Friday, March 27, 2009

(More Than) 60 Earth Hour

Hi folks,

Once again, the Lasallian family in Malaysia is proud and pleased to join in this initiative for 60 Earth Hour

1) What is 60 Earth hour?
The general shout out to the public is to be in solidarity with others who care, and switch off all their electrical appliances for an hour on Saturday at 8.30pm (unless you may be doing something like driving, or open heart surgery). This blackout should last for an hour. The idea is to raise awareness on our individual carbon footprint and our impact on the planet, and raise awareness of her urgent need for us to rethink our ways of living.

2) Why a Lasallian initiative?
Simply because we care, and we can. Therefore we must. There are many ways we could look at it. The planet does fit into the criteria of 3Ls. Surely it isn't far fetched to say that we are putting the planet last in our daily lives. So this is an opportunity to rethink our ways and perhaps this is the rosetta stone we need to modify our lifestyles.

3) What Lasallian initiative?
So what are we going to be doing as our Lasallian initiative?? In Sarawak, we are simply asking you to join us at:

Venue: Reservoir Park, Kuching (Please meet at the Red Crescent HQ Entrance)
Time: 2pm
Who can come?? Everyone is invited!!! (Lasallians and Beyond :P) This is not only something that are entitled only for Lasallians, but anyone who wants to make a conscious effort to preserve our Earth for the future generation.

What will we be doing??? We will be gathering at Reservoir Park, and we'll be cleaning up the place.No need for heavy duty cleaning. Simply picking up rubbish will do. While you're performing this service, make sure you engage anyone you see; TELL THEM about Earth Hour and why you're doing this.

4) Want to do more?
We're not stopping you! In Klang, those who are willing will be wearing sandwich boards with an environmental statement. So get creative, and get involved. You can give out pamphlets (just don't litter) or you can sing while you work. Just try to stay away from political nuances. We're doing this for our planet!

5) The catch?
For starters, Everyone should come in something GREEN or BLUE (no, shoes and socks don't count unless you're already ALL green and blue)
We will be taking a group photo at the beginning, and all along the way when we're doing work, and photo's will be put up on the lasallianfriends blog.

6) What do I need?
Garbage bags, cameras, and a clear understanding of the initiative. If you have any doubts or queries, please do not hesitate to sms me, my number is either 019-848 8887 or 016-856 7286. You can get me on both numbers. Of course, please identify who you are :D

7) What do I get out of it?
A self satisfaction at having done your part to help save the Earth a little bit more. :)

Please sms me asap to let me know if you are able to join the FT's in this initiative, and let me know the amount of people that are coming with you so we can estimate the number of garbage bags that we need to provide..hehe..oh yes, identify yourself please ^^

For extra information on (More Than) 60 Earth Hour, please refer to

Remember, everyone's invited, so even if you're not a Lasallian but wanna pitch in, you are highly welcome!!!

Together, lets do our bit to save this planet!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

FT1 Weekend 2009

Jasmine, from whom the pictures for this post were stolen off her blog :p

So, FT weekend for Sarawak came and went two weeks ago ^^

Big crowd, superb speakers, and great messages were conveyed.

So what was the content of our weekend? Sexuality

We had Andrew come in and give talks on being aware of our bodies, relationships (of all kinds), why we get into relationships (the real reasons vs delusional reasons), and sexual intercourse.

Andrew and Ms Yuwana

He brought along Ms Yuwana, who's the president for the Sarawak Aids Concern Society, and she in turn, educated us on HIV/AIDS, and how important it is to respect others, including those who experience sexual prejudice, domestic violence, and discrimination.

It was a very enlightening weekend for all those involved, as it was a relevant topic that's simply taboo to society nowadays. The mere mention of the term sexuality could cause some people to shy away and pretend they've never heard of it. Which was exactly what happened in the beginning of the first session. It was noticeable that the participants knew exactly what was being said, but would rather pretend that they have never heard of the term before. But after the first session and under Andrew's careful lead and contagious laughter, they were able to come out of their shell and address the issues they were facing, and ask some pertinent questions they really wanted to know about but were too shy to ask.

