Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tagged yet again..

Well, tagged by Paul, who just has the uncanny ability to let me do something, and not just for here goes:

1)What do you want the most now?
er...what, or who?? =p

2)Who is the person you trust the most?
My family. They are the ones who will never turn their back on you, no matter what you have done.

3)Are you in love?
I would like to think so, but what actually constitutes love? Is it spending a special day with someone, or spending an entire week, or just knowing that person your whole life?

4)If you could have a dream come true. What would it be?
Bear in mind that I'm being terribly unrealistic right now..I would love to turn back time and re-live ILYG all over again :)

5)Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?

6)What's your goal for this year?
This year...
a) get good grades for the second semester.
b) meet someone dear to me
c) be able to get the LS stuff done without a hitch
d) survive school and the many activities

7)Do you believe in eternity?

9)What feelings do you love most?
love, of course. That is the feeling that makes almost everything possible.

10)What are the requirements of your other half?
Well, he'd have to be able to get me. As in, he has to be able to know what I'm saying, even though I'm not saying it. He has to be able to make me smile, has a sense of humor, and we have to be able to connect. The chemistry has to be there.
We can disagree now and then, and that's what adds spice into the relationship.
He doesn't have to be good looking, and he doesn't have to be tall.
Of course, it's imperative that he loves me for who I am, and not for who he thinks I am, or wants me to be.

11)What kind of feelings do you hate the most?

12)Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
Of course :) Where would we be if not for friendships?

13)What do you want to do in the future?
graduate, get a job, stay with my sister, find the right person for me, get married, have kids, have grandchildren, if possible, have great grandchildren, then most probably die :p

14)What is the most important thing in your life?
WHO would be a better question. And as I have previously stated, my family. :)

15)What did you feel last night?

16)Who do you hope to always be there for you?
You know who you are ;)

17)When do you think the world will end?
Don't know, and I'm not going to go all biblical about it.

18)The world ends tomorrow. What will you do?
Tell the people I love that I love them

19)What do you think of the person who tagged you?
Well, a straightforward kinda guy, and somewhat like my younger brother. :) It's always a pleasure talking to him, and he almost always manages to make me laugh. His directions are a little bit off though :p

20)What do you want to know right now?
If he has feelings for me. But I can wait, so basically, nothing much that I can say..

Then add 6 people in your list and list them out at the end of the post.
Notify them in their chatbox that he/she has been tagged! =)

Ronnie, hahaha...better do this tag!!
Lilian, baa baa... :)
Wei Khee, xtr3me better do this, you haven't done the other tags ar..
Kyra, hehe another tag for you ^^
Shariman, faster update..
Tsu Chong, an old friend I met last weekend, and am happy to have rekindled that friendship

Monday, July 28, 2008

For lack of nothing better to do...

OK, sampat post coming right up...just for the sake of posting something.. =p

Will be back in Kuching by Tuesday, which will spell lots of responsibilities and sleepless nights for me. I have:
  1. Debate
  2. Student council stuff
  3. LS FT stuff
  4. IDOPP
Might not seem like much, but it's alot of stuff to get done within two weeks (and most probably more). And on top of all that, I have the start of my university semester coming right up after that, which puts me in a tight stranglehold, considering I'm not very smart in the first place.

So, the new semester spells D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E for me all the way to the end of Week 14, which will be where my finals will come, and I will breathe a sigh of relief, but only for a few weeks, cos after that, the hectic life starts all over again, this time with (hopefully) an internship.

BUT, don't worry, for I shall make the time to meet my friends who have come back to Kuching after months (or even years) of leaving it. ^^

And for those who have made my life so much richer during my stay in KL, please remember that I shall not forget all of you, and thanks so much for being so willing to take some time off your busy schedule and spend it with me =) I regret not remembering to bring my camera, but for sure when I meet you again, I will have it with me ^^

So, hence ends this lousy cacated post which has absolutely no direction at all, except for the need to just post something for the sake of it.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Dang it...

It's the eyes and the smile I tell you....


What would you do if every time you fell in love with someone you had to say goodbye?

What would you do if every time you wanted someone, they would never be there?

What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there would be 10 moments of sadness?

What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them how you felt?

