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I am a lifestyle and beauty blogger who loves to write about what is going on in her life. I cover my passions, beauty, events, reviews, and basically anything under the sun. I am pretty versatile in what I write about, but there is definitely an emphasis on beauty, encompassing cosmetics and skincare :)

I am a native of Sarawak, Malaysia, but am currently working in Kuala Lumpur doing what I love most, which is Public Relations. During my spare time I love to read, browse the web, and playing with my cat.

I have three major loves in my life, and they are my family, le bb, and most recently, Glen.

*photo courtesy of I Am Studio :)*

My family has always been supporting me in what I do, whether or not they approved of what I did. They are the ones who stood by me when some others doubted me, they were the ones who always had an encouraging word and a supporting shoulder to rely on. They have made me who I am today, and I owe them everything :)

Le bb is someone I met at a time where I was somewhat comfortable being who I am, after settling down into a routine of life. He is my biggest inspiration as a blogger, and is part of who I am today as a blogger. On the personal front he makes me laugh, takes care of Glen, and lends me his ears when I needed to rant. Most of all, I'm lucky because he loves me :)

Lastly, Glen, my darling kitty that I took in in June 2013. This little ball of fur came to us when he was only three months old, after being picked up at three weeks on a busy street in Rawang, sick and pale. He's a joy to be around, being just like any other cat, constantly trying to nip at my heels, and sleeping everywhere. Though sometimes he's a nuisance and loves to bite us, other times he's so adorable, just jumping up on my lap only to curl up and sleep. I could go on some more about him, but let's stop here :p

Before I end, I would just like to tell you one (or two) small tidbits you didn't know about me :P
  1. Before I embarked on my high flying *perasan* PR career, I was an Accounting graduate and I was an auditor for a medium sized firm for a year before I joined my current company.
  2. Way back when I was still in Kuching, I was a national synchronised swimmer :p Even represented Malaysia at the Commonwealth Games once :D
So there you have it, a little more about me :) Do like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and Google Friend's Connect!

To contact me, do drop me a line at [email protected] :)

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