Personally, I felt it was an appropriate topic for this weekend, as there are those who do not dare to talk about this matter, but it's something that everyone needs to know. Another thing that I'm really proud of, is that we have finally managed to formalise our FT process in Sarawak. 

On a side note, that weekend was great in that I managed to meet up with old friends (of whom I might not have the time to meet otherwise), and organising this event yet again for the participants gave me a sense of fulfillment and contentment. There's just something about the knowledge that you have managed to touch their lives and made them view their life with a more positive outlook, and that gives you a sense of accomplishment. It just makes you feel really happy and give you that emotional boost you need. 

:p hehe..I love this pic

Too often we get caught up in the daily rigours of life, and get tired out from the demands that are expected from us. So when the opportunity of  catching up with old friends came along, we grab it, and prepare ourselves for two days of relaxation, and mindless gossip :p haha...coming back after a hectic calendar to pump petrol for our emotional state of mind.

Group photo for FT weekend

as is the case for all group photos, there just has to be one stupid one :p

Coming up next LS programme, Food4Thot, mainly organised by the LSS in St Joe, with little little slivers of help from Sarawak FT ^^


*all pics were stolen from Jas's blog, with credits going to Norman*

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sometimes I really don't understand why people feel it is their duty to announce to the world about what is going on in other people's life. I mean, if it's good news, that's fine. But what if it's news that the certain party wants to keep quiet? Just because the other party knows about it, does that give them the right to tell other people? Come on, you do not know the circumstances to why we would prefer to keep it quiet, so please, can you just keep your big mouth shut?

Do you think that just because you are related to us, that gives you the right to tell the world what goes on in our life? When a certain individual does not want to give specifics about what's happening, then what right do you have to tell the world about them?

Sure I know, you would say it's gossip, and other people gossip too, and yes, I know that they are their own individuals, they are free to say whatever they like. We can't stop someone when they want to gossip about us. Even someone as dumb as me can understand that.

But wth, you are our cousin! You, of all people should know how private we want to keep our life, and yet you still go around school telling other people about what goes on in our private life.

We do not appreciate it when you speak of what we wish to keep confidential, and I'm sure you would not appreciate it either if we told the whole school about what YOU wish to keep private.

Here's a thought. How would you feel if one day I blurt out all your secrets to everyone? How would you feel if one day I tell everyone about the things you would want to keep most personal? Would you say that's fine?

Please, respect other people's privacy, and other people will respect yours.

ok, rant over. *cheerios!*

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

an unexpected surprise

Just finished off with FT weekend last week, and had an enjoyable time with all the participants. Even though there were a few road bumps along the way (we couldn't use the Audi, the caterer ffk us so we had to find a new caterer in two days, etc etc), everything went smoothly, and safe to say, everyone had a great time.

As is the case with the past two FTs as well, Isaac came down from Ipoh to oversee the programme :) However, this time he came not only as LSC's youth coordinator, he also came as a postman :p

Which is what this post is all about :D He was helping Kahon deliver my birthday + Valentine's day gift ^^

This is where I'll have to admit something. I have never ever pegged him as a romantic person. Lol, I was even joking with him two weeks ago that I don't see him as a romantic person at all. But after receiving this, I have changed my mind completely. And over the course of this post, you'll see why ^^

This little teddy bear piggy bank is full of stars that he folded for me. *melted* But if you think that folding stars are sweet enough, there's one more additional twist to it. Instead of using generic star paper that you can get in any gift shop, he used a different type of paper altogether. What he did, was take wrapping paper, cut it, and folded it all one by one.

