Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: THEFACESHOP Hand Butter Series

Holla Bellas! In this highly volatile climate, where it's hot one day and rainy the next, this can really play havoc on our skin's moisture level, while it tries to get used to the different temperatures out there. 

It is because of this particular reason that I bring with me a hand cream wherever I go. And thanks to THEFACESHOP, they sent me a parcel filled with Hand Butter goodies! I was so pleasantly surprised because my current stock of hand creams have depleted. Seems they know just what I needed :)

Just recently, I had to camp in San Fran Coffee cos my internet line at home was bad. And as you know in most coffee joints, the temperature there is almost always freezing, so I decided to bring along one of the Hand Butters from THEFACESHOP that I got, and I was glad I did.

But before I go more into that, allow me to go into detail on what the different SKUs are:

Olive Moisture Shine Hand Butter
Its main ingredients are Olive Oil, Glycerin, and Betaine. With the Olive's properties, it provides radiance & moisture to the hands and are suitable for those who wants healthy moisturised hands that looks radiant.

Rosehip Seed Whitening Hand Butter
Its main ingredients are Rosehip Seed oil, Hyaluronic Acid, and Betaine. With SPF20++, it has a double function, giving both UV Protection and whitening properties. Therefore, if you are looking for a cream with UV protection that can brighten your hands, this is the one to go for.

Almond Long-Lasting Hand Butter
Its main ingredients are Almond and Hyaluronic Acid. Its main selling feature is that it provides long lasting moisture, so if you are someone who washes your hands often or stays in air conditioned rooms for the most part of the day, this would be a great product for you, and it provides your hands with enough moisture to counter the dryness you would otherwise get.

Jojoba Seed Anti-Aging Hand Butter
Main ingredients are Jojoba Oil, and Glycerin. It's main property is anti-aging, so if you want to maintain youthfulness and smooth skin like a little girls, this would be the product to use. It gives your skin a firmness, and provides enough moisture to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizing Hand Butter
This contains 20% Shea Butter, Beta-glucan, and Glycerin. As we all know, glycerin and Shea butter provides skin replenishment in terms of moisture, and locks it in effectively, making it highly moisturising. Which is why this is called the Ultra Moisturizing hand butter.

What do I think?
  1. I love all the scents from each individual product. Each of them have their own signature scent, and is not overpowering like some of the heavily fragranced creams out there. 
  2. It really delivers. When they say moisturising, they really mean it. I have the Almond Long Lasting Hand Butter in the office with me, and once I apply it, I didn't have to reapply it for a while. My hands still feel fully moisturised and not dry at all.
  3. I treat this as my aromatherapy product, as the scent also soothes and calms the mind. After my bath, I apply the hand butter and massage it into my hands, like a hand massage lotion, and I really love it. Furthermore, it leaves a lingering scent which was very pleasant.
All in all, I really like this product range from THE FACE SHOP. I think it will make a great addition into anyone's beauty arsenal :)

Each tube costs only RM38.90, which is quite worth it considering it's quite a large tube, so it's really value for money.

THEFACESHOP Hand Butter Series

Price: RM38.90 per tube

Size: 50ml

Availability: Available in stores and online at http://www.thefaceshop.my/shopping/Home/

*The products were sent to me for review consideration. However, this has not affected the outcome of the review in any way.

So which Hand Butter strikes your fancy? Let me know in the comments below!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Review: Sweet Ampoules, La Belle range

Holla bellas! It's been a super hectic month for me, but I've managed to carve out some time to blog, so I'm back to tell you what I can about Ampoules. Nowadays with all the serums, essences, lotions, etc out there, what exactly is an ampoule, and why are they good for our skin? According to eonline, ampoules are basically supercharged serums. Basically, they are serums on steroids. They are super packed with high concentrations of active ingredients and can help to boost the quality of your skin in the least time possible.

While products like moisturisers give an overall effect, ampoules work in a more niche market. They are usually produced to cater to a specific need, such as pore minimising, hydrating, collagen boosting, whatever you can think of, there is an ampoule to target it. And yes, let's face it, there are a number of brands out there that tout all sorts of things, but which brand would be the best to go for?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Top 3 Romantic Honeymoon Spots in Port Dickson!

I get asked a lot of times where the best place would be for a romantic getaway, and most of the time, I always hear couples making plans to head overseas to other beaches for their holidays. Many fail to recognise the fact that local destinations are also suitable for staycations and romantic getaways. And one such place is the underrated Port Dickson. This port city is located in Negeri Sembilan, only an hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. Surrounded by the beach, Port Dickson will bring you to enjoy the intimate moment together amidst the breezy atmosphere.

What can be done in Port Dickson? You can walk together with your loved one on the perfect pristine beaches, chill out amidst the tranquil blue lagoon together, and discover the vibrant night market there! Another thing to embrace? It is the absolutely perfect retreat on the Top 3 Port Dickson Honeymoon Hotels! Or you can click here for more hotel options!

