Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Went swimming with friends again today!!!! Me, Ron, Sha, Cali, Feli, and Pn Jo Lee....yup, that's right, I didn't type wrongly.. hehe....

Pn Jo was supposed to swim 22 laps, bt today because she came with us, she only swam 12 laps...another 10 more to go. So she said that when she comes back next week, she's gonna need to swim 32 make up for the extra 10 she couldn't get done today.. =p

We actually had quite alot of fun today. What with teaching Pn Jo the proper way to swim and what nots..she said I swim very gracefully *hidung kembang*

hehe...but, I guess...what swimmer doesn't swim gracefully??? I guess it's just a kind of trait swimmers acquire after a while, yea? Must not be too cocky, cos I KNOW there are other swimmers who are more graceful than me ^.~ But seriously, Pn Jo didn't swim too bad herself. and she's self taught! wow..

Wei Khee
and Lil couldn't come in the end =( but it's ok, there's still next week yea? what a good way to de-stress after our law tutorial with our lousy no-good tutor. i tell you, she's just sitting there not doing anything, no breaks given, and making snide remarks at us, just because we don't know some of the answers..cis.. *long piak pengsan*

Well, so now, it's kinda like a ritual for us to go swimming every wednesday ^_^ and after that, we shall go to McD to pile on the calories!! lar, I actually only had one Apple Pie and some sticks of fries....and a medium


So what's all this talk about slimming down??? Seems like it's all in vain nia...haha...

On another note, Ron, Lil and I got ourselves a friendship ring!!!! spent RM 28 for it..When I told Khiu, she told me that Lazo Diamond sells white gold rings for as low as RM 40+ only...


Kek some more, and get one

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Anonymous said...

wah!!! I oso want white gold rings!!