Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Bloggers Gathering @ CCS

Last Saturday, had the pleasure of attending a bloggers meet at Coffee Chemistry Signature, in First Subang Mall :) Incidentally, First Subang also happens to be my client's development (a fact which I realised only AFTER the event, cos I was wondering why there were so many banners and posters from my client >.< abit slow la, I know, but at least I realised it bah)

Anyways, it was my first ever gathering, so was actually apprehensive, not too sure who I will be meeting, and wondering if I will manage to get to know more people :p turns out I was just being a worrywart, cos I had fun!!! :D

So anyway, pictures tell a thousand words, so picture time :)

We had three  set meals prepared specially for us :)

Clockwise from Top Left: Black Forest Cake slice ordered by Yeong Boon, Set B Baked Chicken Chop with Homemade Mushroom Sauce, Set A Homemade Thai Spicy Assam Fish Pasta, Set C Angus Beef Steak with In-House Signature Sauce.

I had Set B, and the mushroom sauce was heavenly. It didn't have the usual mushroom sauce taste, hence I could dip my chicken chop in the sauce quite a bit and not feel nauseous from having too much :p the chicken was tender, and didn't have the frozen chicken taste :p Oh it comes with fresh fruit juices, and I had watermelon juice :D awesome stuff
Bloggers all hard at work, with their big DSLRs to their compact cameras and handphone cams :p all taking pictures of the food the moment it arrives

Clockwise from top: LiChuen, Hui Min (Ben's gf), Ben, Henry

Second group pic session :p

Me and Graffeo Coffee :D 

Had a chat with Johnson and Ryan (the owners of CCS) regarding Graffeo Coffee, and apparently the quality surpasses even Illy itself. I had a cuppa Mocha to taste, and was pleasantly surprised :) It's good for a homegrown coffee place :) I would even say it can rival other Coffee franchises out there :p

 Third group pic :p yep, bloggers are a camwhoring lot >.<
Back row: me, Thristhan, Henry, LiChuen, Nana
Front row: Yew, JQ, Jayren, Elwyn

 Some of the bloggers that day. We have Nana, Elwyn, Isaac, Ben, Yew, Jayren, and Hui Min (don't think she's a blogger though :/)

The various types of drinks on offer. We have, of course, Graffeo Coffee (dark roasted for full flavour), Alcoholic beverages, and Dilmah Tea for the less caffeine inclined (though I think tea contains more caffeine than coffee). The middle christmas deco is to spice up the pic with some red :p

My Mocha Latte with coffee art :D Top right pic shows my mocha before the creamy milk is poured in. Bottom right is Jayren's Latte :D Overall, the coffee is smooth, rich in texture, and not too sweet, yet not too bitter. Just nice for an afternoon curled up with a book :)

 Henry prepared a signature card for us bloggers to sign to pass over to the owners of CCS, so here's a pic of some of the bloggers decorating the 'card'. If you look closer, you can see Ben's deformed star >.< The fella in the cap is Johnson, the owner of CCS

the Red Velvet, dearest's fav cake, or so he tells me :p

So if you're craving for a place with coffee, head over to:

Coffee Chemistry Signature

First Subang Mall, SS15 Subang Jaya

Operation hours : Mon-Sun (10am-11pm or late)

For reservations, contact 

coffeechemistrycafe [at] gmail [dot] com OR 012-204 9325

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Wonderland at Pavilion

 You hear bells, jingle tunes, and lots of fir trees being put up in every single shopping mall you enter, and instinctively you know, it's Christmas time again!!!!

Managed to capture some pretty Christmas decorations at Pavilion Mall when I was last there at the Crumbs event, with their theme,  
a Christmas Wonderland

 All sweets done by Sticky, the awesome candy making shop on Level 1 of Pavilion. I can stand there the entire time looking at them hand craft the sweet :D

sd and I syok sendiri with the shiny ball decorations

Giant Lollipop!!! wished dearest was here to share in this pic moment with me..

No money to buy gifts this year for everyone, so here's a giant ornament from me :)

Pretty butterflies adorned on a turning cake >.<

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Richard's Birthday Surprise :D

On 16th November, one of my beloved SRYY member grew a year older :D How did we celebrate?? We gave him a surprise of course!!! :D

The birthday boy, Richard Teo

The Plan: Sd will bring him out to 'hang kai, while the rest of us: Jayren, Jiayeen, Benjamin, Yew, Henry, and I will head over to Taman Jaya to get ready the cake and the setting for the surprise. Ben will then proceed to emo-text sd, and they will come over to TJ to see what is the matter. Then....SURPRISE!!! :D

We actually wanted to use fairy lights, but there was no power source, so we made do with arranging tealight candles in the shape of an R instead

The Outcome: SUCCESS!!! Ben texted sd at the RIGHT time, and rt was most definitely shocked :D We then adjourned to Al Safa for a ritualistic mamak session :D

The Blackforest cake from Bakers Cottage

What can be improved: Should have gotten two cakes, so we can fully slobber rt with the 'fake' cake. Maybe we should have given more thought to the execution bit as well so we didn't have to scramble for any additional contingencies :p

The next night, we were treated to TGIF at Curve by rt:

