Friday, September 28, 2007

Advertlets $$ opportunity

I was first introduced to “ - Blog Advertising in Asia!” through a Sam's blog, and I have seen many other people earn $$ from here, so another opportunity for me to earn more $$ had arrived! =p Haven't cashed out from Advertlets before, and so I'm hoping this would be my time =p

I must say, a very big thank you to Josh Lim for giving us bloggers another opportunity like this to earn money =) So very looking forward to hoping to cash out from Advertlets =D

So what would I do once I receive my cheque? Well, of course, my priorities would be my studies, so it would go into my university fund. It's not much, but it's something =D As I come from a mediocre wealth family, can't say that $$ is easy to come by, but I know that my parents are doing their best, and it's only fair that as their daughter, I should help in any way to help them reduce their financial burden. =) After all, I have one more little sister in Form 5 now, and she will be heading off to uni soon (if she doesn't go F6 lar).

For more information, go here *click*

Of course, any Advertlets user can participate in this opportunity, provided that you haven't cashed out from Advertlets previously ^_^ Once again, thanks to Advertlets for creating another opportunity for us bloggers to earn more $$! Hopefully in the future there will be more opportunities like this for us, and more future versions of catscity cliques for us here in East Malaysia.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mid Autumn Festival

Lil came all the way to my house to hang this cute little lantern on my gate =)

Last Tuesday was the mid autumn festival! And we, the CPA Australia Student Charter of Swinburne Sarawak celebrated by having a barbeque at Ang’s house (which, incidentally, is directly opposite Angel Song’s house =p)

It was a potluck thingy, and I got shelved with the responsibility of bringing watermelon. And since I just found out about it on Sunday night, there was no way I could get one, dirt cheap at the Sunday market. So I had to go over to King’s Centre, and rely on my brilliant bargaining powers to get one of at least cheaper price.

But, wouldn’t want to bore you with all the details…just gonna let you guys enjoy the pictures instead ^_^

The three guys busy barbeque'ing away ^_^ with the sunset as a backdrop! (from left: Jacob, Ang, Ron)

Our president Ang, holding up the card our OC, Esther made for him

The many lanterns we hung outside his the evening progressed, one of them even caught fire! Dangerous... -_-"

The dessert

Chicken wings and sausages!

Besides the barbeque, there were also other activities...with the first one being the mixing and drinking of 'cocktails'. The cup made its round among us, and we were required to mix whatever ingredient we want into the drink...then, each of us gets a card, and the person with the smallest number gets to drink the 'cocktail' concocted by everyone...

The 'ingredients' for our cocktail....

I was unlucky number one -_-" Beside me was Ang...

Next was Audrey....who, COINCIDENTALLY was also sitting beside Ang.... -_-"
I tell you, sitting beside Ang was very 'tao mei' (malang, unlucky)!!!!!



Sia Mei

Lydia Tan

Besides the drinking, there were also exchange of gifts =) Ironically, it was supposed to be a random thing, with the aim being different people receiving each others' gifts..but by a funny twist of fate, two pairs got each others' present!

The candles I gave to Sia Mei (under), and the candles she gave to me (above)

The lanterns Ron gave to Sui Wei (right), and the lanterns she gave to Ron (left)

Finally, group photo!
Behind: Lydia Lee, Ron, Esther, Ai Ling, Sui Wei, Sia Mei
Middle row: Yii Fung (Jacob), Hui Yu, Me, Annie, Audrey, Lydia Tan
Rasa diri kacak in front: Ang

Monday, September 24, 2007

Migration to KL

well, big sis Choulyee has left Kch for greener pastures in KL...

Can't say I'm delighted, but it's a big step for her, and I'm glad she has made that decision. ^_^

She'll be leaving Sarawak Biodiversity Centre in Kuching for Nilai International College (not sure of the full exact name though, never thought of asking her =p).

