Friday, July 21, 2006

Pretty in pink

I painted my nails!! hehe..
Had nothing to do yesterday, so i whiled away the time by painting my fingernails a soft pink, and my toenails a soft purple..hehe..
I don't know why, but i seem to have an affinity for feminine colours when i paint my i wish i had as much guts to paint them black or something...hehe...
Anyways, took some pics..but i deleted my toenails ones...somehow, it didn't come out feet look like some retarded giant feet up close..go figure..heh.

can you see the shade? It looks funny right...I took this last night, under the light..

This one looks nicer..took it this morning, under the sunlight. Look closely at the top, can you spot the box Ronnie made for me?

Btw, my sis made a comment just now...she says that some st 3-ers thinks that Ronnie is my i shall clarify it =)

Ron is not my bf, but he IS one of the sweetest guys i have ever known. He is a very sweet simple guy who loves his friends and MOO MOO!!! our moo moo gang, he holds the V.President post! hehe..hrmmmm...should put this on his frenster testimonial...Ron, cut and paste ya...=)

1 comment:

mrronnieteo said...

aiks!! why do people always make assumptions :P clarifying again: RONNIE IS NOT CHOULYIN'S BOYFRIEND, BUT HER GOOD FRIEND! :D Besides, Ron isn't looking eventhough he's single now. Study first, get a good job, do masters, and then look for theright girl. Yin is my best fwen who teaches me a lot about girls and girl stuff, like their habits, preferences,bla bla bla. So, people, Get your mindset corrected! :P aiyoyo