Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So I was studying, and I ended up blogging... -_-"

But just some random pictures lar...

My so-called study table for my finals.. have to berebut with Yew though, cos it's originally hers...I can only use when she's not using it.

The departure hall in the early morning

Our little Kembara amidst the yellow lights

Side view

My sis and Alex

Jon and I

Varun and I

The three of us before they left for KL

The night lights of the city centre

Brendan Lo becoming Superman

Him achieving Nirvana

"You so pandai!" =)

*at a loss for words*

Me writing my affirmations

Varun, Jon, my sis, and I at Semenggoh

Speak no evil, hear no evil, DO no evil =p


This is Varun, being his usual self -_-"

Can you spot the little green snail??

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