Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Malaysia International Beauty Show BeautyExpo is back for the 18th year

The longest running beauty platform for trade professionals to meet and connect returns to Malaysia from 5-8 October 2018. Speaking all things beauty, the expo this year showcased a comprehensive range of beauty products and innovations and welcomed over 380 international and local exhibiting brands in the areas of beauty, hair, nail, makeup & education, natural & health as well as halal cosmetics.

B&B Labs, one of the exhibitors of the Expo

There were 30 participating countries, including Belgium, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. Over the course of the four-day expo, it welcomed more than 17,000 visitors to source for products, network, and to participate in exciting industry programmes covering all aspects of beauty and its industry.

In it's 18th year, beautyexpo has received exceptional support from several leading industry associations, amongst them the Association of Malaysian Spa (AMSPA), Association of International Certification Aesthetician (AICA), Malaysia Association of Wellness and Spa (MAWSPA), Malaysian Bumiputera Makeup Artist Association (MBMUAA), and Korea Cosbeauty Cooperative Association (KOCCA).

"SEA is and still remains a growth market that welcomes new beauty entrants and developments. There is a growing market for cosmetics and personal care products and it will continue to grow to reach a total value of USD19 billion by 2019"
~ M. Gandhi, 
Group Managing Director (ASEAN Business), 
Senior Vice President, UBM Asia

The products showcased here are all of high quality, and after walking the entire length of the expo, I was glad I managed to set aside time to peruse the products on display and on sale. There were a multitude of international products and latest innovations on display. The expo follows the current market trend and features six dedicated zones.

These six zones cover Beauty Salons, Hair Salons Makeup and Education, Nail Salons, Nature and Health, and Halal and Bumiputera Cosmetics. This expo is supported by Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong. With this partnership, the branding and marketing efforts in Asia, Europe and Middle East are further fortified.

This event is set to inspire all beauty professionals to gain first-hand knowledge of the latest technological innovations with a plethora of show highlights including seminar programmes, technical workshops, and live demonstrations.

When I mentioned hair products, I don't only mean products catered for the ladies. There were also products made for men, or specifically, people with thinning hair. Looking at the image above, you wouldn't believe that the guy in the photo is him, but he is! Steve is the CEO of Domo Hair, a company that provides hair wigs that perfectly cover your bald spots.

Nail Salons are also available aplenty, with an array of nail designs for you to choose from if you so fancy having a manicure done when you visit their booth. I had a hard time trying to decide which colour to go for, but in the end, for the sake of looking professional and clean, I opted for nude coloured gel nails. I would have wanted to be more adventurous, but decided against it.

I was also fortunate enough to meet Jean Kao, a talented actress hailing from Taiwan. Looking at her it's hard to imagine she's 40 as she doesn't look like it at all! Did you know she has her own skincare line of masks? You should check it out! *here*

These brushes are made from 24K gold, and they feel super luxurious after brushing
In collaboration with L'Oreal Professionnel, beautyexpo's signature Hair Competition also returns with the theme "Parision Runway Upstyle Hair". This year, the number of contestants increased at least 50% from the year before. 

AGE 20's, a Korean brand solely focused on keeping ladies looking as young as their 20's

B&B Labs, a local skincare brand with products derived from natural ingredients

Hair Rock Booth, selling hair-related products, even shavers for your pet
Did you managed to make your way to the beautyexpo? What was the one thing that drew you in? Let me know below!

Note: All photos without watermark are taken by Joanne Wee

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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