Thursday, July 19, 2007


This cat rasa diri poser ler =.="
(Taken at Expert, BDC area)

I finally went to Starbucks!!!!!! But was a little disappointed ler… -_-" Mainly for these reasons:

  1. The selection of drinks was minimal. Bing! has more drinks than that. But I would be bias ler…so don’t trust my judgement =p
  2. The atmosphere was not conducive enough. There were umbrellas, and it was obvious that it WASN’T going to rain, the chairs were made of hard wood, and the coffee table was lower than the chair. So if you want to rest your hands on something, it’s DEFINITELY not gonna be on the table..but then again, depends on your own opinion ler...I prefer my table to be higher than the seat
  3. There were too little sitting areas with more than five seaters.
  4. It’s at the airport! (but I knew that already, so doesn’t actually count) but still…my Caramel Macchiato cost RM15 instead of RM 13, cos I (actually, Wei Khee) had to pay an additional RM 2 just for the parking…

*Note to self: next time, if I want to have Starbucks, have it to go, so can just curi parking at the visitors lane for a while =p

Clockwise from left to right (all Grande sized): my Caramel macchiato, Wei Khee's Cafe Latte, Ron's cappucino (with cinnamon topping), and Lil's Caramel Frappe

So, other than that, me, lil, ron and wei khee had quite a good time. Most of it was spent camwhoring ler =.="

So lets review my drink…I love Caramel, so I had the Grande sized Caramel Macchiato, and it tasted almost like bing!'s one (I think same recipe), but I didn’t like the cup it was served in…

Couldn’t see the layers le… =( Call me sensitive, but that’s what working in a FnB place would do to you ^.~

But ANYWAY….talking will only get you so far…so here are pictures for you to enjoy! ^_^

*BIG DADDY* lol... -_-"

*tongue lolling out* =p

This was taken from Lil, so what did I take from Wei Khee???

LOL...Love triangle??? *rolls eyes* =p

Sipping with the pretend straws..haha..

Three best buds

Chimui's forever!!!

My accounting tutor...=p Really owe alot to him...without him, I won't understand a single thing. REALLY.

Wei Khee and I

"I believe I can FLY!!!"

The four of us, ron, me, wei khee, and lil

Look alike? ^_^ We had to take this five times!!!! She couldn't stop laughing -_-"

Penjaga escalator =p


BTW, what does ROFLFMAO mean?? Anyone care to enlighten me??? Sorry ah...sakai.. =.="


emmanuel said...

wow! i want cakes! am an addict to cakes!! help pls!

mrronnieteo said...

LOL!! apa itu i believe i can fly! :P

ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor, Laughing MY Ass Off XD

i curi picts ya!

Robin Wong said...

omg !! u seriously dunno what rotlflmao mean???

choulyin.tan said...

just go over to the airport, and starbucks is next to kfc. but I didn't try the cakes lar, so I can't comment on that

okie, just take nia =)


I know I very sab pai as a I really dono bah... =p

Chen said...

another more commonly used abbreviation is ROTFL = Roll on the floor laughing. The emoticon for that is =))

emmanuel said...

i know where it is! i wanna go there

zewt said...

now.. try coffeebean?

choulyin.tan said...

thanks for the abbreviation =) I hope I'll be able to remember it ^_^

You knowlar, so many things to brain not very good storage space =p

yes, do go and let me know what you thought of it =)

I've tried coffee bean already, and I really like the belgian Choc Ice blended. Very rich in taste *slurps*

But haven't had the time to try out their hot drinks yet =p wana try their latte..have you?

emmanuel said...

sure i will!