Monday, March 12, 2007

random thoughts

yea, I know most of you are grumbling about how i seldom post things up nowadays....*sigh*

well, net connection at home is super slow, and when I CAN get to school, the computers are usually all being used by other students. in addition to that, I have tons and tons of homework and assignments to complete so as to get good results for my current semester, I also have work which I have to juggle (I need to ask for less hours i guess.. :/). So...yeah, I HAVE been lacking in my posties lately...hope you all can bear with me *paiseh paiseh*

okie....some pictures..

this was taken at Ben's house during CNY 2nd day

so these are the three refugees at pn Jo's house...try to guess who they are?

unveiled!!!! Melvin, Jason, and Ron the Oink Oink =p

taken at Lil's house during 3rd day CNY *smiles*

this would be ron and his 'best' friend
erm, actually it didn't come out the way it should be...hrm....sorry ron.. =)

Ivor and his girlfriend Angela, who also happens to know Joel. Small world!

group photo before each of us heading our own ways...back home, that is..

okie..that's it for now...need to go for my OM tute...

till then, I'll try to post more frequently, okie? bear with me...
and so, I end with thank you =)

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