Thursday, November 29, 2007

Borneo Games day 2

Borneo Games for the athletics sport has come to an end today. =)

Had a great time today, especially when we were observing the antics of the RC youth unit. Seriously, their ineptness really got to me to a point where I was tempted to march down there and give them a piece of my mind for their inefficiency at handling the exhausted athletes. But on second thought, they were not (thankfully) from St Jo or St Tre, so I guess it's also not in my position to say anything, lest I'm seen as a busybody instead of trying to help. You knowlar, adolescents nowadays look at their seniors mostly as busybodies when they come back to help rather than their sincere hope for the unit to go forward.

Suffice to say:
  1. They do not know the use of Triangular bandages
  2. They think that girls have the upper body strength of a guy, therefore out of approximately 15 youth members, there are only 4 boys.
  3. Because of the limited number of boys, the girls were having a H-A-R-D time putting the bigger sized athletes onto the stretcher. They had to DRAG the athlete by the neck!!!!!!!! It's a wonder the athlete didn't get spinal injury *touch wood*
  4. when an athlete went down, and it was obvious that he wasn't going to get up anymore, even after all the other athletes have run past, they were still talking amongst themselves. Then when they saw the man down, they WALKED over to the guy. Not run, trying to help him, but walked.
  5. When they were at the RC station tending to the fallen, they were crowding around the person, not giving him/her enough air to breathe. The funny thing is, they were crowding, but not doing anything. Just having a look see at the injuries and being redundant.
  6. Lastly, their dressing is ...not at all what a first aider is expected to dress. Ok, they wear long pants and shoes. But their shirt is not tucked in, and the girls' hair is not tied even though it is HOT. I think they were mostly going for a hair fashion show than public duty. -_-"
I know maybe most of the youth RC might not be happy reading this, but this is my observation and coming from years of experience in RC, that's what my opinion is. I am not saying I'm superior to them in terms of skills, I'm just saying I can do better under the same circumstances.

Another funny incident that occurred today was during the Hammer Throw event. =D

There's this guy from Sabah (my age!) and he's apparently quite engtao (handsome) lar, as most of the girl prefects and RC members (another minus point from me, as they were mostly observing him than the sick athletes) like him. He's considered THE eye candy of the meet. Haha..he got second yesterday for the discuss, but today during the hammer throw event, he sorta made a fool out of himself =p

In the hammer throw event, you had to swing the ball of metal ( I don't know what it's called yea) and then throw it as far as you can. Of course, you need to throw it and it needs to land within the vicinity or boundary of the lines or else it will be disqualified. And because it's metal and heavy and potentially harmful if you throw it and it hits someone, there's this fence with an opening whereby you can throw the 'hammer' out.

So this guy (his name is Sean Paul btw..yes, like that singer), he takes the hammer, and starts to swing it round and round.

Then he released it.

Then it flew.......

and flew........

and flew........

and got stuck in the fence.

Our group of LO's started laughing our heads off. But we realised that we were the only ones laughing from the bleachers, so we stopped.

Then we heard extra loud laughter coming from the field. We looked down, and saw the prefects laughing as well. Only twice as loud as us. -.-"" So yea, we were not the only ones watching =p

And you know what...the hammer got stuck in the fence that the officials had to climb on the chair just to get it down. But apparently it was lodged so tight, that even they were having a hard time taking it out. So Sean Paul came to the rescue, and had to pry it out of the fence. haha...funny moment..Norman took a pic of it, so when I get it from him, I will post it up. If I remember of course ^.~

So anyway, just some more pictures from today! taken from my phone =)

After a hard day's work

Before the start of the afternoon and final session for athletics. We are VIPs!

Prefects and scouts of St Jo helping to keep the stuff that was used for the games

Prefects standing at attention for the usual roll call after an event

SJS BOP 2007/2008. Make us ex-prefects proud!

*Btw, there are no pictures of the RC Unit as I feel it would be a waste of time to capture their inadequacy

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Borneo Games day 1

Today has been the first day of the Borneo Games for the athletics division. We had to wake up e-a-r-l-y to get to school on time as the bus leaves at 6.30 am sharp. I was still a little bleary eyed when I got off the car to meet the other liaison officers at the gate to St Joseph's School.

When we arrived, the sky was dreary, and it threatened to pour..30 minutes later, it did. It was raining cats and dogs, and the poor prefects and scouts had to get the field ready in the rain.

Pictures from the night of the briefing and the first day:

The programme book for the Games for athletics

St Jo old boys perusing the book, with such rapt attention. which is more than I can say for Salem =p

Thats me, the liaison officer for WP Labuan

The sign says "Jangan Keluar Dari Sini" (Don't exit from here)...and what is Trigwell doing?!?!

This is worse -.-"

Me and Trigwell ^^

The spirit of Borneo

The banner hung outside the stadium

The early morning sight

The new grandstand

Apparently when we were out to lunch, one scout jumped off from here, and fractured his leg. It was an internal fracture, and the Kuching High Red Crescent Youth Unit tended to him. BUT....they went about it the wrong way...they massaged it instead of immobilizing it! I really take my hat off to them. Such great talents... -.-"


The long jump area, which apparently wasn't long enough, til they had to move to the new stadium to have the event.

LO's breakfast!

We went to KGS for lunch, and the scenery there just takes my breath's amazing

So peaceful..

Lilian and I

Ini Ronnie having his pseudo post lunch =p

The skies in the afternoon..sometimes I just feel that they have this unspoken synchronisation..

