Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This is for you. Yes, you.

You, who have been supportive of me during my entire final sem.

You, who have never doubted me for a second.

You, who always had faith in me even when I didn't.

You, who have been there when I was studying for my final exam, with your unwavering support, and late night phone calls of encouragement.

No words can express the amount of gratitude that I have for you, for you are one of a kind, extraordinary.

Therefore I can only say this in the simplest way, with only two words, but two words filled with all the love and care that I have, while keeping in mind all you have done for me this semester.

Thank you.

My only hope is that I can make you as proud of me as I am with you.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pay it Forward

I've heard of the movie so many times, everyone raving about it, telling me it's a good one, that I have to watch it..but I never had the chance to do so until today.

lol, after exams, it's like you have no more purpose of living each day...wandering around aimlessly, in search of things to do..haha

so then today, I saw that "Pay it Forward" was showing on HBO's lunchtime movie slot and decided to watch it, and see for myself if it's all it's hyped up to be.


it is.

Basically, pay it forward means that you do a good deed to three random people, or strangers. It must be something that they cant do on their own. But instead of paying the good deed back to you, they have to pay that good deed forward to three other people (that makes 9 ppl), and those three people to three more (which makes 27 people). The cycle continues... :) The only prohibition to this is that you are not allowed to pay it back. You must pay it forward.

I wouldn't tell you what happened in the movie, you can go wiki it (attn: got spoiler) :p hehehe..but what I'll tell you is, if everyone pays it forward, wouldn't it be a better world out there?

Think of an idea to change the world - and put it into ACTION.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


My exams are supposed to be officially over as of today.


Ten minutes before the exam is supposed to start, the chief examiner announced that our test will have to be postponed, due to the reason that the lecturer is not present.


Got such thing? How can this happen? First time I heard of it...

At first I thought that maybe it was because the lecturer has the exam papers so we naturally can't have our exam without the papers, right? Because there was another instance last week where the lecturer wasn't present, and the exam went on anyway. So that was the reason I think why it had to be postponed.

Then I met Mdm C, and she said that it couldn't be, because the exam papers are supposed to be with the exam unit. All the lecturer has to do is be there.

So.....what exactly happened then? Why til so serious need to postpone?

Then I thought....perhaps when in the first instance the lecturer wasn't around and the exam went on anyway, there was no one to clear up any queries the students might have had, and as such, many students complained. So to play it safe and not have any more trouble on their hands, the chief examiner felt it prudent to postpone it and avoid all those skirmishes. Maybe la this is the reason...we wouldn't know the exact reason until we go ask the exam unit. But I dun think they will tell also la..


In the act of postponing the exam, there are some student who are directly affected by it, being that they now have two tests on the same day, and one of my friend has a clash of exams, being that both of them will be held in the morning. So no choice, she has to sit for it in quarantine, with those exam unit people looking at her. Furthermore, it's back to back, from 9am til 3pm -.-"

That means finish one paper, start another paper almost immediately. Oh the kekejaman of life :(

But for those whose their final paper is this one, I guess one more day reprieve is better than nothing. Extra time to study and try to memorise stuff kua :p

Anyways, jia yu all!!! and let's try to Pass this paper, but not with a Concede Pass la k :p hehe

Apparently there's been a paper leak..that's why they had to take the action to postpone the paper while a new exam paper needs to be set...so...yea..

Good luck!! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Final paper

Another paper is over...now left with a final paper to go before I declare that I have finished with University life..

Hope I would be able to get through it :)

Meanwhile, currently liking this song, Pilgrim, by Enya..lol, been listening to lots of Enya songs recently ^^

Lyrics below:

Pilgrim, how you journey
On the road you chose
To find out why the winds die
And where the stories go.

All days come from one day
That much you must know,
You cannot change what's over
But only where you go.

One way leads to diamonds,
One way leads to gold
Another leads you only
To everything you're told.

In your heart you wonder
Which of these is true;
The road that leads to nowhere,
The road that leads to you.

Will you find the answer
In all you say and do?
Will you find the answer
In you?

Each heart is a pilgrim,
Each one wants to know
The reason why the winds die
And where the stories go.

Pilgrim, in your journey
You may travel far,
For pilgrim it's a long way
To find out who you are...

Pilgrim, it's a long way
To find out who you are...

Pilgrim, it's a long way
To find out who you are...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Attack or no?

Message from Registrar of Swinburne, on our Student Bb site:

Dear Student

You would have read in the newspapers or heard today about a Swinburne student from Kuching having been treated for H1N1. We have since been in contact with the health authorities to gather more information on the matter.

From our records, the student concerned was formerly from Swinburne Sarawak but transferred to Melbourne in 2007. According to the Sarawak General Hospital, he arrived back here in Kuching on Friday, 19 June, and was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, 21 June. Tests conducted by the hospital yesterday confirmed that he has the virus but his condition is quickly improving.

The State Operations Room at SGH that is handling the flu pandemic does not have any information to indicate that this student has been to the Sarawak Campus since his return. So any concerns that he may have passed on the virus on campus can be safely ruled out.

We are in close contact with the health authorities and will provide full cooperation in dealing with this pandemic.

Thank you.

Haji Hussain Taiban



Believe ka? lol

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Have you ever felt excited about something, that you can't wait for it to arrive? Then suddenly few days before it actually does, you receive news that it's not going to be as great as you once thought it would be? All your plans, your gempak dashyat gila babi plans all going down the drain, and in the end you're left with only one feasible choice left, and that choice in itself is not even a choice at all, because that's the only thing left that can be done -_-"

And you feel all disappointed, and let down, and no mood, and sad, and....well, you get the drift.

