Thursday, May 22, 2008

on AI Season 7

My sister says that whoever sits behind Paula must be pretty unlucky.

She stands up practically every performance that no one behind her would be able to see the stage as she will be blocking it -_-""

Other than that, I shall comment no more on American Idol Season 7.

One last note: Americans must be deaf to not hear David Archuleta sing WAY better than Cookie in the finals.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Here In My Home

Today is the world wide release of 'Here In My Home', a song produced and written by Pete Teo.

This song was written for national unity, and anti racism. More than 50 local artistes collaborated on this project, and they call themselves Malaysian Artistes For Unity (MAFU). =) People like Jaclyn Victor, Reshmonu, Afdlin Shauki, Harith Iskandar, Ning Baizura, Yasmin Ahmad, Jason Lo, and many many more.. ^^

Nothing else can describe this song. I'm sure you have heard this song, as it has been played back lots of times on Hitz, Mix, and Lite n Easy over the course of today.

But unless you haven't heard it, here's the lyrics for the chorus part:

Here in my home
I'll tell you what it's all about,
There's just one hope here in my heart.
One love undivided,
That's what it's all about
Please won't you fall in one by one by one with me...

The lyrics might not be much, but once you've heard it, it's so catchy that you will find yourself humming the tune the whole day (and maybe, even tomorrow). And here's the video!

Official MAFU website, click here

BTW, you can download this song and video at for free! This is the ultimate testimony that there are still people out there in Malaysia who sing for Malaysia, because they LOVE Malaysia.

What more can you ask for?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It's annoying how some people who don't even go to class always seem to get better grades than those who put more effort into their studies.





It's in their genes I guess


Monday, May 12, 2008

Pangea Day

I missed the global May10th Broadcast on Pangea Day, as I was busy with assignments...but didn't have any regrets over it as I couldn't care less what it was about. However, I stumbled over the rerun of Pangea Day on Monday morning (Star World), and I must say, the films I saw, inspired me.

So what is Pangea Day?? Pangea Day plans to use the power of film to bring the world a little closer together. it aims to bring together people from all over the world, to share in one unique experience, and to use the power of film to create a better understanding of one another.

Jehane Noujaim was the founder of Pangea Day, when she expressed the wish to see the world brought together by film. There are so many inspiring films aired on Pangea Day, that to put all my favourite ones in this post would be too much. It isn't everyday that we get to see fingers dancing, because the person to whom the fingers belong to can't dance as she is paralysed (Dancing Queen), or a band of refugees grouped together in a refugee camp, making music for everyone, as they all believed in the healing power of music (Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars).

But, it is everyday that we see other people laugh at another's expense. However, the decision on whether to laugh with the others or to help the victim lies in all of us, and those that choose to help the victim is the one that turns the joke on the perpetrators (Stille Post, Telephone Game).

But you know what, let me show you the film that inspired me the most. I wouldn't say much, but watch this, and you'll get what I mean.

This film is called 'Papiroflexia', which means origami in Spanish (I think), and the director is Joaquin Baldwin, who's from Paraguay. To know more about the director, go here

To know more about Pangea Day, or to view the movies that were aired that day, go to

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Guest Blog I

Just as promised, a surprise for all...haha..

Today, I have a guest blogger. =D

So how to describe this guest blogger?? She is the one-third of my three person debate team, she is someone who is always with a smile on her face, and she is someone who is happy-go-lucky. She will never fail to entertain you with her quirks and antics, and that's what makes her so loveable in our team. She is someone who is ready to take on challenges (as illustrated by her willingness to become DCA in WSDC even though it is widely known that DCA's will usually be the ones who has a tough time in WSDC). She is dedicated (all through training leading up to Borneo Cup, she has always attended trainings, never complaining). She is a tireless worker, is infinitely organised, and she is such a great friend, that these mere words cannot describe EXACTLY how much I treasure her friendship ^^ you go =)

Konnichiwa! Hehe..first time posting as guest blogger for Miss Choulyin Tan, my debate partner. Wee!!

First want to thank her for inviting me to post on her beloved blog =)..hmm..sori ya not so sure what to blog about but in general, I think everyone especially degree is caught up with assignments, postings, tests, finals! Sometimes we wish were not studying, not having all these hectic assignments, but we hardly stop to think of the opportunity of education we are currently enjoying =) In many underdeveloped countries, people are struggling just to afford the very basic education.

Thus, let us appreciate the hectic yet fun uni life that we have, where we study, improve ourselves, socialize and guarantee a brighter future ahead! For me, this is one of the things that inspire me to carry on! Anyways, I want to wish everyone all the best to everyone in their tests, assignments, relationships, etc hehehe =)

No matter what, remember to put on a smile on your face everyday, it could make your day and someone’s day too!! The power of smiling is great! Thanks again to Miss Choulyin for inviting me to post. Have a great day everyone =)

Evelyn Gan ^^

From left: Ron, Yang Yaw, Winnie, Nick, Angie, Me, and Evelyn =)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So many things have cropped up recently that I have had less and less time to actually sit down and relax, let alone blog.

The last time I blogged, it was the WSDC 2008, the annual World Schools Debating Championship organised by Swinburne Debaters' Club. That was like, one month or so ago...I think..

Since then....
  1. Freshmen Party
  2. Law second test
  3. Macro mid sem test
  4. Winnie's Birthday
  5. eBiz postings
  6. SSSC financial statements
Upcoming events....
  1. Beach Bash (17-18 May 2008!!!)
  2. Swinburne Night (24 May 2008)
  3. eBiz assignment due (week 13)
  4. Macro assignment due (week 12)
  5. Take back Macro paper (I did very badly for am actually dreading the time I actually get it back...)
  6. Swinburne Cup (I have yet to find a partner for BP style debate...)
  7. Semester one finals...(starts on 9 June, ends on 18 June)
So there you have busy busy life...


I have a surprise for all of you tomorrow!!!! hehe....