Saturday, August 25, 2007

third week

I have officially finished my third week of studies at Swinburne. And I have three assignments to do, one to hand up by September, one in October, and another one in November.


Life as a uni student is never easy. Tough tough tough..

On another note, I am a Swinburne news Bites! Kinda like a reporter, and my first assignment is coming up this Wednesday =) Gonna be the reporter/interviewer. But not sure if I can reveal my assignment =p So it's all hush hush for now, until I get the green light to spill all the beans. lol...

So wish me luck! Still have one more BM post to go, and Anna's tag...^_^


1 comment:

Ehon said...

heh! i have got three due next week! and im not complaining yet. sighs! i am really craving for a break. :(