Malaysia flags waving in the breeze

Monday, November 26, 2007

One Semester, another end

I have finished my finals!!! And I am glad to say that I have full confidence of passing all my subjects, although with what grade still remains to be seen.

I finished my last paper with mixed feelings actually. I’m half relieved that the finals are over, and yet, I also came to the realization that another semester has come and gone. Soon it’s going to be the 14th of January whereby the results will be out, and we’ll start a whole new semester again. Phew~~ So hectic the life of a student. Haha..

Well, here’s to a full three months of fun, and work =) I have so many activities lined up for these holidays that I don’t even know where to start!

  1. Borneo Games, held at the state stadium, happening on 28th and 29th November, where I am the Liaison Officer for Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan. (I’m getting paid!)
  2. Lasallian Exposure trip on 1st and 2nd December going to Lundu (most probably)
  3. CPAASC Leadership Camp happening on 3rd and 4th December at Permai
  4. Debate practices..Open day for Swinburne..
  5. Outings with my friends to go Xmas shopping and for the new year ahead =)
  6. Last but not least, work! I can’t wait to go back to Bing! again ^^

Well, that’s for now. I’m sure I’ll be updating you with other activities soon..I solemnly promise to try to update regularly whenever possible so you’ll all never be out of material to read from my blog ^^

*Btw zewt, had one hard Accounting subject (Corporate Accounting) which is NOT easy. It had CONSOLIDATIONS...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Releasing stress

There's something soothing in the way the sky can look when the sun is setting.

I always find myself just taking a breather from my studies to look at the glorious wonder of how beautiful the sky looks whenever the sun is setting.

Sadly, I seldom get to see the sun rise, but I bet it's equally awesome =)

Ok, back to studying...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Final exams are coming!!!!

Wouldn't have any updates for finals are looming ever nearer, and yes, I'm studying my butt off for it. Corp Acc is a killer subject, and what's worse, it's the first paper =.=

So, good luck to everyone in Swin who are sitting for their finals!!

May we all Gambateh together!!! ^^

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Flat Tyre

Had to change my Kembara's tyre today...went out to do some errands, and after U-turning from my housing area, I noticed there was this plup-plup-plup sound coming from my vehicle. Not wanting to go out to check in the middle of the road, I decided the best course of action would be to drive back home to check it out. The whole way back, I was praying "please not let it be a flat, please not let it be a flat."

I got home, and there it was, lo and behold, a flat tyre. The rear left tyre was totally flat, with the rim already resting on the rubber.

After making some calls, when it was evident that there is no one to help me, I decided to tackle the tyre myself.


Nevertheless, I toughened up myself, and got to work. I got out the jack from the car, the curly thingy, and the nut twister (eh, I not a mechanic, so don't expect me to know what those things are actually called). I loosened the nuts, and used all my strength to get the spare out. Next, I went on to put the jack under the car, and took the better of two hours to get it up to the desired height.

After which, the curly thingy looked like this:
So, there are only two reasons why it would become this way. One, I have super strength and bent it out of shape. Two, the bloody thing is super soft, for a metal thingy that is supposed to be super hard. I prefer the first explanation =D

Eh, getting the flat out of its place is super hard ler..I had to stand on the nut thingy just to get it to loosen the nut! The whole while, to make sure I was doing it the right way, I kept chanting to myself: "lefty loosey, righty tighty!" lol...lame, I know, but it helps lar..

After what seemed like HOURS, but in fact is only two, I managed to change the whole tyre. But cos after years of not being used, the spare has not much air left in it. So I drove it to the petrol station and pumped some air into it, and now, my car is healthy again! =)

But don't go calling me now if you have a flat. I don't want to sacrifice my parking space at Swin.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

5 Things tag..

Was doing my CA assig, and suddenly feel like relaxing (CA damn hard lar..) and I suddenly remembered that I owed ehon a tag!!! *paiseh* now only remember...hehe...kk, here goes!

~Rocket mp3 player (wk would understand this =p)
~Pencil box
~Umbrella (sediakan payung sebelum hujan!)
~Water bottle (drink more dihidrogen oxide!)
~Locker key

~McD priviledge card
~Pic of my family ^^
~Student Card
~ ABSEC Photocopy Card

~Speakers (lauya old school ones)
~My study table (yes, I study in my room, no study room for me)
~Ambi Pur air freshener =)

~Tour the world
~See, touch, feel snow (I can tell I'm going to like it ^^)
~Earn enough money to get my own car, and the beautiful watch over yonder at Electra House
~Be more involved in LS activities (If I were over in West M'sia, I would be able to =p)
~Meet my sis!!! (not only when she comes back, but also if I can, I will fly over there)

~Series (House MD, Numb3rs)
~Assignments (one last one to go!!)
~Studying for finals (can die)
~ Music

Ronnie (oink oink!)
Lilian (Triggwell..ahem ahem) ^^
Wei Khee (
Shariman (must do ar)
Li Tiing (a tag for once! ^^)

Monday, November 05, 2007

3D Street Drawings

Ai Ling sent me this...have a look at the artistry of some gifted people =)

Vaio, anyone?

Ridsect! Kills mosquitoes fast! Even gigantic ones.. =p

I know Jon would love this =p

So, the guy in the suit, squatting down and laughing, is he for real, or only a painting? ^.~

This one looks so real, even pedestrians are avoiding it. Notice there's one guy squatting down to see if it's actually real or not ^^

Personally, I feel that this one is still the best by far >.<