Sunday, October 22, 2006

Moo moo outing!!!

Last Friday, we had our moo moo gang who went? me, Ron, Lilian, Ivor, Edward, Bren Chin, Bren Lo, and Jason. We met up at chilax, and just hang out together, the way we did last time...

Before that, me, Ron, Ivor, and Bren Chin went to Book Castle..if you love books, you will LOVE book castle!!! They have loads and loads of books there, and for very low prices! Of course, these are second-hand books. Soft cover books range from RM 5 to RM 10, or less..and hard cover books are averagely RM 12 and above..They have so many genres there, from romance to biographies, to thriller, to self help, to....erm....yeah..many books there.. =D

I got a book, the smoke jumper, by Nicholas Evans...I read it before, and it's really when I saw it, I snatched it up immediately! Georgette, if you're reading this, you can get your books here! Although some of them are not so new, but there are those that's definitely worth a read!

So after visiting Book Castle, we went to Pizza Junction for our dinner. Had the Mayonnaise Chicken pizza, and they taste great! It comes accompanied by some kaya banana pie/pizza, and that tastes nice too..had so many fun conversation with bren and ivor and ron...

Did you know that if you wear an anklet, it means that you're still a virgin? I got that from Ivor..
When we met our moo moo members at chilax, Ed brought the st joe mag, and I'm in it! they have my pic, in the diary section, in March,when I reported for duty as a replacement teacher..and I look GOOD!!! forgive the perasan-ness.. =D I'm definitely getting that mag...and it has Agan, Jardian, the other profiles of the F5 la salle members, and our F6 frens! it'll be like a trip down memory lane... *sigh*

And now, the time has come for pictures!!!

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Ron and Ivor

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Magazine frenzy

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Moo moo Brendan Chin

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This is Jason posing with FHM Singapore magazine

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This is Jason wanting to be a FHM model! =p

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Brendan Lo, St Joseph head boy 2006/2007

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Brendans squared

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and lastly, Edward!!!

Well, looking at these photos, I'm suddenly school sick for my st jo frens..didn't really think I'll say this, but I actually miss St Joe...all the great prefects I hang out with, and my beloved U6C classmates...

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