Friday, May 31, 2013

Review: Mivva Box May 2013 Mother's Day Edition

Holla dears :)

I want to share with you today my second experience with the Mivva Box. The May Edition of the Mivva box celebrates Mothers and their unconditional love. Our mothers are the first who taught us about grooming, how to put on make up, how to take care of our skin, heck, my mom STILL does that :p

The contents of May's Mivva box

This month's Mivva box contains skincare products, as opposed to cosmetics. I quite like the contents in this box, as I can foresee that I will use almost all of them :) 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pink n Proper New Spring/Summer '13 Collection

Holla ladies!!

For many, spring is a time of blossoming beauty, and time to hunt down that wonderful new dress (or top) from the new designs of many branded clothing boutiques! If you're one of them, then you've come to the right place today, because Pink N' Proper has just recently launched their wonderful new Spring/Summer '13 Collection!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why I want a Havaianas!!!

Holla ladies!

How are you feeling today? Hot on a summer's day, and can't stand the heat? Feel like cooling down at the beach, or the pool, under a shade drinking cocktails (or mocktails)? :)

Whenever I'm feeling hot on a weekend, I wish I could just transport myself to the beach and feel the cool breeze from the sea, strolling along the beach at sunset wearing my favourite pair of flip flops, the Havaianas!

The Butterfly Project's Spa Party

The Butterfly Project is back again this month with a whole new experience! In June, they will be hosting a spa party, and you can win an invite just by telling them 3 reasons why you want to be there! If you're new to blogging and not sure exactly what the Butterfly Project is all about, they're a community of awesomely insane and adorable beauty bloggers who love to share about the latest beauty trends and programs that would benefit, motivate, and encourage others to live long and prosper voice out their dreams, goals and opinions :) What more can you ask for?

Not only that,you get to be pampered by all the collaborating brands below as well at the spa party, how awesome is that?!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: Bag of Love April 2013 Edition

Holla ladies!! I know this post is a little late considering I've just gotten the May Bag of Love yesterday and May is almost over :O Work has been a tough little nut the past few weeks and I've had so many deadlines to meet on other blog posts!! :O

But I finally have a little time to myself, so this round, I will be finally putting up my review of the April Edition of the Bag of Love that I got from the Butterfly Project's special tea party collaboration with Bag of Love and Delectable by Su! If you missed that post, no worries, you can read all about it here *click* and my entry post on the Top 5 reasons why I want to go to the tea party here *click*

Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Burgertory @ SS15, Subang Jaya [Non-Halal]

Hey folks :D How's everyone's tummy feeling today? hungry? thinking of where to eat? Well if you like Pork and you love Burgers, then you might want to check out Burgertory :)

Burgertory is that little burger joint located above Guardian, one block before the Maybank branch at ss15 in Subang Jaya. Opened just recently in March 2013, the entire shop was DIY'd by the owners of the place. All in all, it took about 6-8 months to complete, coupled with the recipe and sourcing of ingredients, etc. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Movie Review: Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

Thanks to Nuffnang and Churp Churp I got to catch the latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise :) Seems like I'm watching more installments nowadays, from Ironman 3 to Star Trek Into Darkness, and now this :p

Monday, May 20, 2013

Giveaway: Miniature Lanvin ME Perfume Winner

Hey ladies!!!!!

I'm so sorry for the late post for this,  I have been really really busy with work and deadlines of other blog posts that I simply didn't have the time to post up the results of the Giveaway until now!!!

For the month of May, I decided to give away the Miniature Lanvin ME perfume that I got from Cleo's May Edition, which I wrote about here *click*

Special thanks to everyone who participated in my giveaway, much love to all of you!!!!! So now without further ado, let me announce the winner of this special edition Miniature Lanvin ME perfume :)

Congratulations to.......


Ms. Nicole Yee!!!!!!

