Thursday, October 27, 2011


To all my friends celebrating Deepavali today,


It's a public holiday for us in the peninsular today,and I started it off with work :p Technically, at 12 midnight, I was still working on some presentation slides for my client, so.... :D But when I woke up in the morning, SRYY decided to make a house call!! To Sri Paandi's (PJ) cos they had open house :) So we were treated to Thosai, Roti Canai, Mee Hoon?, and free flow of teh tarik :D

So after breakfast (more like brunch), we headed over to Ikea to get my long awaited table :) Background info, since I moved to PJ, I've not had a table, and therefore had to do my work with my lappie either on my bed, on my lap, or on my mamut stool, either sitting on the floor, or on the bed. Needless to say, it was pretty uncomfortable and took up alot of space :/ So after the new Ikea 2012 catalogue came out, I saw this affordable Laiva table, and decided I should get it to ease my discomfort and also cos Yew was complaining that I definitely HAVE to get one  :)

Went to Ikea previously but they were out of stock for that particular table :( BUT new stock came in today, so I was beside myself with excitement when I saw one big pile of boxes in the Laiva desk section :) Special mention and thanks to Richard for helping me carry the box and bringing it to my car :D

Got to work the moment I got home, and decided to have some progress pics to assemble my primary school desk :)

This was how the contents looked like when I opened it. Initially opened it the wrong way up, so had to close it back and reopen it the other way round :p

It's called Laiva, but I have renamed my desk Lava. I have decided that the gender will be female, and Lava sounds darn exotic :D

I got so caught up assembling her that I totally forgot to take pictures until after i have settled the mainframe :p can you find Allan? :p

Voila! my beautiful desk fully assembled

In her little corner of the room, I did some housekeeping with the Internet wires as well, cos they were all over the place.

How she looks like after adding a few personal touches. My pictures are a must, my stationery, folder for papers,  and a designated spot for my lappie

In the end, after re-arranging some furniture, this is how she finally looks like, and she has a bookshelf to keep her company

If you look closely, you can see a collection of the various books I have accummulated since my two year stay in KL. Mind you, this is not the full show of the books I have...somewhere in the room are four more boxes of books that are still being hidden. So, this will be my sacred work space. Woe to anyone who dare trespass here XD

Reflecting on how I spent my holiday, I would say it was a day well spent. I managed to get my table, rearrange some furniture, cleared out useless stuff, and got a bit of work done.

Isn't my Lava beautiful? :)

P/S: James Blunt has some good songs :) Was listening to him while doing my work, and on an average scale of 1 - 10, I would say he would be a 7 :)
PP/S: Imma thinking of getting the Laiva Bookshelf next month (only four days away yay!) ...costs only RM75!!!! Only thing is, where should I put it???

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My boss praised me today.

It would have been something totally normal for a boss to do right? for an employee who works really hard at getting the job done, it is normal for a boss to notice that, and to affirm the person when they can see that their employees are doing something right. Granted, not all bosses are like that, so I speak for only a small majority for those who have bosses like that.

The thing about my boss is that, when you do a good job, he will affirm you (both my bosses will do that :)). This particular boss, will say thanks, and that's it. So imagine my surprise when he said more than that (which I will not reveal here), and he made me feel good about myself, that what I have worked so hard for, has paid off, and that they noticed my contribution, and that I am appreciated.

So now, I'm telling myself, don't let it get to my head, and work extra hard towards my goal.

The End :)

P/s: no particular train of thought for this post, just thought it's nice to be affirmed, that's all :)

Real Steel

I have always wanted to watch Real Steel ever since the first time I saw the trailer during one of the movies I was watching.

Thanks to Churp Churp, I managed to catch the screening of Real Steel by Churp2 and Tune Talk, where I only need to tweet what I would wana do if I was a man of steel for a day. In the end after much thought, I said that I would melt myself, and remold myself with a better body shape (credits go to my Yew, cos she came up with it :p). Two days later, I got an email from Churp2 telling me that I have scored myself invites to the screening of Real Steel happening on Saturday, 8th October.

