Monday, November 30, 2009

Nice November

Why Nice?

Because nothing out of the ordinary happened in November, only normal daily stuff, like......

wake up - work - lunch - work - dinner - overtime - home - bath - sleep


swt kan??

I think the only exciting things that has happened in Nov are going out shopping with my saimui & yee, looking at dresses for a wedding, buying Charles & Keith shoes at 30% discount (a steal, really, cos they're really comfy, and quite cheap, considering they're C&K shoes), and going for that incredibly awesome book sale at Amcorp Mall :D

I got 18 books, for the unbelievable price of RM138 only!! that's like, an average price of RM 7.70 per book ^^ I am a happy girl.

The first time I went there, I was ill prepared for the sight that beheld me. After spending three (or four) hours in there but not being able to find books from the authors I like, I was unsatisfied. SO then I made the decision to go back the next day, this time waking up earlier to beat the weekend crowd. I spent two hours in there, and managed to find 11 books, all from my favourite authors, James Patterson, John Grisham, and Nora Roberts. I even managed to score a book from my fav author of two years ago, Judith McNaught :)

And the books that I managed to pick up are the large prints type(some are even hardcover copies), which means that normally, a new book would cost approximastely RM59.90. These books costed me RM8.00, which means it was a 85% discount, or thereabouts. The plus point is, they're all fairly recent titles! Which means, that I wouldn't have these titles yet. So naturally, I went on a buying frenzy lah :p

I don't even mind eating a little bit less for lunch and dinner in order to save up the money for other costs, because for me, it's worth it :)

Therefore, I am satisfied.

On my way back home from Amcorp, a thought popped into my head.

If I do meet a guy in the future, he must fulfill one criteria in my List A, and that is that he MUST be someone who loves to read as much as I do, or if he doesn't like to read, he MUST be willing to stand in line with me for these book sales, and not complain ^^

Saturday, November 07, 2009

yes or no?

I have a question.

What if you liked someone, but that someone else already has a gf/bf and definitely wouldn't like you back, will you still tell him/her?







I have a friend who did just that. And glad to say, it didn't blow up in her face. As in, the guy still treats her as a super good friend and everything else is the same. Sometimes when she's shy to talk to him (sikit malu kan), he actually makes the effort to go up to her and try to console her, telling her that he still treats her the same, and that she doesn't have to feel shy around him.

She says that although she knows the guy will most probably not like her at all except as a close and good friend, she actually feels relief that she finally told him, and that nothing has changed. Of course, I'm not encouraging those in this situation out there to do the exact same thing. Because personally, I think the answer to the question I posed has a quite subjective answer. It varies with different people. Some people might have it backfire, and some wouldn't. It's not something that has a clear cut answer, and sometimes, some people get lucky, or not.

On another totally different topic, I was watching TV the other day, and there was an advertisement. It was by TM, and there was this little paper man working in an office, feeling sad cos there was no one in his life (i.e. a girlfriend). Then, he met a little paper girl working in the opposite office, and the advertisement shows how his colleagues helped him across to the little paper girl. It was so cute! and the music didn't hurt either. When I first heard the song, I thought it was from some famous band like AAR, but it actually turned out that it's from Bunkface, who's a Malaysian band :) so.....have a listen ^^