Friday, March 23, 2007

Joke of the day

One upon a time, in a land far far away....there was a forest where all the animals lived. Any animal conceivable lived in that forest. There was harmony and respect for each others' similarities and differences.

One day, the evil witch decided to spoil this harmony, because she wanted to invade the forest and make it her domain. So she gathered around all the animals of the forest, from the elephants to the lions, to the antelopes, and even up to the little fish.

And she said to the animals: "I am going to kill all of you. But, I will spare you if you can tell a joke, and all the animals laugh. Even if one animal doesn't laugh, you will die. Understood?"

All the animals nodded their consent, their fear of the witch was strong.

"So who will go first?" the witch asked.

The rabbit, who was the joker of the forest, volunteered. He felt that since he has made many animals laugh with all his previous jokes, this task should be an easy one.

He then told the funniest joke he could think of, and at the end of it, all the animals laughed, except one. The tortoise.

So the witch killed the rabbit.

Next up, the deer volunteered. After her joke, all the animals laughed, except one. The tortoise.

And the deer died as well.

Then, it was the anteaters' turn.

But just as the anteater was about to start his joke, the tortoise suddenly laughed.

"oh boy" he said, "the rabbit's joke was funny"


Sah tortoise will always be slow...

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