Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Judith and Edith!!

18 December 2006, the day LAN subjects start…I am in lecture A, Tute E…separate from my friends…*sob*

Taking two subjects, which are Malaysian Studies, and Moral Studies. I guess Malaysian studies is like PA, but only in English, and moral studies is more on ethics and moral issues. Since Malaysian Studies is like PA right, then why are we still forced to take it? Isn’t it just redundant? We have already studied it before, why should we study it again? Sometimes I just can’t ever understand the way our government works…

Had our first lesson at night…cis…such a conducive environment hor…so sleepy... *yawn*


But despite my reservations, it was quite funny actually…cos there was this group of guys in my class who likes to make jokes. However, it can get quite irritating after a while…erm…Kyra’s in my class, Yin Chiak as well, Edith Chan, TD’s team, Ann Chen, and even Adengs’ neighbour, Joel is in my class! Well, those are the ones I remember lar…

Anyways, 17 December is Judith and Edith’s birthday!!! So…..


Went to Friendship park with Lyne, Adengs, and Jud, and Edith to celebrate their birthday with dim sum, mushroom chicken noodles, laksa, and cold soya bean drink. Surprisingly, the laksa there wasn’t as tasteless as I feared it would be…although it can’t beat the Choon Hui and Chong Choon laksa, it wasn’t that bad to the palate..

After brunch, we walked around the park, and took pictures..with some guys there laughing at us, as though they haven't seen anyone take pictures before…for some unknown reason, Adengs die die also dowan to be in the picture …*ponder* but after looking at the pics, I also wish I wasn’t in it…

I look so fat


BUT, my vainness overtook me, and I decided it wasn’t so bad after all..hehe…but my aim now is to slim down adequately by Chinese New Year…and with Maya by my side, there is no reason for me to lose sight of my goal!! Yeah!! Hehe..

No pics now, but will post some up when I get them from Adengs!!


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