Saturday, September 19, 2009

Raya Wishes :)

to all my Muslim friends celebrating Raya, I would like to wish you......

Selamat Hari Raya!!!!!!!!!

Hope this Raya brings you a better life, better health, more happiness, and a lifetime of wealth and health for your entire family :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pictures from Sept

I just only recently realised that my blog posts have been devoid of pictures..

So here are a selection from my FB (I can't put up any new ones cos Ron has my External drive, and the other pics are all in my external)

Taken at Ulu Kenas, Kartig wanted to be the ladies' man, but suddenly William appeared.. :p
Epic Fail

OT group photo for the SMI LEAD :)

This is me taking a picture with Siew Wei, Carrine, and William to prove a point that I can take self shots no matter how many people. Of course, that's also because I have a great sifu *Tiing* :D

Ini Carrine, one of the cutest and bubbliest girls I know. She just recently asked me whether she should have Maggie Curry or luncheon meat with bread for dinner :p How can you not love somebody this cute?? :D

My two roomies during SMI LEAD, after they came back from jungle trekking. I wasn't with them because I was in the room.....sleeping....after waking up super duper early to prepare breakfast for them :D

This was at Melaka, during the SFI LEAD. To the far left is my saimui, and of course Lovena in the middle, who is the JIEN president :p

The pretty ladies from Sarawak :D hehe

Here are the OTs, helping Isa to figure out how much weight he can hold up :D

My Moo Moo, that almost got kidnapped by Maybel, the resident little girl staying at the Brothers' Bungalow :p

Nama budak ini ialah Shaun :) Dia kacukan Portuguese, Belanda, dan Cina. Kawan Portuguese saya yang kedua. Kawan Portuguese pertama ialah Cynthia Eileen Chin Choon Ching, yang telah menjadi kawan semeja saya pada tingkatan 3 >.<


Meeting up with Cali at Nando's

After I came back from KL, going back to meet friends at uni. This was at the SDC booth, where they were looking for people for Swin Cup :D

CPAASC Undergraduate Business Conference 2009 :)

The customary pic, with the Vice OC, Lil, and the current CPAASC President, Mr. Ronnie Teo (the one Edwin dubbed has the most YB name out of all of us) hehe

with Adrien, who's name is supposed to be spelt Andrien officially :p itu tangan di belakang kepunyaan Ai Ling :p

during the CPAASC Appreciation dinner for the conference people :)

the four power rangers, kekurangan wk (who still won't admit he's a power ranger), and Kyra

the boys that were present that night. Other more incriminating photos are available on FB :p

that's all folks :p hehe..hope to have satisfied the pics quota for the month :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I dreamt of you last night. Which was weird. Because I seldom dream of people I dun usually have deep feelings for. Which got me thinking. Do I REALLY have deeper feelings for you than I care to recognise? Which is insane. Because we have never been THAT close. We dun even chat on MSN all the time. The weirdest thing would be the content of the said dream.

But things change. We become different people. We grow up. We develop feelings. From strangers. To acquaintances. To friends. To more than friends? Who knows, maybe.

This is weirding me out. Too much thinking sometimes makes things into more than what they actually are. Especially after too many events happening when I was in KL. Maybe I am just settling down into the comfort of being home again. Which stirs up all sorts of feelings. Good, bad, neutral.

Methinks some time for self reflection is required in my current situation. Will have to evaluate the events in KL, the things happening here, the ones that are about to happen, and sort it all out once and for all. Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm not good enough. That no matter how hard I try, I can never be as good as the other girl. That there will always be something that I lack that she doesn't. -.-" darn it.

Meanwhile, I'm going to graduate ya'll!!! :D will be trying out my regalia tomorrow morning, and after that heading to meet the new LSS boys in school :)

Oh and prom is in two weeks, and I have my dress and date d :)

goodness, I am so random -.-"

Monday, September 14, 2009


Sometimes I wonder, if I am cut out for this.

There are too many obstacles, too many variables, that just makes you want to give up..

But then I remembered a quote:
God never gives you a problem that he doesn't already have given you the solution (or something like that)

So maybe it might be tough right now, but it's a time for self reflection, a time for thinking, and perhaps the solution might be slow in coming, but I like to think that I am able to overcome it, and the end result will be something worth my while, something I can hold and treasure and say, "thank God for you" :)