Sunday, July 08, 2007


Got tagged by two people..

So which one do I do first? I shall do Ron's tag first yea...list down 5 complains about myself or my life right now?



1. my weight. I know people have been telling me I don't look fat, just more meaty (berisi) than before.. O_o More MEATY? fat lar that.... -_-" Which is why one of my holiday resolutions would be to lose some of that excess baggage =p

2. my lack of discipline. =p I keep on telling myself not to reach out for that delectable bag of chips.....and I lost. -_-" Is it any wonder why I'm so MEATY???

3. money money money. One can never have too much of it, right? Which is why I'm working so many hours now...I need to have money! But I heard somewhere: Do not treat money as your king, but the person that gives you the money. O_o" But we all need money, yea?

4. I need more shoes... =( Right now, I only have..........around four pairs of shoes? In comparison with the number of shoes Pris and Lilian has, my amount is a paltry sum...Then again, I would need MONEY to buy the shoes, yea? Which brings us back to number 3..

5. I want to travel the world! Or if not, Malaysia also can lar...visit Malaysia year 2007 what... ^_^ And what would be the most important thing we need if we want to travel? MONEY. -_-"

But come to think of it, money IS needed in our everyday lives...we need it to buy food, pay our bills, our car loan, our housing loan, our car petrol, our car servicing, to buy clothes that will keep us warm at night, who's to say we can live without money? in this day and age, money is the quintessential necessity. The only thing that matters now, is whether we let it rule our lives, or to know when to stop it from ruling our lives, yea?


Digressing again....

Okie! Now I have finished Ron's tag, it is my turn to tag other people...So therefore, I tag.....

ehon my little bro
Sam my long lost buddy
Ben Moh whose Birthday falls on 'cow appreciation day' =)
Robin whom I haven't seen in a LONG while
Anna the hottest female blogger!

that's all for now..tata! =)

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