Friday, April 20, 2007


Just a pic post for my friends, to tell them how much I really appreciate them..

Me and Lil, before we decided to go crazy..

Shaman and Ron at their Amazing Hunt episode

This was taken at Scoops, when Arlyne was back for the holidays, and we took the time to catch up on the latest gossip during the christmas holidays

Gerard and Julian Tang, part of the form five moo moo members =)

When we went for our BIS Assig, we saw this cool car, and couldn't resist taking a pic with it..I think the guards at Hilton were giving us funny looks, couldn't be sure, cos we 'cabuted' after taking this... =p and Lilian, Bollywood style!

My buddies at Swinburne!!!!! Wei Khee, Shaman, Abang Izat, Ron (Not in pic: Ching Yiew)

CNY 2007, taken at Ben (Sam's hot guy)'s house ^_^

CNY 2007, this pic was taken at Lil's house...

During Jud and Ed's Birthday. Had birthday breakfast at Friendship park. Camera shy Adengs took this =)

Prefect 'graduation'!!!!! I miss being a prefect in Form 6...

2nd Sarawak La Salle regionals

Hari Raya 2006, at Azie's house ^_^

This is Ah Ge, so pretty d!!!!

With Sharon, my buddy now having fun studying in Aus

During the blood donation campaign in Upper 6, organised by St Joe VAD #63

Group photo at Damai: bertram, Hazwan, Cal, Peter, Me, James, Lilian, Lionel, and Roy

Really don't know when this pic was taken, but I think it was during Ivor's party.. =p

me and Lyne (miss you lots and lots!!!!!)

the three inseparable prefects

this is me and my little bro, ehon

Lastly, Oink Oink, Baa Baa, and Moo Moo ^_^

To all my friends, thanks so much for always being there for me whenever I needed you =)

Through all my trials and tribulations, I never would have made it without you ^_^

Don't worry if some of you are not in my picture collage, it's just that I haven't had a pic with you wherever you are, must call me up and we can take lots of pics together ya =)
But of course, hopefully when we meet, I'll slim down by then...hehe....

Love Ya all lots and lots and lots!!!!!!!!!!!
*muahs and huggies*

~It's funny how when we look back on our tears, we laugh...but when we look back on our laughter, we cry...~

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