Monday, November 20, 2006


guess what......

TD got 10 for her presentation!!!! 10 means FULL MARKS!!! cis...


Can't even begin to imagine what I'm feeling now...I have been slaving the past few weeks away studying like a dog for my Marketing Concept finals, because I know I need a miracle to pass so I won't have to see the lecturer again, and TD gets a freaking 10 MARKS for her presentation.
My group only got 7.5.. *sob*

I am currently feeling part awe, part annoyed, and part jealous...*hmpf*

part awe because no one I know in mkt cpt actualy got 10, part annoyed because her groups' presentation wasn't even that good (they exceeded the word limit and time frame and they looked at scripts), part jealous because I wish I the lecturer liked me, and that I actually know how to suck up to the lecturer like she did...

I know some of you are most probably thinking to yourself:
"get a grip, for what get so annoyed? 10, so 10 lar...for what care so much?"

for those of you thinking that way, f*** off!!!!!!!! don't patronize me. This is my blog, I can say whatever I want. you don't like it, then press alt f4!!!!!

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