What would you do if you loved someone more than anything else and you could never have them?


Got this in email form...and can't help but wonder how true it is..what would happen???

Bah....this is just me being emo....forget it...


Monday, July 21, 2008

Sometimes in Life

Sometimes in life,
you think you're all alone
You walk around aimlessly,
your life's like a dial tone

Sometimes in life,
no one understands you
You try to speak their language,
But fail to get through

Sometimes in life,
you think you've met the "one"
only to find out later,
that you are not his "one"

Sometimes in life,
you wonder if there's love
Will there be someone out there,
wanting to prove his worth

Sometimes in life,
you wish that he is there
You want the comfort and the joy,
the understanding you both share

Sometimes in life,
it's easy to give up
You want to throw in the towel,
ready to say "times-up"

But there will be one point in life,
that you will finally get your due
You'll meet the perfect person,
the only one meant for you.

~21 July 2008, 1725 Hrs

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sightseeing in Melbourne

The day after ILYG, when everyone has left for SYD, the Malaysian delegation decided to sightsee around Melbourne... Varun's friend, Kok Chin, brought us some pictures for you all!!

Exhibition Street...
Some person took this picture, and every single time he sees it, he goes all show off and proclaims to the world that he took it.. =p

Docklands, from left: Kok Chin, Me, Isaac, Varun, Creski

The fountain is even more beautiful up close ^^

I can't remember the name if the building..but it seems that the Uni of Melb students have their final exams here..some art something...anyone care to help me out??

Photo with a Vietnamese couple =)

We managed to see some protests outside the Parliament building


There's something very sweet and innocent about this picture that makes my heart melt

Gelato's at Freddos =) Apparently Freddo's have the best Gelato in Melbourne

ILYG Day 4

I saw Swinburne!! but it was just a small campus..the main one's at Hawthorn

Day 4 is the day we had an overdose of Jesse Manibusan =) but in a good way..haha…we had three sessions with him, and he never fails to amaze me. He just had all this energy, and can really keep up with the crowd. Not to mention, his sense of humour is wicked!!!

Actually there’s nothing much to be said about Day 4 in Melbourne…it was a day full of sessions, and the closing mass at St Joseph’s Church.. =)

Sio, the 16 year old from New Zealand who's way taller than me

with Brother David, who started the ILYG Group on Facebook

There was supposed to be Football match at Telstra Dome, but there were no mote tickets, so then we couldn’t go. Therefore, we made do with some fun at equinox =) haha…Brendan asked me to dance, and I was like, no way…I have danced before, but never in places like this. Furthermore, I don’t know how to dance these kinda dances =p then Varun made a comment I couldn’t argue with..”you’re in Melbourne. No one knows you.” So fine, I went to dance…and I had a great time actually =) if you could call moving around in a minimalist way fine..hahaha…

But there was someone I met there as well, someone I could talk to, and had a great time with..and I’m stopping here. =p

Boris, Tracy, Amanda, and me. They are from HK =)

Haha…so then, everyone else left for WYD in SYD, and we’re going back…feels sad to leave this group behind, and I really wish that I could turn back time and relive all that again…minus the cold temperature =p the experiences I had there were extraordinary, the people I met were spectacular, the program was well arranged, the venue was awesome, and the relationships I forged there were unforgettable..

Brendan and I

Boris and I at the PAC =)

thanks to everyone who made my life so much richer just by being in this gathering, and thanks to the lasallian family in Malaysia who made all this possible..

Till the next gathering where we can meet again, Viva Lasalliana!!

ILYG 08 Day 3

Day 3 is the day we have our mass at Telstra Dome, the multipurpose sports and entertainment stadium located near Docklands.