So anyway, life here in Kuching will be one person less hectic! haha...and there will be one person less 'rebut-ing' the car with me *winks* will also be one person less interesting. =(

Haha, had to push her around in the trolley cos she couldn't walk around fast enough after her heel operation..

With her all the way in KL, there will be no more pillow talks late into the night with the three of us (yee, yin, yew), no more arguing about nonsense (yes, I actually liked those inane shouting matches -_-"), no more gossiping sessions (we're one bunch of old ladies), but lastly, no more running up to her with my problems and talking them out with her (cos even though she's small in stature, she's big on solutions, and is always with a clear head)

Most of the time when we argue, it will always be her who says 'sorry ' and tries to initiate contact...and the big ego in me would just brush her off and give her the silent treatment =p But after a while, the guilty fellow in me would eventually win the inner battle, and then, I'll slink back to her and apologize. And her being the 'mulia hati' person that she is, she'll forgive me and all is well again ^_^

I really love the times when we can just be our crazy selves, and make jokes and laugh at each other in public without taking into account the faces that would be looking around at us in puzzlement.

I know that it'll be awhile before the three of us can meet up for our 'bonding' sessions again, but I'm already imagining the many stories that we have to exchange with each other =p

Even though we can still keep in contact through msn and email, but times will still be tough when I've had a bad day and you're not there at home for me to fall back on...You've been one source of inspiration for me and I really mean it when I say that I look up to you as you're one of my idols. Has been since when I was born, and will be, long into the future..

BUT, big sis of mine, no worries cos we can take care of each other here =) Just be sure to report to us immediately if Alex bullies you yea. I'll not hesitate to take the next flight to KL just to beat him up. Of course, all trip expenses will have to be borne by him lar =p

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mid semester holidays are here!

Mid semester break is here, and yet, I'm up to my ears in assignments and La Salle activities...

Upcoming assignments would be:
  1. my Management Decision Making assignment, which is due on 11 October 2007, which explains why I have to meet up with Ron on Monday to finish up at least 75% of the entire assig. Phew~
  2. Corporate Accounting assig on consolidations, which has yet to be posted up, since Mr Chan (our lecturer) is still at the Hawthorn Swinburne no worries for that for now..
  3. Will be meeting up with group members for my meeting skills assig on Tuesday, and hopefully will be able to do a good job of it ^_^
what else.....

Yea! I attended the Lasallian Assembly held at Telang Usan yesterday, and I was elected as one of the Sarawak Region representatives to draw up a report on the Sarawak Region Assembly, which would be handed up to the Malaysian LS Assembly, to which, the points would be brought up. And since I was one of the 7 who were selected to draw up the report, this puts me in the running to go for the Malaysian Lasallian Education Assembly in KL in October! *jumps for joy*

What's more, I am the ONLY girl elected. ^_^ But not counting my chicks before they hatch, cos other more distinguished people were also elected from their respective associations, i.e. Old Boys Association St Joseph and Sacred Heart, and also the Yayasan Lasallian Kuching...even Mr. Gerald Lee was there! *looks at him in awe*

But besides that, am involved in an upcoming activity by La Salle Centre (LSC), which is the International Day of Prayer for Peace which would be held nationwide on October 21st, 2007. Gary G. and I would be the liaisons between LSC and Sarawak, so we would hope to make a good job of it ^.~ any Lasallians out there who are in Kuching, please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to be involved in this programme =) Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, 26 September 2007

ok, would be logging off to study now...

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I guess alot of you are wondering what this little blogrush widget is doing on my sidebar....

Well, it's actually a place where you can maximize your traffic..and it's a great way to up your readership =)

Basically, when you sign up, you get to select what kind of purpose your blog is for, and if your purpose suits the purpose of other blogs who have this blogrush widget, then they will put your direct link up onto the blogrush widget, and when other people click on it, your page will open up in a new page, so you won't lose the page that you've been reading in. =)

I've tried it, and it works! My traffic increased twofold after I put this up =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Job Interview assessment over!