If you think this is easy, then you try it. It's super hard, I tell you. As is the case with big pieces of paper, when you draw out the lines and stuff, you have a tendency to lose the straight lines and cut it a little out of proportion, and it will end up looking out of shape (I've tried this before, and only with A4 paper, and I gave up after getting it wrong so many times). So imagine the amount of care and patience he has just for this little project?? And it's not like it's just one or two or ten stars, it's a whole 'bear' full of them! I counted, and the amount exceeded 300 stars. *speechless*

Not only that, it wasn't just any ordinary wrapping paper, it was paper from a.e.i.o.u studios,with those little cute cows and cartoon wrapping paper that says 'happy birthday'. How can you argue with that?? :D

He told me he originally wanted to find a clear container, but there wasn't any in that type, so he had to make do with the little brown one. He was so afraid that the stars wouldn't show, and that the effect would not be great. But it needen't have mattered..the moment I saw the stars, the brown bear could have been black, I still would have been terharu la.

Of course, he gave me a card as well.. :) and written on the card was the number of days we have been together. The thing is, written on the card, was the EXACT number of days we have been together til the past weekend. To have given the gift to Isa to bring over, he must have made it way in advance. And to count the days til it reaches my hands, wah...I never knew he was so particular, and meticulous(I think there's another word to describe this, but I can't remember it).

I know some might think that the things he has given me are just generic, not too great kind of things, and maybe some might say it's cheesy, or cheapskate or what not. But that doesn't matter, because for me, this comes from his heart. It might be low budget, but I don't care. What really touched me about this, was the amount of time and effort and planning he did just to create this for me. And that alone, is enough. :)

Why didn't I see this coming? hehe..He has actually dropped me so many hints that he's giving me something, but I've just never actually considered it. I only thought that those are things he will be giving me when I go over to KL and can meet each other more frequently.

I think.....he probably took a very long time to make this. But he didn't want to tell me how long he actually took :/

Hehe...this is just a post to brag la :p I mean, when else can I actually show off kan? bear with me la. (hehe..get it?? BEAR with me..:p *lame*) It's the end of the post d anyway :p

Dear, I *heart* U


Friday, March 06, 2009

Final semester

A new semester has arrived, and with it comes new responsibilities.. *sigh*

It's only the end of the first week, and already I find myself staying in uni for meetings, or purposely going to uni for meetings. It's been extra hectic for me these few days, especially since I'm also given the task of picking my sister to and from school, since my parents have other commitments.

This new semester sees me taking five subjects, two without final exam papers, three with. Out of those three, one of those subjects has a very very very heavy assignment workload, carrying 40% of the total 100% mark. The other two remaining subjects are heavy accounting subjects, which are Current Issues in Accounting, and Taxation Issues and Planning.

Thankfully, my classes are spread out over the five day week, with them being mostly in the morning, so that leaves my afternoons free for assignment work as well as extra studying. Will definitely need to focus more on my studies this final semester, so that it'll be smooth sailing for me.

Well, here's to a good semester *hopefully* and may luck be on my side :)

Monday, March 02, 2009


Ini adalah untuk sailou dear saya :) He says my blog too wordy la, so I shall upload some pics for him :)

Lol, I also just realised that lately all I have been doing for my blog posts are just writing down my feelings and thoughts without any pictures :p I shall endeavour to post more pictures up in the future..hehe..but bear with me k ^^

Needless to say, this was given to my dear from my sister :p hehe..for valentines day la, but takkan expect him to use it right :p hehe..

This one from Lilian ^^ so sweet kan, love at first sight for me! But very scared to wear it cos scared the diamonds come off. Will only wear for special special occasions :D

From him..

my birthday gift from my bff's :D super cantik, and I love the teddy bear. A girl can never have too many bags :D

with Dinah at Sunway when I was there for X-Mas

my two Moo Moo's


the three siblings with mike voon

dengan Varun..I wonder if he still has the long hair..

ok la for now :D til some other time when I can upload some more or have other more interesting pics to put up :)

take care all!! ^^