I was ecstatic!! :D

When Saturday rolled around, my sis and I bundled ourselves up into my trusty little Milo Tin, and off we trundled to GSC Pavilion to have dinner and collect our tickets. When we got to the Churp2 counter, we were a little saddened to get row K tickets (that's like, four/ five more rows from the front). But we decided to look on the bright side of things and was thankful that it wasn't the entire first row altogether :)

Fast forward to when we entered the cinema, we were pleasantly surprised that there was a can of coke (coca cola, not cocaine >.< ) and a small sized popcorn waiting for us on our seats :)

Double fast forward to the movie....

I think there need no mention of the synopsis of the movie, so jumping right in to what I think of the movie,


Possibly the best movie for 2011 (as at todate). I think it encapsulates what a good movie means. It has a good storyline, it has a strong cast (think Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lily :D), it has a great musical arrangement, but most importantly, it has heart and soul. I felt that this movie actually speaks to me, when looking at family ties, while not trying to make it too much of a fairy tale. It looks at mending the estranged relationship between father and son, and how the love for something can unite them into a whole, and pull back all the years of neglect and apathy. It looks at how love can really transcend everything else, and bring together two people who are perfect for each other, even over the course of a few decades.

Granted there are some parts which doesn't make sense, but hey, it's a movie. Some parts are bound not to make sense :p

So, if you have not caught Real Steel, please don't miss out. The experience wouldn't be as nice if you were to wait for the DVD to come out and watch it at home (unless you have surround sound :p)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Just wondering....

How does it feel to be lied to, when you know that it's so obviously a lie (because you stupidly announced it to the whole world and decided to just tell a lie about it later)?

What does that mean? Does that mean that I (or the other person), is not worth the truth that you have to tell? or does that mean that you don't treat me (or the other person) as a real friend?

It really irks me to no end, especially when you spend a lot of your time with me (or us, for that matter), and yet you give mixed signals. I am getting increasingly annoyed. Why? Because it seems you have no independence despite your age, because you don't seem to have matured at all, because it's just plain annoying.

Of course, it could be because you want to surprise the other person, but I think it's done in poor taste, because you know what you announced can be read by anyone in your social circle, and that includes the other person.

Oh it is a chore, it is. To keep on going about in metaphors, and trying to get you to understand that you have to be more independent, to hint to you the steps you have to take because I can't tell it to you straight to your face due to certain restrictions. It is starting to reach a point where I can only take so much. The other person always defends you, and ask why I get worked up over trivial matters, and you wana know why? It's because of things like this. It's because you treat everything so lightly (except ONE of course), and it's because you don't have that sense of responsibility, or independence, that while I worry for you, I can't help but wonder why it is so.

I am trying my best, truly I am, but when you do not want to listen to reason, and to the people around you, there is nothing else for me to do except flail my arms up in the air and exclaim "oh vey!!!" Seriously, I really dunno how that person tolerates you. I think that person deserves a medal for every single time that person puts up with your ...... (the only word I can think of right now is not really a good word, so...ya).

Gah why do I bother? It seems that you are perfectly happy to be that way.

It was supposed to be a reflective post, but ended up being a rant :/ The other person is not bothered by it, so it's really a wonder to me why I am. So I should really stop here.

Oh and to clarify things, it's not the usual suspect, so if you think it's you, it most probably isn't. Or is it?? :p

PS: updates - went for a Dogathon last Sunday, and spent the Saturday weekend at FFF!!! watched alot of interesting films on human rights and social issues, and will blog about that when I have the time :) That post is worthy of a full length feature, not something to hitch on from other posts.

Also, sd is graduating this Saturday, so it's finally welcome to the working world (tho he has already been working for a few months)!! 

Priorities need to be put into place, and thoughts have to be straightened out.

Oh and I won two free invites to the premier screening of Real Steel from Churp Churp happening this Saturday, and Yew will be my Plus One. Thought of asking sd to come with me cos he so kindly invited me for the Dream House screening, but his parents are in town that day, so no movies with him :p