Friday, July 13, 2007

Breakfast at Hui Sing

Went to Hui Sing for Laksa yesterday!!! =) So who went? me, ehon, Ron, Lil, Wei Khee, Ge, and Aaron. ^_^

Was supposed to meet up at 8 am, but when I called ehon at 8:15, he said I woke him up! *grr* =/ But can’t blame him also ler, cos he just got home at 2++ the night before O_o Terganggu his beauty sleep..hehe… =p

Yummylicious Laksa!

Ron and the cute dogs Lil acquired on her KL trip.

This is Ehon and I =)

With Ge (Vivian). All of us were partners-in-crime during our school Red Crescent, that is... =p

Group photo! All of them bloggers, except Ge ^_^

So anyway, there wasn’t anything much we could do ler, except eat and talk ^_^ hehe…some of us were discussing about how sometimes the forces that were expected to carry out their duties doesn’t do anything.

As an illustration, there was a break in few weeks past, and the family was being chopped cut by knives which the robbers took from the kitchen. One of the family members went to the neighbours' house to report the incident, and five minutes later the police arrived, but besides taking their statements, they didn’t do anything else! I was appalled that things like this happened, and the policemen are just being very ‘selamba’ (sorry, don’t know the English equivalent) by only taking the statements of the victims, and not even giving chase to the robbers, even though they arrived just a few minutes after the robbers took off.

But then again, ehon interjected and said that maybe the situation of that time warrants that no action be taken, due to some reason unknown to man us. You think? I mean, when we were in Red Crescent before, during sports days, when someone falls down on the track, we need to let the other runners run past us first, before we can go over and help the fallen person. To some, they might perceive it as us being slow, and irresponsible. But this is because we cannot get in the way of the other athletes in order not for them to be disqualified from the race. That’s what people do not know…

So do you think we are being too harsh? Personally, I feel that it’s within the police power to help out and give chase..

Some more updates on what went on last night...but I'll leave that for tomorrow =) For those going to RWMF, have fun! Too bad I'm not going, but the ticket blardy expensive ler -_-"



Anonymous said...

ehon is the father of all pigs :D

choulyin.tan said...


I agree!!!!


Chen said...

who is the mother of all pigs then? :P

choulyin.tan said...

Hrm....that's a little hard, considering there are no female attachments as of this point =/