As usual, we awoke early, and decided to catch the train down to Malvern…you know, have a new experience of using the train instead of the tram all the time =p so we travelled with the Hong Kong delegates, and had quite an interesting chat with Gordon, Kelvin, and Boris. They were sharing about how the students are not very passionate about LS, and how the system makes it difficult for them to hold activities and such. So I also shared with them our activities, our Lasallian Conventions, Regionals, LEAD, and Formation Team meetings. Only after we alighted at the Malvern station did I realize that Chris and Brendan were on the same train as us -_-“ they were so quiet, and we were practically talking the train down =p

When we got to the college, we were already late for the first session of the day, by speaker Archbishop Elias Chacour. But we settled down immediately and it wasn’t long before I was immersed in his story. It’s hard to find someone who still had love for his enemies, even after they have treated him with so much disrespect, even after they have disgraced him, even after they have put obstacles in his every path. He was a great speaker, but sadly, I didn’t manage to get a picture with him =(

We were supposed to be listening to the Archbishop, but Norman wanted a picture...

Me at Telstra Dome..the little curly thingys are the decoration

Great view of the Dome

After tea break, we had a second speaker, Mr. Jesse Manibusan. For those of you who don’t know him, you can google him up and you’ll find that he’s actually very famous back in Texas. =) he has a great sense of humour, and can easily get us hyped up and managed to send his message across. =p

Mr Jesse Manibusan

his T-Shirt so cute =)

After all that, it was time for us to get back to the hotel, get ready, and leave for Telstra Dome. I think if there’s one word to describe my stay in Melbourne, it would be amazing. As usual, the structure took my breath away…it was just a beautiful sight, mere words cannot begin to explain the sheer wonder of it.

Our seats were in aisle 20, row D. We got seated, and I was taking in everything. It’s a full scale mass, and there were people from all parts of the world =) There was even a Malaysian Delegation!! We wanted to go meet them, but they were in the executive corner (The Medallion Club, they call it) so we couldn’t get in =(

The mass...

A moment of silence and contemplation

Group photo with the Indonesians and PNG =)
Me, Varun, Desma, Creski, and Oca..sorry, i forgot the names of the other two Indonesians..

The indonesians were teaching us how to do the poco poco dance =) and the grou pjust grew bigger and the end, we had a group picture!

So mass ended, and we all went back to our accommodation, but Creski brought us on the wrong tram, and we had to walk back =( by the time I got to the hotel, my feet were aching, they were numb, and I didn’t even realize they were bleeding :’( But I was really tuckered out, and by the time I got back to my room, I just plonked down on my bed, and fell asleep…

I didn’t even care that I was cold. That was how tired I was…

ILYG 08 Day 2

I would love to say that Day 2 began pretty much the same way Day 1 began, but I would be lying. I woke up after the sun was already in the sky. Well, one can’t help a few guilty moments of sleeping in when the weather was so cold and the bed was so cosy, can one??

But anyways, we were to meet a Federation Square in the city at 0945 Hrs, so then we had to rush and managed to get there just in time. There was a peace ceremony there, where people from various faiths were selected to give a speech about their faith, and there were presentations of olive trees between the faiths. It was a two hour long ceremony, and we were also treated to the beautiful voice of Australian Idol, Natalie Gauci. She sang a Coldplay song, and a Malaysian Lasallian Convention Song, Man In The Mirror, which was originally sung by Michael Jackson =)

After the ceremony, we were all dispersing, and I just happened to see this one familiar face smiling back at me. It took me a minute to register the face, especially since it’s been two years since I last saw it. But you could bet that after I recognized the face, I was jumping up and down in excitement. It was my long lost buddy, Julian Tang!!! When we were in St Joe, we used to kid around, and he was even my co-emcee for the installation of the new prefects. My ever trustable and dependable friend. ^^ so of course I took some pictures with him. =)

Julian Tang =)

with Natalie Gauci

Dinner group

Lunch was at Malvern Town Hall, and I had my first taste of HAMburger..haha…there’s no HAMburger in Malaysia, so naturally I took it =p There were other choices of burgers as well, like chicken, beef, egg, turkey, etc..however, according to Brendan, ham is usually made out of beef (in the US), but if it IS made out of beef, then why is there a separate burger that’s labeled beef burger?? Sometimes, it is very confusing when everyone has different standards of classification…

But anyway, we had two sessions after that, one of which was an interview with the Brothers and how they got involved in the lasallian movement. There was also another sharing by the President of the International Commission of Youth Lasallians. In his sharing, he featured the IDOPP program that Malaysia initiated, and we were very proud, considering we were the smallest delegation there, and a major group such as the ICYL was interested in adopting our framework for the International Lasallian Day of Prayer for Peace =)

Dinner was next, which was also at the Malvern Town Hall. However, there was a long queue so then we were late in having our dinner and the night session was pulled back by a full hour. In the end, the night prayer was cancelled, and everyone went back after the sessions.

