Sunday, September 30, 2012

3Q 2012

So, it's been a looooooong while since I updated something personal about my life..

Today is the official close of the third quarter of 2012, and looking back, I can't say that it's been a good one for me. Been going through some roller coasters of emotions lately, and not all of them are caused by work, though some are (and this is what keeps me sane). I'm constantly being reminded at this juncture that everything is just so fragile, and that everything can just break in the blink of an eye.

All that you have worked for, and all that you have done, can be taken away from you the very next day. Your hard earned efforts will gain you no points,but perhaps it's better this way? I'm told that this is something that happens everyday, to too many people we know, and while I take comfort in the fact that I am not alone, I am still left wondering why is it that I feel alone in this?

The people you care about, and have sacrificed a lot for, may not even know it, or may have even chosen to ignore it. There is nothing much you can do except pray and hope that things will turn out for the best and that at the end of the day, it might turn out to have a happy ending even.

But given the dismal outcomes of most of the decisions I've made, I can't help but think that perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel is actually from an oncoming train, ready to destroy everything in its path.

Too many tears have been shed this month, and too much time has been accorded to emo-ness, and maybe it's time to stop that. There is still the remaining three months to the end of 2012, and there is still much to celebrate for. So why not look back and learn from everything, put less emphasis on things and people that do not deserve it, and try to make the most of the remaining days left in 2012.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Resident Evil Retribution (2012)

Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to catch the premiere screening of Resident Evil Retribution two weeks ago :D

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hennessy Artistry The Global Art of Mixing Second Installment at KWC

H-Artistry at KWC KL resoundingly set the benchmark for the finale of 2012’s Global Art of Mixing Trilogy by pulling off yet another unmatched party experience for KL party-goers. Personally, this time was more enjoyable for me compared to the first installment in Penang. There were definitely more people, and the songs were awesome to dance to!

KWC taken from afar :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Avon's Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Walk 2012

Breast Cancer is something close to everybody's heart (no pun intended). Almost everyone I know has at least had an encounter with breast cancer, or knows someone who has/ had breast cancer. Statistics shows that 51.3% of breast cancer patients are below 49 years old (for Asia countries). This simply shows that the community needs a lot of awareness among the young generations towards breast cancer, the #1 women killer in Malaysia.

Breast Cancer can not be prevented but it can be avoided by practicing healthy lifestyle, proper diet and regular screening. Have you done your Breast Self Examinations (BSE)? Some might not be aware that  performing BSE could help with breast cancer early detection.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

This is your moment to shine: Audition online at!

mFace is scouring the country in search of the next BIG THING!

Tens of thousands of Malaysian hopefuls from across the nation are dreaming of stardom. You can sing, dance, juggle, or joke, it doesn't matter! All it takes is #2mins2fame, thanks to mFace.

The mFace #2mins2fame talent show is giving you the opportunity to aspiring superstars an easy way to audition online. Just get on to and record the best 2 minutes of your life and take a shot at fame.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Royal Satay Celup @ Damansara Uptown

Satay Celup is now in KL!!!!!!!! Now satay celup aficionados don't have to go ALLLLLL the way to Melaka just to get a fix of their favourite get-together meal :) You can have it right, here, in Damansara Uptown :D I understand that there have been quite a few satay celup shops around KL previously but all shut down due to reasons that we do not know :/

This is how the front of the shop looks like, it's located beside the dry cleaners :) If not mistaken, it is located behind the starbucks row :)  please don't mind the bb trying out some funny stunt >.<

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon 2012

So as you all know, I started running marathons last year, and if you didn't know that already, here's my post *click*

This year, I participated in the Standard Chartered Run again, but this time with a whole lot of other buddies :D

Ran with a group of other people, all with one cause. We went there, and instead of running wearing the Marathon jersey, we wore Anti-Racism T-Shirts. We're hoping that with the T-shirts, people will see it and be reminded that yes, "Racism is so Yesterday". Trying to do our bit for CSR :p

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Review: Chernobyl Diaries 2012

Contains spoilers, be warned.

Synopsis: Chernobyl Diaries follows a group of six young vacationers who, looking to go off the beaten path, hire an “extreme” tour guide. Ignoring warnings, he takes them into the city of Pripyat, the former home to the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, but a deserted town since the disaster more than 25 years ago. After a brief exploration of the abandoned city, however, the group soon finds themselves stranded, only to discover that they are not alone…

Verdict: 3/10. Yes, I am a person who doesn't really like to watch scary movies, and that's where the 3 marks come in, cos they did give me a scare in some parts. But if I had to dissect the storyline, it obviously isn't worth a trip to the cinema. Trust me. There are so many loopholes, and so many unexplained incidents.

  1. There are no ghosts, much as the trailer would like you to believe.
  2. There are no zombies, which was my thought after the ghosts part was eliminated.
  3. They are patients/victims of the original incident. mutated and desire human flesh. Abit potong stim eh :/ How come they can live so long oh? more than 25 years kan? :/
  4. Everyone dies -.-"

Monday, September 03, 2012

Johnny Walker @ Penang

I'm sure lots of you guys would have heard about the trip to Penang that I took a while back :p if you haven't, here's the link *click* I was there for two reasons. Business, and Pleasure :D Business in the morning, and pleasure at night >.< lol sounds so scandalous. But I assure you, it was everything but scandalous :p Had a lot of fun that night, bonded with some long lost friends, and went through a roller coaster night :D

The event was held at Penang Turf Club, which to me didn't make a lot of sense :p Didn't manage to take a picture of the outside, but here's what it looked like inside.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

My Penang Trip in August!

So this post will be a post about my Penang trip few weeks ago when I was there for work and also party!! The party post will come up another day, but for now, let's tackle the holiday bit :D

Due to some last minute requests to head up to Penang for work, I decided to make the most out of it and decided to plan something for that Saturday evening with Sher Lynn *cough*JW*cough* :D Managed to plan everything well despite the last minute-ness of things, and here's how our holiday weekend went!!!

Apart from the JW, we managed to do some sightseeing, and try out the famous Penang food :D It's gonna be a looooong post with pictures so brace yourselves!!! :D

 le famous Gurney Drive muar chee :D

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-55 Malaysia!!

To mark our 55th Independence Day, I have decided to post something up in Malay :) I feel that this would be apt considering what has been going on in the country. The last time I posted in Malay was about 6 years ago, also during the Independence day celebrations.
 Oh look! Google also celebrated with us!