Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This Thursday will mark the beginning of my uni years. i am going to Swinburne, and doing accounting. CONFIRM. usual, i will not have the car, since my parents each need one, and so i shall car pool with either Ron or Lilian...but most prob Ron, since the chances of lilian getting the car wil also be very slim..more to infinitesimal...

Im getting more and more excited by the day!!! i cant help it..i feel like messaging everyone to let them know that i'm finally going off to study, but i cant..cos my maxis is barred, and i need to conserve my 019 spending...oh, the woes of life...where money doesn't come from trees and we don't swim in gold...

Amid all the chaos of finally going back to school, i am struck by the reality that my hubby will be leaving tomoro for KK (notice that im typing this very early in the morning, so i actually mean today, 2/8/06)...and he will not be back for three months...its amazing how life can just douse ur happiness with one giant glass of cold water...*splash*

I miss everyone!!! many times have i lamented that in my blog???too many times..why do u think this is so??? **ponder** ITS BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS!!!!! hopefullly by the time i actually have a purpose in life, i.e. swinburne, i wun miss my mates too much...i might even be too busy hating my course.heh.

Met Kelvin the other day..invited him out for a glass of teh si peng, and aloe vera, which he tried to eat and one promptly landed on the table. =) anyways, we talked about how life has changed, and being the humble person that he is, he keeps on saying that he's not smart, and that i'm smarter than him. reality check..who's the one doing medic in Russia now???? He says he's top 8 in his class. Guess how many students there are in his class...EIGHT. humble or sarcastic? u decide..

Did you know that in Russia, the exams are conducted differently than in m'sia? over there, your tests are conducted orally, as in you speak, and the examiner listens. and all the questions are different, which means you don't get the same question as your coursemate. And it just so happens that he got the harder ones..something along the lines of "describe the structure of vitamins.." or something..i cant even remember the structure of glucose! -_-"

Andrew is back and that he brought his gf with him!!! hehe...but by the time you read this, he is back in kl again. apala this kawan. come back but never contact any of us..cis..

The swak club is sad, and very sister made me drive past it so many times just because she wanted to see the wreck again and again. my mom says the gym equipment were not destroyed, and therefore,swak club members, if you want to go to the gym, please kindly proceed to the carpark..heh.

went to one tree hill for dinner wit Bren, Jason, Sean, Dean, Milton and Amanda last friday. the food there...darn expensive! i think that restaurant caters more to businessmen. they have a wine menu, and the helping is too small. unless ur eating the club sandwich. guess you can say tht the sandwich is worth it, but one glass of ribena costs RM 7.50!! with that much money, you can get one whole bottle of ribena from everrise..the ice chocolate is actually milo..Jason and i got fooled..cis...we took so long to peruse the menu because of 2 reasons. 1, too many choices. 2, VERY expensive.

when we were there, this lodge girl was having a party, and she reserved one third of the place. Ed went for a while and told us that the total price for the party is 5k++. @_@ met my ex student there, along with my cousin thru marriage, wilson liew.

ok...i need sleep.. i need to be awake enough to send my hubby to the airport tomoro...pray for me while i try to hold back my flood of tears when he walks thru the gates...

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