Monday, November 27, 2006

One down, three to go

Marketing concept finals was this morning... *phew*
Glad that's done and over with..all the sleepless nights of studying marketing has finally come to an end..hehe...
Actually, it's quite easy...I guess..but I know for sure that 8 marks have flown away...*sob*
I forgot my consumer products thingy...cis..
But nevertheless, I feel rejuvenated...notwithstanding the fact that I still have three more papers to go..
I feel like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders!! hehe..

but I feel it coming back down again in three days time before microeconomics finals..


but one thing to look forward to....partying after thursday!! hehe...
I've already planned it out...

My plans for after finals..
1. watch Casino Royale
2. watch all my backdated csi miami and ny and lv

yea..heh..*paiseh* my grandma's birthday dinner is in two weeks, and I risk going there like a fat pumpkin..unless I undergo an intensive exercise regime immediately after my finals..

Bello says I've lost some weight...really??

hmmm... *ponder* don't think so...
Oh well,to make myself feel better, I'll pretend it's true..

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Anonymous said...

Pumpkin is cute...