The brownie cake on the house

rt after being 'forced' to take the cherry out from the pile of fresh cream


the other SRYY members posing with rt's Polaroid

SRYY with Mun Keat

Our polaroids for the night :D

Happy 20th Birthday Richard Teo!!!!!!!!!! :D

A Crumbly Affair :)

Last Saturday, we were treated by I Love Discounts to a short meet up session at Crumbs, Pavilion :D


 Got there a little late, but Ronnie the manager was more than happy to welcome us. We were also given the opportunity to create our very own version of what we think would be our ideal FroYo with a maximum of four toppings. Our demonstrator, Jamie was very kind to us, and you can see a pic of Shaun and I creating our delicious FroYo here *click* :D

Isaac trying his hand at creating the FroYo of his and Linora's choice

 Ronnie, the owner of Crumbs

After trying the FroYo, I must say that it's very soft, and goes very well with fruits :D I had mine with Mango (a must for me since I absolutely *heart* mangoes), Strawberries, Blueberries, and Oreo Cookie bits. The tinge of sourness complements the sweet base of the fruits really well, so of course, if I ever were in Pavilion area again, I will definitely make a trip over to Crumbs :D

The FroYo's up for contention, and the winner is.....
Isaac and Linora :D

Of course, not all of us went home empty handed, Shaun managed to score these two vouchers worth RM5 each! All for correctly guessing the number of stars on Crumbs' logo :D


What's Crumbs? Where's Crumbs?

Crumbs Pavilion
P1.11.04, Level 1
Pavilion KL

They have more than 15 toppings to chose from, and two different sizes for those with varying degrees of appetites.

Delicious scones, Raisin, Cheese, and Chocolate

Also, I Love Discounts is actually having a promotion right now on their website, so head over to get your


So what you waiting for??? Head over to Crumbs Pavilion today! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aladdin the Musical

It's Aladdin and his gang of awesome people! It's really awesome to know that they have a musical for Aladdin, especially when it's such an extraordinary cartoon. I mean, how often do we see flying carpets and joking genies? Only in Aladdin!

Aladdin the Musical will be showing at Sunway Lagoon! I simply love musicals. It's really inspiring to see them dancing and singing on the stage. Also, to know that the performers trained and practiced so hard just for a show, that is just plain passion. PASSION. It feels good when I see other people working towards their passion. It's like they know what is important to them, and they enjoy doing it! Just lovely. :)

Aladdin the Musical will be showing us the adventure of a street rat into becoming a Prince. He has the help of a magic lamp and of course, its genie (rub-a-dub-dub), together with the bubbly Sultan and the mean Jafar! It's going to be one spectacular performance.

What are we all waiting for? it's time to experience this wonderful journey!

Date : 25th November 2011 - 2nd January 2012
Time : 8.00pm (Sun-Fri), 7.15pm and 9.15pm (Sat 25th Dec 2011 and 1st Jan 2012)
Venue : The Amphitheatre at Sunway Lagoon
Ticket Pricing :
Adults - RM300, RM250, RM200, RM100
Children - RM150, RM120, RM100, RM50

For enquiries, contact Sunway Lagoon at 603-5639 0000. Related links are provided below.!/sunwaylagoon1

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Official Opening of La Senza's Pin Up Store

Last Thursday, La Senza had their opening of the first ever Pin Up Store Concept in One Utama, and I was privileged enough to be invited for it.

It was a pretty last minute deal, and we were only told that we were invited three hours before the launch was scheduled to begin. Needless to say, my colleagues and I headed over, with work clothes and all, excited to see what was in store for us

Pretty treats prepared with such detail. If you look closely, the cookies and cupcakes have pictures of models in lingerie 

 The first thing we saw when we entered the entrance is the La Senza cherry and <3 shaped non-permanent stickers on the floor, leading the way up to the first floor of the mall, where the Pin Up store is located

We registered ourselves, and were given a goody bag and button badge to pin to our shirts to easily distinguish us as guests of the event. There were lots of people there, and it was a very small venue, so people were literally squished like sardines, while holding champagne flutes, and hors d'oeuvres were served. After a while of mingling in the crowded space, decided to walk out to the concourse level for some fresh air. Lo and behold, there's a mobile truck here, fully done up, specially for La Senza! Took the opportunity to take a few pics, and even went into the truck to experience the feel of it :D

The mobile truck outside Armani Exchange

Decided to head back up in time for the opening, but missed Angie Cheong's speech >.< got back just in time for her to officiate the new store:

CEO Angie Cheong pushing on the button, and the partition covering the store moved, revealing.....

...burlesque dancers in sexy La Senza lingerie

 Group photo opp with our beautiful Malaysian Female Celebrities, among whom are: Amber Chia, Lina Teoh, Nadine Ann Thomas, Hannah Tan, and Serena C

Next up after the photo opportunity and launch of the store, we were entertained with a slew of beautiful models in a fashion show, showing the latest La Senza line of lingerie

and yeap, managed to get a picture with Lina Teoh, of the God of Carnage fame

and Amber Chia! LOL she's so tall, when I looked over at her I was literally face to face with her *ahem* assets :p

I was glad I got invited to the Lingerie launch. It was all very posh, and an eye-opener for me.

So who says being in PR is boring? :D