Sunday, August 29, 2010

The past few weeks I have wondered if I made the right choice. If this was what He wanted, then why was there no answer? Should I wait awhile longer? Or cease and desist?

Sometimes, I feel like it was a wrong thing to do. But other times, I feel a small relief knowing that I have done at least something, and not remain idle. But the question plaguing me is if I had done the right thing?

If the answer is yes, then why do I feel like I have not? And is waiting an option?

The worst part is when you know you can’t be expecting something but then you expect it anyway.


Sometimes I wonder if I can kick myself so hard I fall down the stairs :p

you stand by me...I'm forever yours...faithfully :)

gLee music rocks XD

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear you,

Sometimes, you think too much, that you lose the bigger picture. Sometimes you think too much, that you read into things that are not there in the first place. Sometimes you think too much, that something simple becomes so complex and in the end the person suffering is you yourself.

Can you please don’t think too much and start living life for a change? Can you please don’t torture yourself over things that are out of your control and focus instead on things that are? Can you please don’t try to read other peoples’ actions, but instead put them out of your mind? You are not them, you never will be, and you never will understand what others’ motives are. So get over it.

And can you please make up your mind? You think you so free to think about so many other sides of the coin? Either you go, or you don’t. It’s that simple. When you finally make up your mind, make sure it’s early so you don’t regret if you suddenly can’t go cos of simple reasons.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's my third week in, and I'm still loving it.

I meet so many new ppl everyday, and my bossess are hip and cool :p especially Stef XD

my senior is great, she helps me non-stop, always willing to lend a helping hand, never complaining at all..

my other colleagues are cool ppl to hang out with as well, having [email protected]inner with them is never a dull moment :)

I'm looking forward to a long and fruitful career XD

On a side note, I broke a cardinal rule of mine, and now I have to live with it. :/

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I finally told


But not face to face...i told through sms...


I abit coward...

...ok fine, ALOT coward

i just hope it doesn't hurt our friendship..

..cos if it does, I'm gonna kill myself..

lol maybe not kill..tapi regret lo...tenfold...or maybe twenty fold...

hmm...maybe more than that :/


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have a very cute colleague…

She can sit there listening to music on her own, and move and dance :p

She can seem endearing just by a few uttered sentences

Her actions are so natural, there doesn’t seem to be any sense of superficiality in her

She makes me smile just by looking at her antics

The way she brings herself tells me she can take on what the world throws at her

Lol…she’s none other than Tammy Chan :p

Super cute, damn adorable, 100% original XD

Tammy I know you’re reading this :p

Oh and happy ‘sweet 16’ Birthday!!! :p pics wll be up on FB soon xp