Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trip to x-fab

last last Friday, was our trip to x-fab, or better known as first silicon. Do you know that x-fab is actually an international company? They have plants in Germany, Texas, and another one, but i forgot where..Cameras were banned in the building, so it's hard to describe what we actually see, without the use of cameras..When we went into x-fab, we had to wear this:

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They are called 'bunny shoes'

This trip is organised by the accounting and finance club of swinburne, and we got to see how they did their costing, which is through job costing, or something like that...anyways, we'll only learn about that in sem 2 or year 2 or we couldn't really relate to what she was saying..*paiseh*

Maybe when we progress further in our studies, then we can understand what the person is trying to tell us.

Anyways, after the explanation about the costing, and what x-fab does, we were brought into the factory, where they manufacture the wafers, or silicon, that is used for cars, mobile phones, machines, etc..

It all looks really grand on the inside, but I managed to take a pic of the outside..

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Looks run down, right?

anyways, nothing else much to I post some more photo's lar..

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Ron in the bus

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Wei Khee and Shariman behind us

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GOLD gold fish!

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Little koi's

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