one jumping around eh ^.~

Vandhini Society

Inti College

The parade stopped for a while, and I saw this little girl dancing to the traditional tunes of the sape (Traditional Iban instrument, kinda like a wooden guitar) =) So cute!

Swinburne Sarawak! There's Gary on the further left ^_^ They're dressed up, cosplay style

This here, is "Naruto". But I don't know who is he in real life tho =p *sorry*

Can you see Mr Wilson? He's the one in spectacles. =) My Introduction to Business Information Systems teacher, in which I got a High Distinction! ^_^

More cosplay....apa itu Gary buat???

Poor soul....the guy looks tired holding the sign...

Green Road school band

Ketupat, anyone???

My alma mater, St Teresa =)

Sexy kids posing =) Ada gaya

This is the name Cikgu Sabri gave us(the traditional dancers group) when we were still in St Teresa. I felt so proud because I was once in the group =)

Look at all the beautiful costumes

Chung Hua Middle School Band

Haha! This little lion so cute! You should have seen it on the poles. wasn't in time to snap any pics could only catch this little feline acting cute =p

So, that's it. But that's not all the pictures of every group lar, if I were to get a picture of every group, I think there will be 100 over pictures!

Sad to say, ST Jo didn't send in their band. Wonder why... *Ponder* I was watching out for them when Junaidi came up to say hi to me, and when I asked him, he said St Jo didn't want to enter. hrm...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Marathon Runners

I was working last night, and who would’ve come to brighten up my day, but my close uni mates! Ron, Lil, Wei Khee, and Shariman =) had a great talk with them for a few minutes ^_^

We were discussing our university life, and also gossiping about some pour souls lar (but I will NOT go into that) when Lilian likened us to marathon runners….

In the first twenty kilometers, we all started off at a lively gait, all five of us running together, having the time of our lives, with the passion of getting good grades pushing us til the end..

By the next forty kilometers, two of us had fallen behind, leaving three of us to struggle to catch up….

By the next sixty kilometers of the marathon, two more had fallen, with only one sole survivor, trying to keep the torch of passion for studies lit.

So who knows what will come at the end? Will we all reach together, or at our own pace?

Go figure. There are so many marathon runners in our midst, all wanting to reach the end goal, but with so many obstacles holding them back, it’s hard to keep in sight why you work so hard to achieve what you dream of achieving. Isn’t it easier to just drop out of the race, and fade into the backdrop?

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Harry Potter

I have finally caught Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. =) My serious opinion? Wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Actually, there have been many people telling me that the movie wasn’t as good as the book, but I didn’t really believe them. After all, it’s Harry Potter we’re talking about! Sad to say, I was quite disappointed..

Many scenes which were in the book were not reenacted in the movie. For example, the part where the prophecy was read. No one knew about the prophecy, except Dumbledore, and Harry. In the movie, when Harry took the globe, the voice rasped out the prophecy… O_o”

They also didn’t mention anything about the specially enchanted coins, whereby the DA (Dumbledore’s Army) would know about when there will be a meeting at the Room of Requirement. And it wasn’t Cho that spilled the beans, it was her friend! *shakes head* and if Cho DID actually spill the beans, she would have great purple warts erupting out of her face, since the parchment on which they signed their names are enchanted, and whoever reported to anyone, i.e. the Inquisitorial Squad would get warts all over their face. And I didn’t think the KISS between Harry and Cho was anything amazing either -_-“ I read somewhere that Daniel Radcliffe wanted the kiss to look ‘sweet’, but it came out kinda messy looking… *rolls eyes*

On the up side, I really love the new characters, mainly Luna Lovegood, and Nymphadora a.k.a Tonks. Seriously, I had this Lovegood image in my mind, with long straight black hair (kinda like Emily Strange’s ), and a serene expression on her face. Well, the expression I got right, but not the hair. =D and Tonks is a cool representation! Somehow, she looked just the way I thought she would look ^_^ I also loved the scene where the DA took time to produce their Patronus =)

If you are not a Harry Potter fan, and just want to watch it for entertainment purposes, I would say that it’s up to par, with stunning visual effects, dramatic scenes, and a grand orchestration of music. The effects of the final battle between Voldermort and Dumbledore were fantastic, in my opinion.

Am reading the final book now, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, and I must say, it has me turning the pages long into the night, just to find out what will happen next. Don’t worry, no spoilers will be posted ^_^