Sunday, February 08, 2009

of debates and birthdays

Yesterday marked another milestone in my life.

I became Chief Adjudicator (CA) for the second round of Kuching League hosted by Swinburne’s Debaters’ Club.


Being CA was kinda surreal to me, as I have only ever been adjudicator before, so to be CA was a big leap for me, and I’m very grateful to everyone that has helped me along the preparations, and line-ups and match-ups to ensure the debate went smoothly. :D

Therefore for this I would like to thank:

Mdm C – for having the faith in me

Evelyn – for helping me with some of the preliminary work

Kevin – for helping with adjudicator line-ups

Edina, Nancy, and friend – for helping with tabs and calculation of scores

Andrien and Teo Lynn – for being such awesome organisers

Ronnie – for always calling to chase me to get the line-ups done asap

All other SDC crew members – for being such good sports, and making it so much easier for me :D


Also, yesterday was my birthday, and already since last Wednesday, the wishes came rolling in, be it on facebook, or through sms’s. Some also more canggih can IM me on MSN :p

I want to say thank you to……

My family

Mom and Dad – thank you for putting up with me these past 23 years. I know I have given you many white hairs, but I promise you, it will be worth it! :p

Choulyee & Alex – thanks for calling me :D although you’re both so very far away, I know you’re close to me in my heart ^^

Choulyew – thanks for everything!!! It’s the little little things you do that means a lot to me ^^

Dear – you know who you are, and thanks for making yesterday such a memorable one for me. I hope that we will continue to make more memorable memories in the years to come :D

Alex Kho – thanks so much!!! Hehe..yum cha again, and you can tell me more stories :D

My moo moo gang – thanks for the steamboat last night!!!! It was awesome, and I have not had so much fun in a long time ^^ I think last night was the time we actually laughed like lunatics without fear of the consequences :p

Ronnie – thanks for the presents and for always being there for me :D no words can describe how I feel

Lilian – hehe…of cos need to be more girl now la. And your present just gave me new motivation to dress like one :p

Kedai Kasut – hehe…you know I call you that out of affection and my love for shoes la :p thanks!!!


My lasallian family:

Jia Xin, Siew Wei, Novinth, Wilfred, Auts, Pui Yi, Su Lyn, Gabriel, Marveen, Cheryl, Chun Lok, Harkrishan, Ben Chee Lupp, Dinah, Ronald Soo (same birthday as me!!) 

My extended international Lasallian family:

Peter Leung, Jamie, Boris, Jalil, Maggie

My St Joseph friends:

Ge, Wen Chung, Nancy Khiu, Sean Wong, Tze Ren, Hazwan, Ehon, Pn Norhaiza, Viveon, Norman, Samuel, Jasmine, Jonathan Wong, Adriel, Nai Chen, Sheau Nyuk, Lyne, Jardian and Lovena Tay, Kelvin, G Chan, Raphael Ong, Pris Maria

My long-lost St Teresa buddies:

Soo Chin, Doane, Puspa, Vic John, Nur Diyana, Cheryl, Azyan, Farhana, Gloria Tsan, Yogi, Anna, Siew Chen, Line Bong, Hanna, Andrea Law, Sharon Ng, Tiffany Nakita

My Swinburne uni mates:

Wei Khee, Ai Ling, Thushanth, Jin Thai, Roy Tan, Mahmoud (Terry), Susanne, Ashik, Kyra, Edina, Shabrina, Kasun, Ezra, Q, Sakib, Liea, Jacqueline, Nishal, Ian Chang, Evelyn, Ann, Esther, Toffa, Sara Nadia, Stephen, Audrey Hon, Anastasia, Teo Lynn, Aoki, Lenny Sim, Edina, Uni, Ayu (she also shares the same birthday as me!!), Rafie, Kevin

And all those others that I have met along my 23 year journey

Ron (who, incidentally, celebrates the same birthday as me :D), Irene Law, Angel Chong, Tabby, Ajay, Chee Siong

If I have missed out anyone, I am so very sorry. But do bear in mind that I have appreciated every single one of you.So thank you to all of you!!! It was an awesome day for me :D

Thursday, February 05, 2009


What is it about Valentine's day that makes everyone think about roses, chocolates, and presents? I'm not denying that people think of presents and roses and chocolates at other times as well, but even more so when V day rolls around. Perhaps it's the commerciality of it?

Reflecting on that, what does Valentine's day actually mean? Is it the only day of the year that couples, friends, and family members can show to their loved ones how much they actually care about each other? Or maybe it's just one big conspiracy created by those vendors looking to make a quick buck each time V day arrives? :p You know, when they can overprice roses, chocolates and gifts without being told off for it because it's common knowledge that where there's demand, there will be inflation. :/ (ok, not so common knowledge, but if you study economics you will know lah)

Personally I think that if you love someone, be it your boy/girlfriend, family member, or friend, you don't show extra affection just on that day. What I mean is, everyday can be Valentine's day, it doesn't have a specific date, and it sure doesn't have to fall on the 14th of February of every year.

True kan? Why must you conform to the V-day craze and spend so much money on overpriced items?? Might as well use that money to get other more important things :p

On a totally separate topic, I was on the way back to the client's office from lunch today when I heard this Mandarin song on the radio. Initially the only thing that caught my attention was the nice melody it had. Then the chorus came along, and when I heard the words.....suffice to say that it has more meaning to me now than previously :D

Don't ask me who the singer is because I do not know. I only know it's a guy la. So here's the English translation of the song (chorus only la):


Because you're my everything,
that's the only reason
that I have the courage to face all obstacles

I want to give you everything,
as long as you say the word, no matter how many tomorrows there are,
if i can give it to you, I will

Then my future will have more meaning, because your love is my everything


hehe, of course what I'm feeling now is NOT as kua chang as the songs does sound a little unrealistic talking about tomorrows and stuff..but sounds sweet la kan ^^

If any of you knows which song I'm talking about, can you please let me know? :D Thanks banyak banyak ^^