Sunday, August 19, 2007


I went for a pitcher plant exhibition yesterday!!!!!

But no pictures yet for now, because according to Ron, I need to watermark my pictures or else someone else can just take it from my site and claim it as their own. And I took close to a hundred pictures!

The exhibition was held at the old courthouse near the waterfront, and it lasts until today, so if you're wanting to look at various pitchers of all shapes and sizes, or if you're wanting to broaden your mind to the wonders of nature, do get your butts over there ^_^

Entrance fee is RM 2 for adults, and RM 1 for children below 12 years of age. So in other words, in this case if you're over 13 years old and above, you're considered an adult -_-"

But it's all worth it! If you have absolutely nothing to do today, just go over and have a look see. I guarantee you, it's worth it ^_^

*Pictures will be up as soon as I can watermark them all =)

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