Monday, September 04, 2006

a new week..

today marks the beginning of week five, in my term here at swinburne. I have two assignments due before the mid sem break. I was just doing my QA questions, and i realized that what i learnt in form six is useless. heh..and the chapter we're on now in QA is probability..cis..I have forgotten what I have studied in form six.. what uselessness... the question goes someting like this...

"if there is at least one person queueing up at the counter, what is the preobability that there are four or more people queueing up?" what the?!?!?!! lets talk about something was a practice session last saturday, but I didn't go, cos I forgot about it..and my china-man went..cis..This Ronnie..he didn't remind me..=/ but I guess I have no one to blame but myself, since I'm such a forgetful person..I wonder how I'll survive to graduate..

National Day came and went, and my parents decided to go and 'menikmati' the celebration up close and there we were, pushing and shoving with the millions of people there, and we missed the whole thing. Cos there was so many people present, that we simply couldn't push our way to the front.

Well, we usually don't go for the national day parade, but since it's a once in a lifetime kinda thing, we decided to go..hehe...erm..we mainly went for the floats lar..there were quite a number of impressive floats though..but i'm sad to say that Swinburne's float wasn't so impressive. And they shared the float with Curtin!! Their arch-enemy..or so Miss Edith Lim says.. the float totally belies their status as a technology sad...

ARLYNE'S BACK!!!!!!!! hehe..but i have yet to meet her..Calista's back too!!!!! can't wait to go play badminton with the gang again!!!!hehe...I'm so excited!!!!

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