What would be the top three picks of hotels for a romantic getaway? From what I have seen online, I have streamlined it to these three:

Avillion Port Dickson
Jalan Pantai 3rd Mile Port Dickson

This luxurious Port Dickson hotel will take you on a romantic retreat. The romantic journey starts with a relaxing time in the green garden where you can sit and watch the animals play around or sightsee on the beach.

Enjoy the romantic breakfast or sunset lounge at the aVi lounge amidst a breezy setting with the glass wall overlooking the open blue sea. For perfect romantic dining, there are a few choices available where you can choose to either enjoy casual delicacies at the poolside restaurant (Village Court) or savor a more peaceful dining time amidst the open greenery at the Verte, which serves a modern gastronomic experience ala Mediterranean and Asian.

Don’t miss the romantic moment in your own room with complete amenities. With a variety of Chalets to choose from, you can opt for the Water Chalet or the Garden Chalet with spacious private balcony You can even take the romance package with a 90-minute spa indulgence and private candlelight dinner with award-winning mocktails in Avillion Port Dickson.

Avillion Admiral Cove
Jalan Pantai Tanjung Tuan

This romantic destination is located adjacent to the Admiral Marina & Leisure Club. It enables you to feel the true Port Dickson ambiance. The 4-star Port Dickson hotel is the sister to Avillion Port Dickson and has a 100-acre seaside area, resulting in the highest tranquility for lovers and honeymooners.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and you and your loved one can enjoy a memorable romantic dining on the open verandah facing the lovely marina at the Trader’s Food Shop as one of the rare romantic moments in your lifetime. You can also organise a candlelight dinner by the marina and twilight cruise. Don’t forget to stay fit and fresh together while on a romantic break by taking the romantic spa treatment.

If you think that doing romantic things together are the extent of its offerings, you are in for a big surprise. The hotel also offers various outdoor activities like archery, beach soccer, beach volleyball, Frisbee, kayaking, fish feeding, and extreme activities in the outdoor extreme park. At the private beach of the Avillion Admiral Cove, you can walk on the sandy beach, ride a tandem bike around the beach, fly kites, and building a sandcastle. Moreover, if you have more budget, why not set sail with the boats on the Straits of Malacca!

Lexis Port Dickson

Jalan Seremban Batu 2

Lexis Port Dickson happens to be one of the most sought after local romantic hotel getaways because it couples Bali taste and Malaysia charm. The hotel offers 269 guest rooms and water chalets that are tastefully designed in tropical Balinese style by applying wooden furniture and floorboards throughout the rooms.

Rooms come equipped with a private balcony overlooking the Straits of Malacca. If you are the more adventurous type, you can book the water chalet. Why is it so special? It has a bathroom with a glass panel underneath overlooking seawater!

After having a romantic dinner at the on-site restaurant, you can take your beloved singing at the Karaoke Centre. And if you do not want to bathe in the sea, you can hop on over to their swimming pool while your loved one indulges in the poolside BBQ restaurant.

Do you think these are hotels you would like to book your romantic getaway in? Let me know in the comments section below!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Althea!!

Hooray!!! My favourite online buying site for k-products has just turned 1 today! Since coming into the market one year ago, I have seen Althea add more and more products into their list of already impressive products, and I firmly believe that they will only get better and better!

For those who don't know, Althea is the number 1 site to buy beauty products from Korea. They are cheap, authentic, and if you purchase above RM150, you get free shipping!

In conjunction with them turning one, they are having a series of promotions that everyone can take part in and enjoy! Althea's Birthday Celebration runs from 20th - 31st July, 2016.

Promo 1: Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit
For orders placed on 20/7 onwards, you will get the limited edition birthday box (pictured below for the small box) plus a DIY party kit. The party kit is really cute, and it's while stocks last!

Promo 2: Free Goodies for first 1,500 shoppers
From today onwards, when you purchase something from Althea and if you are among the first 1,500 shoppers, you will get free surprise full sized beauty products! And of course with all good things, this is only while stocks last.

Promo 3: Birthday Giveaway. Pick 3 Top Sellers for 100% REBATE!
If you pick three top sellers to buy from today onwards, you get a 100% rebate! This means that you get these three products for free! The rebate will be credited into your account.

Look at the DIY Party Kit! isn't it cute?

Lastly, Althea will be having an Instagram contest whereby you can wish Althea a happy birthday on Instagram with the hashtag #AltheaTurns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea! In total, there are prizes worth KRW10,000,000 to be won!

So get cracking with those entries! Contest starts from 20th July - 15th August, 2016.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to www.althea.kr and Althea Facebook for more information.

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


Monday, July 11, 2016

The Limited Edition My Other Bag x THE FACE SHOP CC Cushion Collaboration

If you love designer bags and make up, then hold on to your hats ladies, because THE FACE SHOP has just released a limited edition cushion collection in collaboration with My Other Bag a brand originating from Los Angeles, USA.“My Other Bag” is a premium canvas bag that leads fashion trends which is very popular among Korean and overseas celebrities and women.

Different kinds of “It Bag” illustrations are presented on three selected products of THE FACE Cushion for customers to choose according to their preference, and the collaboration offers CC Cushion in a signature design as well as the miniature pouch of ‘My Other Bag'.