Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ivor's 19th, and then some..

Ivor invited us out for dinner the other night, before he went back, to celebrate his 19th birthday…

We met at Westwood for dinner around 7, and the invitees are: me, Ron, Edward, Calista, and Bren Chin! Of course, Angela went too, but she’s not considered invited lar, cos she memang ivor’s gf.. =) Lilian couldn’t come, cos the weather forecast said a very big scale thunderstorm would be coming on… @_@"

I had fish and chips! Yea, now I’m cutting down on the lamp lamb chops, cos didn’t want to gain more weight than was necessary..…but I DID ask for more tar tar sauce, which took ages to arrive. I had to ask the guy three times before he finally sent it over to our table…and it took him half a minute to go to the kitchen to get it! Imagine that.. O_o

Ron had almond chicken, and Ed had crispy pork chops. Angela ordered lamb chop, and Ivor had the lamb shank. Bren became more weight conscious, by ordering a fruit salad, and Cali just ordered a drink (she and bren actually had their dinner earlier)

My food arrived first, but as usual, I was one of the last to finish.. -_-“ hey, we have to eat slowly to aid digestion you know…cannot always eat so gelojoh-ly til all the food is being stuffed down without giving it a chance to digest yea… =p better to eat slowly and enjoy it than to eat so fast and then get stomachache cos of indigestion later. ^_^

So after that, we went to hock lee to get our friendship rings which we had already engraved and which didn’t look so nice.

Then we went over to Tao for a drink, cos bren chin was working that night. Ron and Cali decided to share a drink, which was the Super Antioxidant, and by the looks of it, didn’t actually tasted very antioxidant-like to me…no offense..I ordered the July promotion, IB Chocolate Macademia. Tasted quite chocolatey, but the whipped cream wasn’t enough..too little..=p talk about trying to lose weight…seems like I’m just piling on the calories -_-" but I DID share it with Ron after he gulped down his SAO… ^_^ so I did a good deed =) Sharing is caring =p

However, there was this person working last night, and he had a difficulty remembering which drink is which…I almost drank Angela’s Mintilla…I guess he’s new, so still a little unsure of the drinks..hehe..

Then, after a while, Cali, Ron and I thought of getting cake! Not one, but two! One for Ivor, and another one for Bren =p feel so bad cos couldn’t celebrate with them during their actual birthdays..blame it all on the final examinations! It's evil I tell you!

We took pictures! But had to take so many retakes, because the guy taking our pictures couldn’t figure out how to use my phone, so we were stuck holding the pose for so

This here is Chocolate cake, which is what we got for Bren Chin. But it was a little bit dry lar, in my opinion..

and this is the oreo Cheesecake, which we got for Ivor. This one tasted a little better

The two cakes, with the candles all lighted up! there's an imaginary fork in the middle, but you can't see it from this angle..

yup, this take is better..can you see the fork? the outline is chocolate powder..

Me, Cali, and Ron. Cali had to leave early, cos she's leaving on the early flight the next day, so her parents came to pick her up =(

This is one of the better takes lar, the first few were either horrible not very clear, or just plain ugly not flattering.

Then we decided to take from Angela's

The happy couple ^_^ so lovey dovey..right for each other, yea? *winks*

The belle of the pretty.. @_@" I hope I can be as skinny as her eh...

Group pic!

Ron and his partner-in-crime. LOL..I wonder how they always get away with everything?!?

Ron and I

Ivor's acting silly again... -_-"

Bren and I ^_^


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