Sunday, July 15, 2007


Today is ben ben's birthday! ^_^ So.....


haha... =) hope you're having a great time at RWMF! ^_^

I promised some pictures, and here it is!!

The fountain on the treshold of the smoking and non-smoking zone full of roses =)

The skywalker tv crew setting up their equipment. It looks so professional, doesn't it? =p

The Sarawak celebriteen contestants. Only one will be the celebriteen representing Sarawak at the semi finals

The middle person, is Mr. Richard, who is the director of celebriteen. I must say, he's a very interesting and creative person =)

Exercise, anyone? ^.~

This here is a cute 15 year-old ^_^ didn't manage to catch her's a chinese name..but everyone calls her Doraemon =p

Me with Juliana =)

There were some more pictures, but they were taken with Mr Justin's camera, and I haven't gotten it when I get the group pic, I'll be sure to post it up =)


Chen said...

Doraemon? I wonder which part of her resembles Doraemon.. What a nickname, LOL.. Or might be her favourite cartoon character is Doraemon? :D

choulyin.tan said...

well, it's because of her voice mostly..cos the way she talks, sounds like Doraemon...but she is cute right? and she is the same height as Juliana Ibrahim! either she's tall, or Juliana is short =p