The worst part is, that there's no one to blame. At all. You can't even get angry at anyone because it's all just a matter of timing, and it just so happens that the timing is not right. You can't even rant and rave and shout the house down because it serves no purpose (unless getting a sore throat and ending up having to buy Strepsils is any consolation, which it's not). It's like, the fates are conspiring against you, effectively stopping you from having the time of your life, and enjoying before you actually get down to the nitty gritty in life and start to finalise your resume, get a job, deal with graduation issues, etc..

I guess the only thing left to do is just go with the flow, and see what happens..hopefully it wouldn't be as bad as I think it would...It's all yet another exam, in the already worn fabric that is my life, just to see if this can stand the test of time..

Argh!!!! I'm already so freaking tired of exams...why must there be yet another hurdle for me to go through?


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

gg [dot] com

One down....

Two more to go...


And I've just received news my trip to KL wun be so memorable after all...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Countdown....of sorts

I've looked at Topic 6 of Current Issues for the whole day today, and I still don't get it.

I am seriously going to be in serious trouble.

Lucky for me I got some distraction in the form of Vincent...who managed to lighten up my thunderous mood for a while...

but in the end...still end up looking at the freaking Heritage Assets and Biological Assets till *pening* d.. :(

And this was supposed to be one of the easier topics...


On a side note, exams are in three days, excluding Sunday.

Law would be first, followed by Tax, and lastly the dreaded CI -.-"

Why must the final paper be the hardest paper? Potong steam only...

Final paper of my uni life being the hardest paper in the world...cis...

On a side note next to the side note, I will be headed of to KL after my finals!!!! and I am going to meet people like I've never met people before :D

hehe...those in KL, IM me, or SMS me to get my travel plans yea...am super duper excited now :)

On a side note on the other side of the first side note.....

*The sweetest surprise..caught me tonight,
Right there in your eyes, while I was kissing you
So don't say that you don't love,
Everything you dreamed of could be here*

Lastly, I'm glad your session went well :) *hugs*

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Northern Regionals :)

Northern Regionals coming up this weekend!!!!! :D

hehe...final regionals for the year 2009, so this one would probably go out with a bang ^^

So here are some thoughts of encouragement to those involved...

Vincent and Tsu Chong: Good luck!!! As chairpersons, I have no doubt you'll handle everything well :) I have faith in you both la

Piggy: Good luck for your session ^^ hehe... sure you'll do well la :) *hugs*

Rachel and Jia Xin: LSC is really super lucky to have you both there, and I'm sure you'll put Vince and Chux in their place if they misbehave :D hehe

other OTs: good luck for regionals, and have a blast!!! :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

lol...this is post #300

and I have only one question to ask.

How can the act of caring for someone be misconstrued as treating him/her like a small kid?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Post 6th Regionals

Just came back from the regionals, and it was what I had hoped for, and more.

The co-chairs, Daniel and Choulyew

My affirmation envelope, and name tag :D (lol, sudah di-upgrade jadi resource person :p)

The theme for this regionals was "Break Walls. Build Bridges", and it's safe to say that I did my own fair share of breaking walls, and building bridges.

Ron, Lovena (JIEN President), me, G Chan (JIEN VP)

It felt really good to be back at the regionals, and while it lasted only five days (plus pre-con), it was the right dose I needed to gain back my positivity, and put my negativity behind me. Meeting back with the JIEN gang, meeting up a new b**** gang (lol, everything here is in good fun, and I speak with fondness for all these people), I just wished time didn't pass by so fast..

One could say that after five regionals, all this would seem old and mundane to me yet again, but it isn't. It's a whole new learning curve for me, because it was an entirely new batch of OTs, and delegates. Furthermore, I was entrusted with a higher degree of responsibility, which means facilitating two sessions, which were La Salle, and Action Planning. There was also more time to bond with the delegates, and the heritage boys, and my memories of convention was made all the more sweeter because of that.

As for the OTs, they were all so semangat, that it was infectious, and I found myself feeling young again whenever I was with them (I was the third oldest person there la, after Isaac and Pn Stella -.-"). While we had our fair share of mishaps, we pulled through in the end, through cooperation and an understanding of one another. I managed to build closer ties to the OTs, paving a common ground with them, and I really hope for a future chance to work with them, simply because they were the best :) especially after closing, when we had our OT presentation, and we jived to the rhythm of Jai-Ho!!! :p

lol, you see what I mean about feeling young again? :p

Closing vase, where the delegates were asked to write down what they felt they can do to break their own walls, and build their own bridges in their own way. This would be 'pameran-ised' (forgot the English word for this la) at La Salle Square when school reopens :)

Lol, the most memorable line I would take back from the 6th Regionals would be from Jacky, top-class #1 B***** of the closing committee:
"OMG!! You're so cold, you even freeze the Polar Bears!!!"

OTs for 6SRLC

It was a truly remarkable experience, and if given the chance, I would go through it all over again.
Group photo!!! :D

Gosh, I miss it already...

P/S: some pics were taken from Tze Ren's and Jas's FB :p

Monday, June 01, 2009

Sarawak Regionals :D

lol, I just realised I have more blog posts recently :p It's funny how you start to procrastinate every single time you need to sit down and focus on your assignments :p

BUT............................I have a good reason for procrastinating this time :) hehe..and that's because after the KVLC, and Southern Regionals, it's finally time for the Sarawak Regionals!! yay~ ^^

The long awaited event for me is finally here, and it's not so much organising it, it's more to seeing this making a difference in the lives of the delegates, to catch up with old friends, to work with positive awesome people, and above all else, I will be able to leave the negativity in my life now for a while, and bask in the positivity everyone there exudes.

It's finally time for me to recharge, and be positive before I go back to the dreary tasks at hand which are my assignments and exams..