Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beijing Olympics

The 2008 Beijing Olympics has now come to an end.

China did not disappoint. They had a spectacular opening ceremony, although they faced criticism for not letting the not-so-cute girl perform onstage. They had a great closing ceremony, even Leona Lewis and David Beckham were there!!

This Olympics saw the most decorated athletes of the Games, be it on land or water. Michael Phelps is now a living legend, as is Usain Bolt. Both broke coveted World Records, both exceeded expectations.

Not surprisingly, the Russians won the Gold in the Synchronized Swimming events, and Spain came in second. For the team event, China broke the mold when they outclassed Japan with their highly creative, beautiful and graceful performance, landing them in third place.

However, the Olympics also saw failures, Lolo Jones in the hurdles event, as well as the Jamaican Women's relay team who failed to pass the baton.

Finally, the Olympics saw our very own Malaysian athlete, Lee Chong Wei, play his way to the Silver. Granted, he did pitifully in the finals and has faced endless criticism, but how many of us can reach that stage? When you do, then only do you have the right to criticise him. Now he will get approx RM5000 per month after he retires. For Life.

Many tales of inspiration has come to light in this Games, which further strenghtens the human testament of determination and hard work.

Methinks, the main supplier of fireworks for the Games must be making tons and tons of money just for this Games.

Alot of effort has been put into making the games a success, and London 2012 awaits...

They have pretty big shoes to fill.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sadness and Joy

Today is a day of mixed feelings. I spent time with my friends :) and Lee Chong Wei lost the finals :( But, why do we fall??? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. haha...I'm sure those batman fans will know what I'm talking about ^^

But enough about that, lets talk about today...went for a karaoke session with my council buddies, sempena pemergian kawanku yang tersayang, Nabillah Rafidah, yang akan berlepas balik ke KL menjelang 6 September :(

Me, Nabillah, and Winnie

Nat, Nabillah, Winnie

We went to Enter-K, which is kinda like Pop Wave (but I think Pop Wave is more expensive, if I'm not mistaken). They had those time release air fresheners, so the smell of the neighbouring cigarettes was not as strong as it would be. It was actually quite affordable, RM 15 for four hours worth of singing, lunch, and drinks :)

We sang a number of songs, which included Mandarin, English, and even Malay songs! It was apparent that the veteran of karaoke was Nabillah, when she sang all types of songs(even Mandarin songs!!) whereas it was a new experience for me, Nat and Winnie. However, Winnie got into the game pretty fast, when she selected and sang all types of mandarin songs, whilst Nat and I sat there for a while, taking in the new atmosphere :)

This is Nabillah singing her heart out :) Look at her enjoying it ^^

But we got into the mood of things after a while..haha...we sang so many songs, ranging from pop, to ballads, to classics even! Nabillah sang Sinatra's "My Way", and we were all blown away..she has such a powerful voice, that I wondered if she took part in the Malaysian Idol auditions few years previously...

Lunch was served at around 1 pm, so while we were eating, we took turns singing. The food was great as well, and it surely exceeded my expectations.

Our time was up at 3pm, and I could feel my voice becoming a little hoarse when I left...haha...

Group shot before we left the place

the view of the entrance to Enter K

It was such a great experience, that I hope to be able to go back again someday

Saturday, August 09, 2008


So I have been thinking..alot...about stuff...

and this post would just be one that says how much I love and appreciate the people in my life..they are the ones who have trampled all over my heart (in a good way, of course :p).

They are the ones who have picked me up when I have fallen, and for the times they couldn't, have just sat there with me and listen to my troubles.

They are the ones who have coloured my blank canvas, with bright neon colours, no less :)

They have stuck by me through thick and thin, and I would like to think that because of them, I have become a better person :)

Sometimes, people tend to forget the things in life that makes it all worthwhile.

Sometimes, people tend to forget the people that love them.

Sometimes, people get too caught up in their ambitions that they lose their self-integrity and self-worth.

Sometimes, people feel that the only way to live a fulfilling life would be to have all the material wealth this world has to offer.

Sometimes people live too much on the fast lane.

