Friday, October 29, 2010

Traumatic experience

It all happened so fast.

One minute we were laughing in the car about something, the next, my handbag was gone.

We were at the traffic lights near Solaris Dutamas, heading to Times Square to meet with a client. Suddenly, there was a crack on my side of the window, and we both looked up in puzzlement. I saw the glass crack, and there was a second knock, and the glass shattered. He reached in, pulled out my bag and we both started screaming. Initially I didn’t wana let go, but I thought if he can smash the window, what will happen if he decides to attack me? So better to lose a bag, than lose a life.

So, everything near and dear to me is gone. In thirty seconds. Poof.

So starts the arduous task of getting my affairs in order.

1. Cancel ATM cards.
2. Barr all phone lines.
3. Make police report.
4. Go to JPN and JPJ to report IC and licence and to make new ones.
5. Get back new lines for my phone

What you got:
Two lousy phones that’s way over their ROI
Old camera

What I lost:
My memories in those phones
My valuable coupons given by Baa
The beautiful bookmark made by Carrine
The beautiful blue rosary that I cherish
My IC and driving licence
My family pictures and pictures of those dear to me
My beloved bag given to me by my godsiblings (which took Harvey one whole day at One-U to find)
My beloved teddy keychain given by my moo moo gang on my 23rd birthday

What you gave me:
Extra workload
An infinite amount of hate for you and your kind

HOWEVER, though I have lost so many beloved items…I have faith. For He gives, and He takes away, but only to give us better things in return.

I heard many curses to those baboons from friends and family about what happened today, but this one takes the cake:

I hope your butt itchy but you cannot scratch cos your hands too short!!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Post 391.
Sometimes in life, you have to let go.

LET GO because you have to acknowledge that that's all that's ever gonna be

LET GO because there will never be anything more

LET GO because no matter how much you hope, it wouldn't happen

LET GO because no matter how hard you try, you will never succeed

LET GO because if you don't, you'll end up hurting yourself.


It speaks volumes to me. Something that I am trying so hard to do, but have always failed.


Two simple words, yet so complicated.

Two drops of tears, and that's all it's ever gonna be.

Saturday, October 09, 2010



Now for you to go out there and wow the world with your greatness and humble the show-offs out there!! :D

Back home again

As I drive along the roads of Kuching, I am constantly amazed at how I managed to leave this all behind one year ago.

It is always good to be home, back around familiar roads, familiar places, cars with number plates beginning with Q instead of W ;p

It made me think back to the things I missed about Kuching.

The food

The people

The sky getting dark by 6pm

The way you can get to anywhere within 15 minutes

The way everyone is so relaxed

The way you can drive home late at night and not be worried about your safety

The way things are so much more cheaper around here

Most importantly, the road signs, that I do not need to look at since I’m familiar with all the roads ;p

And I have no fear of getting lost! :D

Back here for only a few days, I made it a point to meet the important people in my life.
I managed to go back for the FT in St Joe, though it’s only for a brief time, I got to meet back with the people I worked with during the time I was here. I felt really good to be welcomed back into something that I have left for one year plus. It was as if I never left. And it’s true that no matter how things change, they still stay the same. Granted, the problems are still there, but there’s also a new kinship, new camaraderie, new faces, new people who are committed to making the SFT work in Sarawak.

I also got to meet up with a long-time friend, someone I knew since 9 years ago, when I went to tuition with him. I remember we used to go out to the nearby coffee shop, and hang there for a while before heading back to tuition, I remember sitting beside him and sharing stories, I even remember when he asked me to his school’s prom, but I was too young to go so I had to turn him down. Lol. It was interesting to see how much the both of us had changed, how different experiences have shaped us, and how after so many years of keeping in touch on and off, we can still meet up and have drinks and talk like there was never a moment that we were out of each others’ lives 

But the highlight of the day would definitely be meeting those closest to my heart again. The Sunday night karaoke session was one of the craziest I had in a long time, and it felt good to let my hair down, and go crazy. I know that I can always count on these people, and I know that no matter what, if they are able, they will help me when I have problems. These are the people who know me inside out and who would not hesitate to lend a helping hand, and vice versa. Being in KL put me far away from them, but I know that distance is not an issue, because true friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.

This trip back also put more things in perspective for me, where I truly understood the importance of family. All this while, I have taken them for granted, and seeing how time has passed by so fast, it made me realise that I have not always been there for them, and though nothing can change the past, I can change the present, and that is what I will do.

All in all, I was glad I took a trip back home. Though it wasn’t as long as I would normally like and I didn’t get to meet all the people I wanted to meet, it gave me a respite from the hectic rigours of life, and for that, I’m grateful.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Non Sequitur of the day

The boss called me today, and asked me why I'm not working

Terkejuted pula me...since I'm back in Kuching..

My tongue terkelu, tak tau apa nak dikata...

Then he suddenly laughed, and said, you're on leave la, of course you not working la!!

Then I was like, -.-"

Then he told me about some squatters law in Malaysia, which if a developer owns a land, but doesn't develop it, and then some squatters come and stay on the land, after a certain number of years the developer loses his right to develop the land and it will belong to the squatters themselves. (Personally, I don't think this is true)

After I got home, I googled this certain act, and sad to say, I can't find anything about it. So, the conviction with which the boss said it is actually false, and once again, I fell for his trick. Sien, always so gullible..wth -.-"

But back to the topic. I was actually wondering where he was going with all the squatter thingy, perhaps it was a new case that I will be handling when I get back to work? But that also was not the case, when he continued...

Apparently Bubble is now 'squattering' at my place, and if I do not go back to work on Wednesday, I will forfeit my right to my workstation, and Bubble will be the rightful owner -.-"

Btw, Bubble is my ladyboss's puppy. So, yea, imagine my -.-" when I found out that the call was just a non sequitur to lighten up my day. lol

I love my job :)