Thursday, October 30, 2008


I had lunch with a close friend the other day at Jade Pot, and it amazes me how much we have changed in the past five years, and yet, how much we still have in common. It's that whole we are different, and yet still very much the same thing..

I could still talk about my life, love, and experiences, without having him judging me, and I feel that that is who someone should have in their life. There has to be at least one person like that, to keep you rooted in the ground, with your sanity intact.

It has been approximately five years since I last saw him, and the moment I did, it was like the years have melted away, and we are sixteen years old again, each facing the other, writing notes to each other to be passed after school, and hanging out under the ever famous st Tre-Joe bridge while waiting for our transport to arrive.

He shared with me what has happened in his life, and I shared with him what has happened in mine. Of course, there are so many things I have yet to tell, but all that can be shared in good time.

How many times have you found yourself just staring off into space, while in the middle of something, and thinking back on the things you have done when you were younger? You don't have to be very much younger, just your past experiences. It can be yesterday, last week, two months ago, four years ago, etc..

Going down memory lane, I am reminded of an incident I had when I was in Melbourne. Looking back, I get a fluffy feeling, wishing I could go back there and experience it all again. It was a sweet memory, one that will be cherished and to take out on rainy nights and keep close to my chest while I fall asleep listening to the patter of the rain ^^

There's this famous quote (but I do not know who said it) : I always knew looking back on my tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cry.

How true is that?

Monday, October 27, 2008

It is up to you.

Sometimes, I really don't understand why some people can be so dense to the point of stupidity. They go about calling people deceitful, and making them out to be liars, but do not know why they were not informed of things in the first place.

Needless to say, it might be my fault for not telling the people involved about upcoming activities. However, if you know me really well, you would know that I'm very busy and might forget to inform the people involved about the upcoming activities that are organised.

At least, there are some people who text me and ask me about these upcoming activities, and this is why they are in the loop. I'm sorry if you feel that you are left out of things like this, but looking at things from my situation, I am not so free as to continually message you and letting you know that this and that activity is coming up, and would you please kindly come and help me? I'm not your secretary that is bound by duty to inform you of any activity that is coming up just so you can make time for it, and call me a deceitful person just because you were not informed.

Initially, I thought of letting things slide because I feel that it's not worth it to go about continuing to talk about things like this, but how am I supposed to do that if you continue to slander me in this way?

It is such a small issue, so why do you have to blow things way out of proportion?

If you feel that I'm some deceitful person and that I am purposely not telling you stuff just because I feel like it, then so be it. I know that I didn't intentionally not inform you, and it is up to you to chose whether or not to believe me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So many new things have happened since the start of the semester, that it's hardly possible to think of a life back when we were still so carefree and without any troubles at all.

A lot of things have transpired these past few months, and it seems that I've become a totally different person altogether.

Life in clubs and council has been hectic, and a lot of running around was necessary. However, despite all this, I can safely say that I've met and grown close to my fellow colleagues, and am very glad to have them in my life. We have managed to stick by each other through thick and thin, through arguments and fights, through smiles and tears, through frustration and panic :p Thank God prom is over...haha...but Carnival is yet to come, and I foresee chaos once again :p but in a good way, of course :)

Tata!! ^_^