Brother Michael Broughton, who never fails to entertain me, and bring the story of La Salle to life.

Thus ends Day 2 of my stay in Melbourne. =p

Saturday, July 19, 2008

ILYG 08 Day 1

Day 1 in Melbourne started with waking up at dawn, and managing to get a beautiful picture of the sunrise from my bedroom window =) I love sunsets and sunrises (esp at the beach)…although I get to see sunsets, I never got to wake early enough to view the sunrise. But on the occasions that I WAS early enough, I was usually too busy to just sit back and appreciate the glory of it..

Picture of a church in the middle of the city, which I think is quaint and beautiful =)

View of the Dome in the Victoria State Library

That's me acting like some spoilt brat...

But anyway, we had breakfast, and I got to meet Creski, the final member of our five-man-strong delegation from Malaysia who’s currently studying in Melbourne (medicine). The rest of the morning was spent walking around the city, and getting to know the landmarks just in case we got lost and couldn’t find our way back to the hotel. We finally left and made the 45 minute long journey by tram to DLS College. Melbourne has the most extensive tram network in the world (I think), and I was amazed cos they went to all major parts of the city and outskirts. So then, after I registered myself, i made a remark about the bag we got to Varun. It just so happens that Brendan was there, and he echoed my sentiment =p Brendan is a guy I met at ILYG 08 (as if that’s not obvious), who’s my age, and is currently teaching young boys at a Lasallian School. How great is that? I’m his age, and I’m still studying -_-“

Our second Starbucks drinking session, and as you can see, we were high on caffeine and decided to take stupid pictures =p

Walking by the streets of Melbourne..well, not exactly walking..we were waiting for the tram =p

Having lunch with Creski, devouring Malaysian Roti Prata!!

So then after registration, the event began at earnest, and I was absolutely thrilled to be there. I was taking in the sights, sounds, the diversity of people, and the intoxicating lilt of the various languages so many other people have, as opposed to my minute knowledge of knowing only three languages, and even one of them was basic at best.

It began with an opening mass at St Joseph’s Church, with the emcee announcing the various countries that took part in ILYG, and I was assigned the task of taking photographs for the team. How I got assigned that task still remains a mystery to me, since I was the shortest of the lot, and my arms couldn’t even reach high enough to get good pictures. Everyone else was so tall!!!! In the end, I had to resort to running around, and even had to get to the first row of seats just so I could get a good vantage point. I was being pushed around, and even almost knocked Brendan over in the first pew -_-“ yes yes…I know..I’m small, so I am easily pushed around by the heavyweights of the gathering…I’m just lucky I wasn’t being trampled on.

As you can see, this was the view I could get even with me stretching my arms...not much of a view eh..

See how much clearer it is from the front??

After mass, dinner is served. We had helpings of beef, chicken, side dishes of salad, and French bread. Since dinner was served at the Performing Arts Centre (PAC), we had to have our dinner outside, underneath the light blanket of stars. Needless to say, that was only my second night in Melbourne, so I WAS NOT YET ACCUSTOMED TO THE COLD. I was sitting on the cold floor (freezing my arse to death), and trying to eat with my teeth chattering…pitiful picture, I know..which was why I hurriedly finished up my dinner and went into the PAC to find some warmth…

Delegations from Phillipines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia

Session 1 begins….speaker is Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg, who’s a child psychologist, and he gave us a talk on challenges youths face..couldn’t manage to get down notes, as my hands were still numb from the cold -_-“ but the session ended a full 30 minutes before it was scheduled to end, so we had our night prayer session early. I was seated in front of the Hong Kong delegation, and was introduced to them. One of them, Boris, even knew Aaron who went for APLYC 7! Talk about living in a small world.

USA, Malaysia, Phillipines, Australia =)

So then, that’s Day 1 of my stay in Melbourne, and Day 1 for our ILYG Program. I fell asleep anticipating what was to come in the few days thereafter, and dreamt of who else I was going to meet and share experiences with.