Nicole, you have just won yourself a special edition Miniature Lanvin ME perfume, courtesy of moi! :D Please check your email for an email from me! :)

Once again, thank you all for joining, and I hope that you will join more giveaways from me in the future! :)


Event: ONE FC Asia MMA Summit 2013

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the ONE FC Asia MMA Summit and how I would be spending one weekend with Bruce Lee's siblings, Robert, and Phoebe Lee. Missed that post? here it is! *click*

In the first weekend of May, I was privileged enough to be invited to the ONE Fighting Championship Asia Mixed Martial Arts Summit in Singapore. It was a three-day, two-night event, which started with a cocktail event, and ended with an awards ceremony. It was pretty exciting for me cos it was my first time actually attending an MMA summit where the who's who of MMA would be there.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mary Kay One Woman Can Makeover

Holla ladies :) I'm pretty sure you have already heard about the "One Woman Can" Beauty Contest right? If not, let me recap it for you here *click*

Thanks to Mary Kay, I got the chance to experience what it was like getting a makeover the Mary Kay way. My beauty consultant for this is Hasnah, a full-time Beauty Consultant who stays quite near me actually :)

Review: Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brigthening Cooling Mask

Hey all!!!

For all you mask aficionados out there, I'm sure all of you have heard of Timeless Truth Masks (TT), the newest brand of Masks to hit our Malaysian shores :) I've always wanted to review one of their masks and thanks to Plusizekitten, The Butterfly Project, and TT's collaboration, I was given that chance!!!

I got my package a little later in the month as the masks were all sent out in different batches. Here's the packaging in which it came in, I really liked it because it came in a blister envelope, which is padded with bubble wrap. I also liked the stamp, but since I don't collect them anymore, I wouldn't keep it. Any stamp collector out there? I have quite a number of pretty stamps that I feel is a bit 'sayang' to throw away, but if there's really no one that collects them, then I'm gonna dispose of it.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Nature Republic Blackhead Brake 3-Step Kit

Thanks to OnlyBeauty, I got the opportunity to review Nature Republic's Blackhead Brake 3-Step Kit! I was really hoping to get selected for this review because I've always had a problem with blackheads which makes my pores enlarged.

This particular range of product is quite new to the Malaysian market, and comes in a little brown box of three products, each representing one step in the removal of blackheads. It's a pretty small product, so much so that I thought it was a sample set >.< (My bad). However, the salesgirl that I spoke to said that they are trying to get individual products to Malaysia, but for now, they are selling it in a 3-in-1 pack.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness 3D (2013)

The long awaited second installment of the modern Star Trek franchise is finally here and thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia, I managed to catch the premiere screening at GSC One U :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Malaysia International Gifts and Premium Expo 2013

Ever wanted to buy a gift for that special someone but ran out of ideas? Ever wanted to give something special but couldn't find it anywhere? The art of gifting has always been a personal one, and Companies present gifts and premiums to show their appreciation to their customers and partners as well as for branding and incentive programs.

Well, fret not, as the Malaysia International Gifts & Premiums Expo is here!  The MIGP Expo 2013 is making its comeback as the 3-day intensive business gathering for gift & premium suppliers to showcase their latest range of products to potential customers from the corporate and public sector.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

HiShop Beauty Ambassador Welcome Pack

The last two weeks were delightful weeks for me as I received parcel after parcel of items from so many different companies :D haha those are weeks of love :p Whenever some courier company knocked on the door, le bb would automatically ask me to open it cos it would most probably be for me :p

One of them was from HiShop, where I was invited to join their beauty ambassador program and they sent me a welcome pack!

Oh look! pink box! Seems like I'm starting to like pink stuff more and more :D lol becoming even more girly than before >.<

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Bag of Love's Unboxing Tea Party hosted by Delectable Su and The Butterfly Project

Hola ladies!!! sorry for the hiatus, it has been a long week for me, what with spending the last half of last week travelling and flying back to my hometown to vote. I am still in my hometown btw, and it has been a good time for me to relax and recuperate :)

But that's not what I want to share with you girls today. I want to share with you my awesome experience at the Bag of Love's Unboxing Tea Party a few weeks ago, which was hosted by Delectable by Su, and organised by The Butterfly Project!!!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Mary Kay One Woman Can Makeover Contest

The Mary Kay brand has been synonymous with style and quality since it was first launched 50 years ago,  and almost any girl I know who is interested in cosmetics has had at least one piece of Mary Kay product in their cosmetics stash :p Mine was their Lipstick :D

This year, Mary Kay turns 50 years old, and in conjunction with this, they are organising a "One Woman Can" beauty contest worldwide!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Movie Review: Ironman 3 in 3D (2013)

Ironman is back!!

The highly anticipated sequel to the previous two installments, the story takes off where the battle of New York finishes in The Avengers