Sometimes, people become blind to the treasures they have in their life.

But I will never forget you all, nor will I forget the many footprints you have left upon my heart


Friday, August 08, 2008


I took a big step today.

Probably the biggest I've had in a long while.

I wouldn't say I emerged without any scratches, because I did.

I would say that while the outcome's not as I hoped, I feel proud to be able to take that leap of faith.

I fell, and bruised pretty badly, but I know that I have time.

And time will heal me.

I just need time.

Lots and lots of it.

But I know I will presevere, and in the end, I will be a stronger person.

I hope.

Monday, August 04, 2008


So, this is the week my semester officially starts...this is the week I will get to my lectures and see what lecturers I get...this is the week I see what tutors I get...this is the week I see what kind of workload I will have from the subjects that I'm taking...this is the week I plan my time for the next 14 weeks to come to achieve my goal.

There's only one problem.


Bloody admin people promised us that the timetable for continuing students will be out latest by Sunday (which is cutting it a little too close if you ask me). Well, it's now Monday, and I have yet to receive my timetable.

All they did was post up a list of all the subjects' lectures on Blackboard, and asks us to attend lectures first for the subjects we have enrolled in. Thing is, they asked us to enrol for 7 subjects. Not knowing which subjects we are going to be enrolled in, does that mean that we have to attend ALL 7 lectures? I suppose we don't have to, but in order to not be left behind and wondering what the lecturer will be saying next week, we have to go for the classes

Now, this whole scenario begs one question. Why does the Swin admin require us to enrol online by 4th July if they are going to be so slow in processing our enrolment? The answer given to us is this: "We want to gauge how big the class will be, and plan accordingly."


If you really wanted to gauge the class size, wouldn't it be a better solution to enrol them as they come, then estimate the number of students after enrolling all of them? Saves time, saves headache, saves money (no need claim OT la...), saves frustration, saves wrath of students, definitely leaves more time to process the influx of incoming freshmen in the new semester.

Swin has been in the business of enrolling students for as long as they are established here. Since 2000 if I'm not mistaken. So why are they still so inefficient at enrolling continuing students??

And that is NOT taking into the account the fact that the arrangement of the lectures are terrible. I am planning to take four subjects this semester. But I'll list down the lecture times of the 7 subjects that I enrolled for

8:30-10:30 = Analysis for Competitive Advantage
8:30-10:30 = International Business Law
10:30-12:30 = e-Marketing
12:30-2:30 = Auditing
2:30-4:30 = e-Customer Relationship Management

12:30-2:30 = e-Commerce
12:30-2:30 = Company Law

The classes I'm planning to take are highlighted in red. But since I do not know which classes I will be given, I have to go for all 7 of them. That means 8 straight hours of classes on Monday, with no break whatsoever in between, and no time for lunch even. I have to rush from one building to the next, since they are on different blocks and by the time I reach the lecture room, I will be out of breath and can't concentrate. That's not to mention the fact that I will be having an input of so many different subjects that I might even get confused..

So you tell me. Do I or do I not have a right to be upset???

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A new month...

Well, the month of August is here, and with it, comes new responsibilities, and old commitments.

I am going to be entering my final year this August, and two more semesters to fast time flies..seems like just yesterday that I enrolled into Swinburne, all wide eyed with wonder (or was it fear of the unknown???) and met new friends. I still remember the confrontation I had with a fellow course mate in my first semester, and when I think about how we are working together now in the same committee, it really makes me want to laugh. :)

It's so hard to imagine that one and a half months ago, I was sitting for my final paper (Financial Management), already cheering my way to freedom and the holidays. Now, here I am again, starting another semester in two days, and waiting for my life to be as hectic as it was last semester.

It also means, more headaches, deadlines, stress, assignments, and events. And I can tell you what it'll definitely be LESS of.


Will be so busy planning stuff, executing stuff, that I will be sleep deprived. Furthermore, a new sem means less postings...but, will definitely try to make the time to chat on facebook and reply my emails..haha...

Wonder what my new timetable will be like..funny how we're starting a new sem in two days, and we have yet to receive our semester timetables.

Inefficient much???