Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Inconsiderate-ness redefined

Sometimes I'm still amazed at how inconsiderate people can still be in this day and age.

Firstly, there's my neighbour's son, who has gotten married and moved away to somewhere else, but still in kuching lar... Being the filial son that he is, he will always come back on the weekends, and visit his mom, bringing his wife and two kids in tow, driving a PERDANA or TOYOTA something...I'm not so annoyed at his filial-ness...I'm just very pissed off at the way he parks his car. Because we live next to them, our house is the first house at the turn in and theirs is the second. So they have the LUXURIOUS car and all that, so they feel that they can just turn in and park over at our place. Not VERY much over, just over enough that we have to reverse slowly to avoid from banging into their car when we leave our house. IT'S SO ANNOYING!!!! I mean, he's the one with the family right?!?!?! So he should think better, right? Apparently not. -_-" If I see his car somewhere out there, I wouldn't hesitate to sratch it..

Owner of QKX 3257, If you're reading this, you better watch out. Don't think you're rich you can look down on us average people.

Secondly, there's the people right in our Swiburne community. Those who stand in the elevator looking PRETTY and don't even want to raise a 'delicate' hand to press the 'open' button to keep the doors from closing, and thus almost squishing the people in between. Only when the doors almost squish whoever it was, THEN they want to waste the ATP's and press the button. I mean, COME ON!!!!! hello!!!! Don't you know your manners? It's a simple act of courtesy to keep the doors open when people want to leave or get on the elevator. You think that by letting the doors close faster, you can get to your floor faster isit? You think you're the only person on earth who mut get to your floor on time isit? that ohther people are just negligible???

It got to the point where I even have to shout at the people in there to press the button. I. WAS. THAT. PISSED. OFF.

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wei khee said...

eh next time we see "pretty" people, we dun press for them lor...give them a taste of their own medicine.. :D