Monday, December 04, 2006

Recently in my life..

I'll just go over the most important highlights of my life...

Finals on 27 Nov to 30 Nov..first day was Marketing, and wasn't as hard as I expected it would be.. Accounting was quite hard, and QA was ok. then, one day before my microecons finals, some idiot took my micro book...wth?!?!?!!!

cis, i was SO pissed off. who would take a book exactly one day before finals? after much thought, i concluded that whoever that sick bastard was, he/she wanted to sabotage me, so I wouldn't be able to study for my finals.

book stolen -> no book -> cannot study -> cannot do test -> fail -> retake sem -> more money

and I do not have more money. So, thanks so much to ron (who has two books, btw), he lent me one of his micro books, and I could study for it, and thankfully, I can do some of the questions. not all, but at least some, and I hope and hope that I can at least pass this subject, cos I sure as hell wouldn't like to repeat this subject again.

After finals, nothing much out of the ordinary happened, except for last night..something really personal happened, and all I can say is a very big THANK YOU to Ron for being there for me in the wee hours of the morning =)

Lastly, I would like to end my post, with a very big thank you to all my friends who have been there for me throughout the years, when I needed you most. Thank you to Lilian, Arlyne, Sam I Am, Pris, Jo-jee, Ah Ge, Andrea, Amalina, Angel, Anna Bella, Joyce Tagal, Van Ting, Dino, Nai Lin, Vic, Amy, Chen, Ron, Wen Chung, Bern, Wei Khee, Hazwan, Varun, Julian, Brendan Lo and Chin, Jason Chang, Sean Tan, Gerard Lee..etc..

There are so many other people in my life, and if I didn't list you down here, don't be disheartened, I haven't forgotten you...a list is just a's what's inside my heart that counts, and you know that I count you as my friend =) *hugs*


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