I still had on three layers of clothing….

ILYG 08 Day 0

For me, the International Lasallian Youth Gathering 2008 started when Mdm. Stella, our teacher advisor of the LaSallian Society (LSS) for our alma mater contacted me last April and informed me that I have been selected as one of the delegates to represent Malaysia at the Gathering. Needless to say, I was thrilled, and was already counting down the days till I would be at Melbourne, getting to know people, and sharing our unique lasallian culture with delegates from all over the world.

All throughout the months leading up to the time when we’ll be departing for Melbourne, the time was spent looking for sponsors to finance our trip. This was because the Brothers have kindly consented to sponsor us half the amount needed for the event, so then we would be in charge of finding the other half.

After months of preparation, the day finally came when we would depart for Melbourne. On 7th July, Norman and I boarded the plane which would take us to Singapore, where we would meet Varun and Isaac, and would fly together to Melbourne, after transiting at Darwin.

Our first night at Melbourne, and we were already drinking Starbucks Coffee =p
Clockwise from bottom left: Varun, Creski, Norman, Me

Flight was uneventful, so wouldn’t bore you all too much with that. But when we touched down at Melbourne, the air was biting cold, and just minutes after exposure to the weather, I was absolutely freezing, never mind the fact that I absolutely do not like cold weather..I mean, I even use a blanket to sleep on hot sunny days.. -_-“ My first thought was, “how am I gonna survive one whole week in this weather? I’ll need to use five layers of clothing to sleep at night.”

I would like to think that my body fat would be enough to insulate me, but I was quickly proven wrong. Seems the cold weather in Melbourne can easily penetrate through your skin, and straight to the bones…hence, I was freezing within five minutes from alighting from the plane.

We were greeted by Brother Dennis, who then brought us to the hotel (Hotel Discovery) and let us get settled down. We had one full day to recover before starting the actual commencement of the event. The Malaysia delegation were given three rooms, and since I was the only girl, I had one room for myself ^^ and happily, the room I got, was one with a heater. So I was super grateful for that =) no need to freeze to death already at night..

This was taken during the flight, and as I was sleeping peacefully, Varun decided to act all manja and complain that he couldn't sleep..

So then, I woke up, and proceeded to write in my journal...

When we were all settled, we went over to the designated cafĂ© for our breakfast, but were told that we were too late, therefore had to have our own breakfast. However, I didn’t join the rest of the delegation as my cousin came over to pick me up and bring me around town (since we lived quite close to the city. So I missed the chance of going over to De La Salle (DLS) College early to register and get my things -_-“ but I had a great time with my cousin, so I’m happy =)

De La Salle College, Malvern, where the bulk of the program was held, and is an awesome college =)

St John Baptist De La Salle

Basically, that was my first day at Melbourne, and yes, even with the heat from the heater, I STILL had to wear three layers of clothing to sleep…there was a knob on the heater, ranging from 1-9, with 9 being full blast of heat. I wished they had number 50 instead….

Sunday, July 13, 2008

ILYG '08

well, the International Lasallian Youth Gathering 2008 has come and gone...I have made many new friends there, from Phillipines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, USA, and the list just goes on and on...

I can't thank everyone enough for being a part of my life here in Melbourne, and you have touched and inspired me greatly just by being there. From the top of my head, I want to thank Des, Brendan, Jamie, Noey, Kelvin, Boris, Maggie, Anthony, Peter, Gordon, May, Amanda, Ann, Kevin, Sio, Aljandro, Roberto, Brother Peter, Brother George, Brother Adrian, Brother Dennis, etc...if I have missed anyone, I sincerely apologize as it is not my intention to do so...

Thank you especially to a special individual, who has changed my life in many unexpected ways, and I will remember you forever =)

Also, not forgetting my beloved delegates from Malaysia, Isaac, Varun, Norman, and Creski for making this journey an unforgettable one and for giving me the opportunity to spend it with you ^^

Pictures will be up soon, as it is hard to get Net connection here unless you're willing to spend for it..I promise the moment I can, I will upload some okies? =)

take care everyone, and be good =p