Friday, June 29, 2007



Haha…so after our exams, that very afternoon, we went out! Me, Ron, Lil, Aaron, Cal, Bren Chin, and Ivor.

We all met at Song Kheng Hai first, before deciding on where to go for the remainder of the afternoon. After making small talk and schtuff, we decided to go to Asiana Gallery, which is opened by Irene Manyin, the manager of Tao (I think)

Dolphins! so pretty..

Antique cupboards

A carved, wooden rocking horse

This is supposed to be a fountain..

Then, while we were there, we saw this cute little adorable dog!!!

Actually, there are two dogs. One is called Baby (female), and the other one’s Junior (male). They’re imported and because they are pure breeds, when the owner brought them back from Germany (so far away), they had to be quarantined for six months!

But they are potty trained lar, they were sent to puppy kindergarten (so ke si! Also have puppy kindergarten!) whilst they were still at Germany ^_^

So being the puppy-loving people we girls are, we took pictures with them!

Bren's hands shook, so not really very clear..

This is the owner (forgot to ask his name)

So cute! look at those puppy dog eyes (no pun intended) =)

After that, we decided to go to Hock Lee Centre to get….something..forgot what it was.. -_-“

Hehe…but while there, we indulged in some photo taking!!! Remember last time at Tun Jugah on the highest floor in the middle shop, there was this photo taking booth, you put one ten ringgit note in, and they take some pictures of you (and whoever’s in the booth with you that you want to take pictures with), and after some editing, they print and cough out this 3R sized sticker paper with your face plastered printed on it. You then proceed to stick them on your belongings and show them off to anyone else who wants to see it.


That’s what we did.. =) we went to the arcade and took pictures with that silly little machine (the price is RM12 now -_-“), and this is the result!


And now, we are going to stick them in our wallets/purses and show them off to anyone who wants to see it! hehe.. =)

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