I have finally had my interview assessment today (for workplace communication skills), and I have to say, the questions were not what I expected. I guess because I actually did quite well for the simulation, I thought Mdm. Christina would be harder on me besides other individuals. And it didn't help matters that I ratted on and on about China, when my job placement was at Singapore! Haha....

But apart from that, I managed to peek at the answer scheme that she had marked, and I felt I did quite well =) Or maybe it's just Mdm Christina leading me on =p

Haha...but I made through it! And I am still alive to tell the tale! ^_^

Before that, I came quite early (like at 8.30 am when my actual interview was at 11.45 am), to read through the newspapers in case she has some pertinent questions about the country (of the job) I am applying for. I was reading about the next ASEAN summit to be held in Singapore in November, to the climate change there. And I didn't even have the appetite to eat breakfast! And thanks to that, I was already hungry by 11 am. -_-"

And Nick said he was going for lunch...the details of his SMS below:

"Good luck for ya interview. Gonna go have my lunch now. =p mm... Food is good... Haha..."

CIS..... -_-"

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Killing two birds with one stone

Literally, attending two events in a day =)

This afternoon, I was torn between going for the bloggers meet sponsored by advertlets and the debate club meeting. Initially, I decided to go for the debaters club, but after talking (more like SMS’ing) to Ehon about it, I decided to go for both. And I didn’t regret it! ^_^

So first things first, I know I said I won’t be going to the catscity clique in my previous post *click* but I was glad I did. I met so many new faces, and met up with old faces ^_^ people like Georgette, Rose, Irene, and even Josh Lim from Advertlets! I never knew he was Josh until Georgette told me…previously, I even thought he was jimmychin…lol…now that I have put a face to Josh Lim, I don’t even know who jimmychin is -_-“ and I really wanted to meet him T.T

But putting that aside, I got to meet up with my lil bro! ^_^ So that’s cause for celebration, yea? Lol…he looks better now! =D he has already cut and styled his hair, and he looks fabulous! And I’m not just saying it ya, I really mean it =)

The Advertlets team is having a dinner after that, but I can’t go in the end. No transport =(

Secondly, after the bloggers meet, I went to the debaters club meeting! And the moment I walked through that door, Nicholas said “Come! Be my partner!”

I looked at the motion. THIS HOUSE WOULD GO FOR ARRANGED MARRIAGES. O_o” how to debate?!?! Some more, I’ve never debated in the British Parliamentary style before, and such a hard topic on my first debate? So I was quite apprehensive when I went with Nic to the other room to prepare our points.

But after discussing with him, I found that I was actually getting his drift of how the debate was going to be like. But of course, I still needed to further refine and restructure my thinking, and rebut the points of the government (I was on the opposition bench).

And so, the debate commences…

After a while, we were laughing, and the whole tense atmosphere (in me, at least) was deflected. We were debating on the illegal issue of mail order brides, we were talking about speed dating, we were talking about morality and ethics, we were talking about family psychiatrists and marriage counselors, etc..

At the end of the day, there were two verdicts! Cos there were two judges lar, and they were at a crossheads, so….in the first one, my team won! *jumps for joy* and the second verdict, we got second *jumps for joy again* but of course, wouldn’t have won without the great thinking skills that Nic had (just putting this in cos I know he reads my blog and wants to have credit for the win =p) lol…but seriously, I thought Justin’s points were good, just that there wasn’t enough elaboration on the second speakers’ part lar..and Kevin’s points were good as well.. ^_^

But anyway, definitely going for debate again =) I really think I have a chance of learning something new there. And hopefully, my speaking skills will also improve ^.~

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

busy bee

I have just realised what a busy bee I've been these past few

Sorry all, I've been so busy, I've not had the time to update my blog. *many many sorry* to the loyal people who have been visiting my blog in vain *paiseh*

Anyways, an update on what I've been busy with lately...

