Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Start of the End

So tommorrow is the start of the four papers I'll have to take to mark the end of this study semester.

First paper is Auditing and Assurance, followed by Company Law on Tuesday, eMarketing on Thursday, and Analysis for Competitive Advantage next Monday.

After which, I'll settle all outstanding financial matters, and fly off to KL for the Lasallian Convention, and holidays with my family :)

In Jan, will come back for my two month internship with the audit firm, and start the whole cycle of studies all over again :P

Good luck to everyone taking their exams during this period, and may you all pass with the results you've been hoping for!! ^^

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A repeat to yesterday

I was writing on the wall of one of my friends on facebook, and she made a comment about what we do with our daily lives, about how it's always the same from one day to another. She came up with this one-liner: "Everyday is like a repeat to yesterday"

Come to think of it, it's true isn't it? Everyday we go through the same motions, with little variation. For example, when you're preparing for exams, everyday you wake up, go to uni, and study. Occassionally you go out for lunch with different friends, or study different subjects. But the gist of how you live your life everyday is still the same.

It gets to the point that you're sick of the life that you're leading right now, and wondering when you'll ever get out of this normal routine scheme of things.


Of course, there are also times when you experience something totally different. Like, maybe your long-time boyfriend proposes to you *winks* or maybe you get a call from a company saying that you've been accepted for a job that you have been applying for. But of course, good news alone doesn't have to be happening to you. It could also be that someone close to you has finally gotten her life around, and is living the life she has always wanted, with good friends, and a very treasured loved one *cough*kedai kasut*cough* :P

And these events are what makes life interesting. Because you need some extraordinary events to make your ordinary life exciting and worth living. These are what we call milestones :D

So then, although there can be pretty routine happenings daily, there are also times when you are thankful that you're living and you have family who love you and people who care about you.

Random thought: Only good friends can ridicule you to the point of insolence, and get away with it :P

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Just recently been introduced to a British Comedy, and am currently watching season one right now.

Couldn't help but notice that Jack Davenport in his younger days look like someone I know :)

Don't you think so? :D

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It's amazing how when you're waiting for good news, you feel that time passes at a snail's pace, and yet, when it's bad news you're dreading, time passes like lightning.