  • Been covering many events, namely the Yayasan World English debate finals held at Inti College, Sarawak, Leo Blood Donation Drive, CPA Passport Undergraduate Business Conference, and the CPA Australia Installation Dinner.
  • also have been spending time making videos out of the information we've collected, and now I am proud to say, I know how to make a video! *looks pleased*
  • Studying hard for two upcoming tests, which are Corporate Accounting, and Management Decision Making.
  • Making preparations for my job interview for Workplace Communication Skills
  • Two more tests coming up after my mid sem hols (but this doesn't count =p )
  • Well, joined a new club, which is the debate club =)
  • Thinking if I should continue Dancesport, since they're still teaching the same stuff as two semesters ago...
  • An upcoming interview tomorrow, for the CPA Australia Student Charter to be committee members. *fingers crossed* that I'll make it... *prays hard*
  • Not going through the path of self discovery.. ^_^
  • Oh, and yes, been cleaning up my room so that I'll have more space to study =) was covered in dust from the many untouched books on the highest shelf, and was sneezing the whole way through ^.~ Ronnie was saying that I have too many things -_-" ha. THAT coming from someone who has so much stuff himself =p
So, what else? basically, that's it. ^_^

btw, won't be attending the catscity clique *many apologies* cos I'll be pretty busy as well during that time. Hope for those going, that you'll have a great time!!!! I know Ron will, as he has a FREE drink ^.~

okie okie, study study now ^_^

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Of Pitcher plants and late posts...

Well, not at all proud to say that I am the last of the 3 musketeers to post up this post filled with pitcher plant pictures....

Was actually waiting to watermark all my pictures because a certain 'SOMEONE' told me to watermark it in the unfortunate event that other people will take it and claim it for their own. In the end, HE's the one that didn't watermark any of his pics...cis...

But not gonna talk so much about it, just gonna let you all enjoy the pictures I have taken =) I actually took more than that, but since I don't want to bore you to death (and also because I have forgotten some of the names), I will not put up TOO many pics ^_^



well, I did a little bit of roaming whilst we were waiting for Wei Khee to arrive, and so I took the advantage to take a picture of this. Do you know that this obelisk monument is the reference point from where other settlements like 7th mile, 10th mile, 3rd mile, etc.. are measured?

Nepenthes jungle delight.

Nepenthes Ventricosa

Nepenthes Kuchingensis

Nepenthes Ramispina x Sanguineae

Nepenthes Truncata

This pitcher plant, I don't know the name, but I think it looks quite lovely, kinda like a little angel flying =)

This is an even more little plant, but it's hard to see from the picture, as I zoomed in and you can't see the leaves relative to its size

So, just for conversations' sake, what do you think this picture reminds you of? If you answered 'toilet bowl', I would say you are right ^_^ So how did it get its name? Well, specifically, this pitcher plant species was discovered by Chi'en Lee (Pn Jo's friend ^.~ ), and being a Malaysian himself, and since it looked so much like a toilet bowl, he decided to give it tribute by naming it Nepenthes Jamban =)

The unfortunate victim

I like this pic. It sure puts a dash of humour into the world of carnivorous plants

Nepenthes Hamata

This is our rendition of shock for the Nepenthes Jamban =p

Presenting, Nepenthes! ^_^

Four of us posing for the camera with Wei Khee helping us to take the pic =)

This was at Frappe, where we went to after the exhibition, supposedly for the Brownie ice cream, but they were out of stock of them that day! -_-"

Group photo! Lil had to ask a very kind uncle to help us take this pic =)

Haha, this is Wei Khee trying to act pengemis (beggar)

On our way home, we had our final phototaking session! This was taken in Ron's car =) feel really proud and grateful to have them as my friends ^_^

You might have noticed that I didn't type some of the scientific names for some of the plants. Well, that's because it's SHOULD be easily readable in the accompanying label in the pictures =) If not, you can click on the pictures for a larger view of the picture =p